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Corporate Restroom Co-gender Policies

Picture Essentially, the local biker club is being granted access to hangout in the ladies room,
Target Stores became the first big, high-profile retailer to announce a national policy, making all their restrooms co-gender. The new policy allows any individual to enter the restroom "he feels is most appropriate".
The policy is being framed in pop culture as a concession to the confused and "trans-gendered" among us. It is not a pro-homosexual concession. Lesbian women are not interested in men peeing on their toilet seats. Gay men don't have as much interest drawing them to women's restrooms.
  The new Target policy is being explained to store management as a nonconfrontational disposition. No one is being 'carded' or asked to show gender evidence. Their word is accepted without challenge. In fact, personnel is going out of their way in most reports, to be extra positive and reassuring to guests who cross over.  Parents and grandparents are being rebuffed and sometimes shamed for complaining.

  Essentially, the local biker club is being granted access to hangout in the ladies room, and National corporate leadership really hasn't worked out the response which will inevitably come from this.  At a time when feminist leaders are decrying the 'rape  culture' of the college campus, they are invoking policies which further endanger women. It leads one to question if these leaders are more intent on undermining morality than being morality's champion.

​  We were never safe. Years ago, as a father, when my daughter was littler,and she needed to use a public restroom while we were at the mall, the football stadium, or an interstate rest area; I would stand outside the women's restroom instruct my daughter to describe loudly what she observed as she went into the lavatory. She would step back  out within 15 seconds and tell me if she had concerns and what they were. Then, if we felt it safe, she would reenter and I would step away a bit and lean against the outside wall, checking my phone or other such matters (so I wouldn't pose a concern to others), but I would be alert enough to come to my daughter's aid.

Dads may now have to accompany their daughters, in public restrooms, in order to supervise their safety.
PictureThe tew Target logo, from their website. It the name of crossdressers and other confused men, they are prepared to sacrifice the safety of our daughters.
  My wife had the same policy and practice when she was with our sons. It was a bit safer having 2 sons accompany each other, but for a dad (and now as a grandfather), I would surmise that my presence outside the women's room may have made some strangers feel a bit insecure at my 'hanging around'. But my daughter's safety always trumped that.
  But now parents cannot alert authorities when an adult enters the opposite restroom. They will be branded a bigot. Now we may all have to take our children into the restroom or at least be prepared to.

We were better off when fellas who wanted to be treated like women, actually dressed in a convincing manner, so as to pass themselves off as women. I had better things to do than track down crossdressers and police their restroom use. But now, the Marv Alberts of the world are encouraged to make their issues - everyone else's! When a sexual oddity 'comes out' we see celebrities worship them. President Obama even interrupts his schedule to call a press conference and celebrate gay basketball players and football players. It's ironic that he never called a press conference to celebrate Tim Tebow's pledge to sexual celibacy until marriage?

PictureBarack Obama & Rev. Rick Warren, in 2008

  It's gone beyond tolerance. The culture war is now being waged on the home turf of the traditional Christian, Muslim, & Jew.  20 years ago, the deviants just wanted to be left alone. Now they are on a mission to rub their vulgarity in our faces and order us, under penalty of law, to celebrate their deviancy with them.

In 2008, while running for president, Barack Obama claimed to be a regular churchgoer and confessed a 'born-again' relationship with Jesus Christ and his personal savior.  Obama publicly opposed same-sex marriage. He offered a concession of civil unions, but insisted that marriage is 'between a man & a woman'.

Corporate Restroom Co-gender Policies

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Trump-top and other campaign fashion fads.

From the Lamar lumberjack, to the Santorum Sweater, and now the Trump-top; Campaign fashions have been one of the more nostalgic aspects of political groupies.

But never have signature fashion choices been so 'over the-top' like the Reality TV star Donald Trump. 

​In his younger days, Trump played on his playboy persona and jetset lifestyle. Now, he just looks like a ridiculous old man who actually believes he's fooling us into believing he still has the youthful hair of the 80s.

Lamar Lumberjack

  Senator Lamar Alexander gave in to his handlers, decades ago. His persona had been "geekish" ever since he first ran for office. So they gave him a "Paul Bunyan" infusion for the presidential run.
PicturePaul Bunyan
 According to historical accounts, he made a name for himself in his 1978 bid for Tennessee governor, by walking from Mountain City in the far northeast of the state to Memphis in the far southwest, a distance of 1,022 miles, wearing a red and black flannel shirt that would become something of a trademark for him. He had been a school principal and congressional aide, but the Mountain City event would not have connected with rural tennessee, if Alexander didn't pay attention to his appearance.


Santorum Sweater

  Rick Santorum didn't really try to become synonymous with the sweater vest. It was just a convenient way to live out of a suitcase in the early months of stumping every county in Iowa. But by the time Super Tuesday came around, Santorum had his own line of sweater vests (made in the USA) and you could only buy them through the Rick Santorum website.

How to emulate the Trump-Top (if you want to)

​  The Trump combover is perhaps the silliest hairdo to hit the campaign trail since handlebar mustaches were en vogue. Some shake their heads in disgust at the circus-like nature of the Republican primary. But Trump has created a brand and following which befuddle the most experienced political handlers. He is the PT Barnum of this century.
Combovers have always been mocked in the irreverent humor of late night comedy. But somehow Trump has gotten a pass? I have a feeling that is about to change. Some enterprising wig distributor is going to make a chunk of money before this election cycle is over.

Watch the tutorial >

Trump-top and other campaign fashion fads.

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Trump Claims "It's NOT Rigged At All!"

  For a month, now; Donald Trump has been throwing out accusations of a rigged system in the Republican Party. But only in the state contests where he loses.

  Reince Priebus has been singled out for criticism, along with several state party leaders. But Priebus has not yet threatened to sue Trump over such reckless charges.
PictureSheena Monnin
  But a couple years ago, Trump was quick to defame and disparage a young woman who, along with another pageant contestant, saw the secret list of top finalists before the reality TV show got narrowed down to that point in the contest. Miss Florida and Miss Pennsylvania(Sheena Monnin) came forward with the claim, and Monnin publicly relinquished her state contest title.
Trump called her a "loser"..

"A very disgruntled person.  She said terrible things. It's Totally Ridiculous!" Just look at her! She doesn't belong in the top 16." - Donald Trump

  Trump launched his Manhattan legal team and filed a $5 million suit. The young woman lost and is financially ruined as a result. The woman now has been legally silenced and Trump's reality TV pageant is expanding to drag queens.

Trump Wants Transgenders In His Miss USA Pageant.

    Another sign of cultural decay that Trump's New York values has imposed is his decision to let men compete as though they were women. This, along with his insistence that little girls share public restrooms with men, is just another reason why middle America is having some remorse about Trump being the leading candidate in the Republican primary.
  Years earlier, Trump removed Miss California USA from her position when the devout Christian woman expressed her opposition to same sex marriage.
  Carrie Prejean was expected to win Miss USA but gay activist judge, Perez Hilton is suspected of sabotaging her, in the final balloting. He said; "If she had won, he would have come on stage and ripped that crown off her head!".

Trump Claims "It's NOT Rigged At All!"

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Gov. Pence Joins Ted Cruz Indiana Effort

  Just moments ago, Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, joined the many voices in the Hoosier State who are rallying around presidential candidate, Ted Cruz.
   Gov. Pence made the announcement live on a popular Indiana talk radio show. Pence told listeners of the Greg Garrison show on WIBC radio;

" I will be voting for Ted Cruz, in the primary.... I'm a Reagan Conservative. I see Ted Cruz as a principled Reagan Conservative. I really admire the way Ted Cruz has stood up for the taxpayer."

"I admire how he has shown the courage to take on the leadership of his own party. It's not an easy thing to do."
 Ted Cruz commented earlier. He called Pence;

​ "an optimistic, positive, unifying force” and a “strong leader that I respect."
 "I'd enthusiastically welcome his support," Cruz said, adding that he looked forward with anticipation to the radio announcement. 

Gov. Pence Joins Ted Cruz Indiana Effort

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Will A Schulz Senate Bring Reforms?

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Will A Schulz Senate Bring Reforms?

Mike Schulz (left) was tapped by his Republican colleagues to take over next session for Brian Bingman (right).
  The Republicans held caucus to determine their pick for President Pro Tempore, for the next Legislature. Mike Schulz was tapped over Ralph Shortey and others.
  Grassroots activists are encouraged to ask their senator who they supported and what commitments Senator Schulz has made, to bring more openness and reforms to the senate rules.
  The senate has recently come under fire for allowing committee chairmen to wield dictatorial powers over the fate of legislation assigned to their committees. Of note is the reform bill to address severe problems with the Asset Forfeiture powers of law enforcement agencies. Senator Anthony Sykes has refused to give the bill a vote or even discussion. Some desire for committee chairmen to be voted upon by the senate body, rather than allowing the President Pro Tempore to appoint these offices in trade for other favors.

Senate Press Release: Oklahoma Senate Republicans’ Designate Senator Mike Schulz as Next Pro Tempore

  Republican senators on Wednesday overwhelmingly voted to designate Senator Mike Schulz, R-Altus, as the next President Pro Tempore of the Oklahoma State Senate. The President Pro Tem is the upper chamber’s top leadership position. In addition to leading the Majority Caucus and setting its agenda, the Pro Tem oversees the operations of the Oklahoma Senate.
  Schulz currently serves as the Majority Floor Leader, a position he’s held in the Senate since 2012. He replaces President Pro Tem Brian Bingman, R-Sapulpa, who has served as the Senate leader the past six years but is leaving because of legislative term limits.
  Under the rules of the Senate Republican Caucus the remainder of the Senate GOP’s leadership team will be chosen following the general election this November. The Senate will organize in January, at which time the new Pro Tem will be officially elected, and rules for the 2017 session will be passed.


  “It’s an honor to be selected by my colleagues to lead the Republican caucus in the next legislative session. Under the leadership of Pro Tem Bingman, we’ve made significant progress in making Oklahoma a better place to live, to work and to raise a family,” Schulz said. “Certainly, challenging times lie ahead, but we are a resilient state and there is a very talented group of men and women serving in the Senate who have the passion and creativity to find the solutions that will get our state moving in the right direction. I appreciate the trust my Republican colleagues have placed in me and look forward to serving them, and the people of the great state of Oklahoma as Senate Pro Tempore.”
​ - Mike Schulz

Mike Schulz Bio:
• Lives in Altus with his wife Reenie. The couple has two children, Benjamin and Abby.
• Bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Oklahoma State University
• A cotton and wheat farmer and active member of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau.
• Named Legislator of the Year in 2016 by the Oklahoma Rural Water Association; recipient of the 2014 Distinguished Service Award from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education; honored by the Oklahoma State Alumni Association for distinguished service; 2013, 2014, and 2015 recipient of the “Champion Award” from the Oklahoma Farm Bureau.
• A graduate of Oklahoma Agriculture Leadership Class V and is an active member in the Altus Kiwanis Club as well as the First United Methodist Church of Altus.
• Won election to the Senate in a special election in May 2006.

For more information, contact:
Sen. Schulz:
(405) 521-5612

The Democrat leader, John Sparks, sent this congratulatory letter:

“I want to extend my congratulations to Senator Mike Schulz for his election by his caucus as President Pro Tempore Designate of the State Senate,” Sparks said.

“It’s likely the tremendous budget difficulties facing Oklahoma this session will continue to present challenges for the next year or two. It is important for each of our caucuses to focus on finding solutions that will move our state forward while providing adequate resources for vital services like education, health, mental health, public safety and transportation.

“It is a pleasure serving with Senator Schulz, and I know he is dedicated to serving the people of his district and this state. I look forward to working with him in the next Legislature. On behalf of the members of my caucus, we offer our sincere congratulations.”

- Sen. John Sparks (D)
Senator John Sparks (D)

'Libertarian Bill' Passes Legislature


County Commissioner, Marven Goodman reports the news on his social media account:

 " SB896 just passed on a vote of 26-14. It is now going to the governor's desk for the final step.

  SB896 modifies the current requirement that new parties must win 10% of the vote for President or Governor to stay ballot qualified as a recognized political party.

​  This modification lowers that requirement to 2.5%.
  Governor Fallin is expected to sign the bill into law."
  Senator Kyle Loveless and Rep. Jason Murphey are the lead sponsors of the bill.
In talking with Rep. Murphey, he said;

"This legislation brings Oklahoma into the norm of other states, regarding threshold election returns."

  At last weekend's Oklahoma Libertarian State Convention, the delegates were continually referring to this legislative matter. 
  US Senate candidate, Dax Ewbank, said that this kind of reform is essential to the effort for more openness in political discourse. If the Libertarians continually have to jump over the high bar of 10% in their first election cycle, it will result in a very expensive process having to repeat itself perpetually.

'Libertarian Bill' Passes Legislature

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Tulsa Deputy Found Guilty In Death of Harris

Deputy Robert Bates shot Eric Harris while other officers held him down on the pavement. A jury recommends 4 years prison for the deputy.
  Deputy Robert Bates was found guilty of manslaughter and subject to a recommended 4-year prison sentence. He was immediately taken into custody and led away. His attorney, the famed Clark Brewster, had tried to say that ongoing health problems killed Eric Harris, but the jury did not find that reasoning plausible. The massive blast of a .357 pistol fired by Deputy Bates had filled up Harris' lungs with blood and he expired within a couple minutes of the gun blast.
  Harris' position on the Tulsa Sheriff's office staff had also led to the overthrow of the entire 28-year administration of Sheriff Stanley Glanz.
The Tulsa Frontier has been following this case and has the most in-depth coverage: ​​

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Addictions & The War On Drugs

Editorial Opinion:  ​We can generally say that addictive behaviors are detrimental to human development and achievement. We can even see that many addictions are deadly.

  But does it therefore follow that the wisest course of action is to empower our government to outlaw addictions and exact punishments, fines, and other retributions; as a strategy to successfully end the scourge of addictive behavior in our society? And do we really want a society when police actions are so draconian?

  Or is it possible that our 'war on drugs' has added to the problem of addiction by sending it into desperate hiding? And has the government created a bigger economic problem by incubating a business environment where black market cartels can come in and set up shop? And the inevitable organized crime from black market cartels has therefore led to skyrocketing crime, harming people who had nothing to do with the cartel or the addictive behavior.

  There are plenty of addictive habits and substances which can be harmful, yet our public policy does not include a prohibition on them.
  The petroleum industry has long known that gasoline huffing is a terrible addiction, but no legislator has taken on the petroleum lobby and sought to restrict the sale and use of gasoline.
  And perhaps that is why the huffing problem is not as widespread as the heroine problem? By keeping gasoline legal and unrestricted, we have kept the drug cartels from having exclusive marketing rights. Their hideous sales forces don't peddle gasoline near the park and schools.

Some terrible Addictions Are Legal (and should remain so)

A New Path... (Okay, not really new. We did this with liquor, in 1959)

  We'll avoid the debate over statutory inconsistencies regarding different 'controlled substances' and the relative dangers of alcohol vs hemp. But we can look at what an economy would look like if the 'War On Drugs' was adjusted so as to carefully begin implementing some of the Colorado reforms, just as we did in 1959 when Oklahoma slowly began to allow liquor marketing in the state.

  The end of Oklahoma's prohibition brought about 4 big positive changes to our state.
  • Cost savings to our law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities.
  • Revenue enhancements as black market sales transformed into legitimate business and subject to equitable taxation.
  • Human lives rescued, as they came forward to seek treatment for addictions, since the fear of prosecution is gone.
  • The departure of black market organized crime syndicates who lost their monopoly on a product.
  When we make the shortsighted choice to let government remain our parental authority, we will never really be a free society. We need to have the liberty to perhaps suffer the consequences of our behavior. When government externally controls people, they never really grow up and become who they were created to be. We have let legislators enact shortsighted fixes which have resulted in long term problems. It eventually leads to a socialist society much like the former Soviet Union became. And when that economy collapsed of it's own weight, the people who were then left to provide for themselves, were terribly unprepared and ill-equipped to compete in a free market. Hence, the black market mafia cartels that now rule the new Russia.

  Conclusion: I'm a teetotaler. That's an old term for folks who don't drink liquor. I have been for more than 3 decades. I don't plan to change any of that. But I do believe the government is punishing me every time they arrest another person for possessing a controlled substance. I and my fellow taxpayers get assessed a $20k annual fee to incarcerate each one of them. And that's aside from the cost of displaced families, courts, cops, and other damages to society. I want children protected from exploitation and public safety to be emphasized. But if my neighbor gets relief from his PTSD symptoms via an evening dose of cannabis, I don't have a problem with that.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

OKGOP Nearly Clinches Majority in 2017 Senate

  The Oklahoma Republicans are very close to clinching the majority in the Senate, just days after filing has closed. The senate holds elections on half of their seats, plus any special elections. So 25 of the 48 seats are up for grabs this year. Of the 23 seats not due for election, 18 are in republican hands and 5 are in Democrat hands.

  Of the 25 current races, the Republicans have secured 4, and the Democrats have secured 1. there are currently no Libertarians or Independents in office.

  The Democrats would have to win all 19 races they are filed in, to secure a 1-seat majority.

  There are 4 Independents challenging for senate seats this year. They could come into an important role if they are successful and the Democrats fall just short of an electoral miracle. The same is true for the Libertarians. There are 2 Libertarians challenging this year.

  The senate leader has been Brian Bingman. His seat is open and there will, therefor; be new leadership.

Results of State Election Board Hearings

  There were 21 official challenges filed with the Oklahoma State Election board, for the 417 candidates seeking state office. 15 of the cases actually went before the tribunal of the State Election Board. (the other cases were dropped before their cause was called, in Monday's hearing.
Some candidates represented themselves, but several secured the legal services of counsel.
PictureBrooke McGowan was the only successful defender of a candidacy who was not a professional litigator.
  Only 3 candidates sustained a litigated challenge and prevailed. One of them was Brooke McGowan of Shawnee. She faced off with Former Senate Pro Tempore, Glenn Coffee, representing his client, Senator Ron Sharp (the incumbent). Despite the intimidation of the setting and high-powered attorneys, McGowan pressed her case, introducing herself; "I'm not an attorney. I don't have a law degree. I have a seminary degree."

 McGowan masterfully began with the precedent set in previous cases on the docket; "You have clearly established that residency claims must be judged by intent.". She went on to indicate (and I paraphrase);

  "I filed for office just prior to closing on our new home. Both our previous residence and our new residence are well within the district, but I chose to list the new home because that's where I would be residing. But since the home had serious plumbing deficiency, we had to find temporary residence while new toilets were being installed. The Senator had my summons served to the vacant house while it was vacant. My intent is and was to be as accurate and true to intent, as I could."

  Attorney Coffee then claimed that McGowan missed a redundant box on her original voter registration, some time ago. At that point, The Election Board Secretary, Paul Ziriax said that it would be a "high bar" to rule technically on this, since the oath signed by voters affirms the matters in the box. At that point Senator Sharp's counsel looked petty and his case fell apart. McGowan was retained on the ballot on a unanimous vote of the 3-member tribunal.

PictureCoffee and Hammons exchange pleasantries while waiting for Setzer's case to begin.
  A dramatic case was litigated as the last matter on the docket. the Democrat State Party Chairman, Mark Hammons, defended the candidacy of Joshua Setzer. The hearing room transformed into a venue of precedent proportions when the very statutes governing the election board were challenged. 
  Setzer is a recent party-switch and the state statute requires him to be a member of the party for 6 months before he can be a candidate in the name of that party. Hammons was the strongest proponent to represent Setzer because he essentially serves as a witness as well as counsel. Hammons insisted that only party rules should govern such matters, and the state has no compelling government interest in restricting Setzer's 1st Amendment constitutional rights.
  The case is also made stronger by the fact that the Libertarian candidates only had to be registered party members for 15 days prior to filing, but Democrats and Republicans had to be registered 6 months prior.  The Board refused Coffee's request for a delay in the hearing for 10 days. Coffee had thought he was going to earn easy money for this case. He expected a 'slamdunk' ruling because the candidate reregistered 5 months ago and did not dispute a failure to meet statutory requirements. When the board withdrew into executive session, they decided to wrap up these hearings today and pressed on. Then the boards's retained counsel essentially became an ally for Coffee and defended the election board's right to honor the statute, using several federal cases, including Citizens United and some Scalia opinions.
  The board rendered a split decision along party lines (2 republicans and 1 Democrat).

Oklahoma State Election Board

Cause  Name  Office Hearing Decision
2016-01  Stone v. Alvarado  State Representative, District 89 4/25/2016  (Alvarado ordered stricken from ballot)
2016-02  Virgin v. Perry  State Representative, District 44 4/25/2016  (Perry ordered stricken from ballot)
2016-03  Enns v. Coleman  State Representative, District 41 4/25/2016  (Coleman withdrew, Contest withdrawn by petitioner)
2016-04  Rogers v. Conduff-Rogers  State Representative, District 98 4/25/2016  (Conduff-Rogers withdrew, Contest withdrawn by petitioner)
2016-05  Bennett v. Erb  State Representative, District 92 4/25/2016  (Erb withdrew, Contest withdrawn by petitioner)
2016-06  Leewright v. Scroggs  State Senator, District 12 4/25/2016  (Scroggs ordered stricken from ballot)
2016-07  Calvey v. Crawford  State Representative, District 82 4/25/2016  (Contest withdrawn by petitioner)
2016-08  Smith v. Hill  State Representative, District 87 4/25/2016  (Hill ordered stricken from ballot)
2016-10  Meredith v. Culver  State Representative, District 4 4/25/2016  (Culver ordered retained on ballot)
2016-11  Nichols v. Cole  State Representative, District 72  4/25/2016  (Cole ordered stricken from ballot)
2016-12  Marlatt v. Setzer  State Senator, District 27 4/25/2016  (Setzer ordered stricken from ballot)
2016-13  Sharp v. McGowan  State Senator, District 17 4/25/2016  (McGowan ordered retained on ballot)
2016-14  Sharp v. Sturgill  State Senator, District 17 4/25/2016  (Sturgill ordered stricken from ballot)
2016-15  Ford v. Brewbaker  State Representative, District 95 4/25/2016  (Brewbaker ordered stricken from ballot)
2016-16  McDaniel v. Donaldson-Hutton  State Representative, District 83 4/25/2016  (Contest withdrawn by petitioner)
2016-17  Loveless v. Vincent  State Senator, District 45 4/25/2016  (Vincent ordered stricken from ballot)
2016-09  Griffith v. Lynn  State Representative, District 45 4/25/2016  (Lynn ordered stricken from ballot)
2016-18  Etters v. Lynn  State Representative, District 45 4/25/2016  (Ruled moot; Contestee stricken in earlier cause)
2016-19  Moore v. Arnold  State Representative, District 96 4/25/2016  (Arnold ordered stricken from ballot)
2016-20  Baker v. Von Tungeln  State Representative, District 60 4/25/2016  (Von Tungeln ordered stricken from ballot)
2016-21  Matthews v. Knox  State Senator, District 11 4/25/2016  (Knox ordered retained on ballot)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Election Board Transforms Into A Supreme Court Venue

Joshua Setzer Surprised the Election Board by his answer to the charge of not being a real Democrat.
The Oklahoma Election Board Got Put On Trial.

  Republican Senator Bryce Marlatt of Woodward decided to challenge whether the lone Democrat filing for his seat was an authentic Democrat, and chose to file a challenge to Joshua Setzer's party affiliation. Setzer admits that he joined the Democrat party just 5 months ago (the state election law requires 6 months prior affiliation).

  Marlatt sent Glenn Coffee to represent him as counsel for the case. Coffee had handled a few cases and this was the last case on today's docket. Little did Coffee know he'd have to present constitutional arguments and cite case laws from around the nation.

  The Democratic party sent their own counsel to assist Mr. Setzer. Democrat party chair, Mark Hammons was the defendant's legal agent for the case. And Hammon's presence became a compelling argument in itself.

A State Interest In Restricting Free Speech & Association?

PictureLawyers debate constitutional arguments before the Oklahoma State Election Board, Monday.
  Hammons did not dispute the facts of Setzer's party affiliation and registration; rather he claimed the entire law being used against Setzer is unconstitutional in that it restricts individual freedom without making the case that a compelling state interest requires it.
  Hammons said that the state would have the right to require that the candidate is a citizen, not a criminal, living in the district, and meeting other state interests. But the candidate's requirement to be a long-established member of the party he's filing as, is not a state interest at all, according to his view. Hammons further stated that it might be plausible to say that another Democrat might be interested in challenging a new member of the party, and that the party leadership might also be reasonably concerned. But Hammons argued that the state, itself has no compelling interest.
  Hammons further demonstrated that Libertarians were exempted from this long requirement, this Spring. They were allowed to run as Libertarians even though they just re-affiliate as new Libertarians just 2 weeks prior to running as candidates for that party. Hammons says that is an inequitable miscarriage of law.

Delay Tactics

  Coffee had immediately called for a recess and 10 day delay to prepare and present his response to the Democrat Party defense. The Board had also heard from the Attorney General's office regarding their authority and powers to judge the matter. AG Pruitt contends that this board has full judicial jurisdiction to apply the law and even strike down law, in doing their administrative duties. Pruitt's opinion even stated that this board has exclusive jurisdiction in this contests of candidate eligibility. The Election Board's own counsel also stipulated that the 3-member judge counsel on this board has the right to proceed in this constitutional debate.
   The board then decided to enter into executive session in another room to discuss the full weight of the case. After about 10 minutes they reappeared from the private room behind the bench. They approved the motion to proceed with the case immediately and forced Glenn Coffee to argue a case he'd had no expectation of ever having to ponder on this day.

Enter The Amicus...

   Aside from the adversarial nature of the 2 litigants, the election board also heard from their own legal counsel and that of the Attorney General. And that is where the case was decided. There was no structural accommodation for either of the litigants to respond to the board's own counselors. What the 'court' heard from the board's counsel was an overwhelming litany of cases cited from the US 9th & 6th district and even opinions of Justice Antonin Scalia and portions of the Citizens United case.
  Dr. Mauldin (the one Democrat of the 3 presiding board members serving as a 3-member tribunal) then asked the board's legal council if the defendant (Joshua Setzer) would have been a qualifying candidate if he was a Libertarian candidate seeking the seat. The legal counsel refused to answer, saying that it is not important to this narrow decision being made. Hammons would normally be able to object because the law is what's essentially on trial here. But again, the board was winging it and it was already past 6pm.
  This court had no discovery, no rebuttal, and no listed structure at all. They were winging it and no one really knew what the rules of the venue were going to be from minute to minute.
Eventually, Chairman Steve Curry and member Tom Montgomery voted to sustain the challenge from Marlatt and through the Democrats out of this election, leaving the 3 republicans to decide the seat in the legislature.
Member Dr. Tim Mauldin dissented.  The Republican-led election board and the board voted not guilty (with one Democrat dissent).
  All 3 members of this board are very active political players for their parties and we would be willfully ignorant to disregard their political appointments. There is no talk of changing the law, jurisdiction, or desire to appoint a Libertarian to the ruling board.

Brooke McGowan Survives Eligibility Challenge From Senator Sharp

PictureBrooke McGowan
  Incumbent Ron Sharp of Shawnee drew 2 challengers in his bid to seek another term in the Oklahoma Senate.
  Sharp had secured the services of former legislator, Glenn Coffey, to argue his case that McGowan did not live in the house listed on her candidate filing.
  McGowan produced volumes of evidence that she had just closed on that home & was waiting for the plumbing issues to be addressed before she could reside.

McGowan leave the Capitol in triumph after a unanimous vote
  She further argued that she had lived and continues to reside in her district. She echoed the point of several other cases on the docket which stressed that intent is key to residency matters.
  While not a litigator, McGowan was very effective in her case and the lengthy proceedings even turned to an attempt to throw out her voter registration of years ago, because a county election board staffer took her application without a redundant box being checked. The judges concurred with State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax, that such an argument is essentially 'petty'.

Liberal, Emily Virgin, Wins Re-election by Disqualifying Opponent Corey Perry


Democrat Emily Virgin of Norman won another term as a legislator by successfully killing the candidacy of Corey Brooks today.
She argued that Corey's teen past, has some indication which disqualifies him, and the board agreed with Virgin's lawyer.
The hearings were webcast live on the Oklahoma Legislative website.


Candidates Contest Eligibility Of Opponents Today: Live Webcast

  All day, today; the Oklahoma Election Board has been conducting hearings and casting votes on  the petitions filed last week. Over 400 candidates filed for state elections. About 20 candidacies have been contested for various reasons.
  Everything from residency and registration requirements, to alleged past criminal history are being litigated.
  Watch the proceedings live at :

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Libertarians May Still Go To Court For More Ballot Access

  The Libertarian voters in Oklahoma will have a reason to go to the primary election polls, this June. they have 2 candidates vying for the party nomination in the US Senate race. Dax Ewbank and Robert Murphy are both seeking the nod of their fellow Libertarians.
​  But beyond that, there are several candidates seeking a general election win in 2 congressional seats, and several legislative races.

Two Candidates Face Disputes

PicturePaul Brewbaker

   Paul Brewbaker is having to defend a challenge to his candidacy this week. Republican, Roger Ford of Oklahoma City is a declared candidate and he filed a charge that Brewbaker has not met the requirement of being a registered voter for at least 6 months prior to filing. Brewbaker contends that he has always been a Libertarian and refused to register UNTIL he could register as a Libertarian. The law further states that once a new party (in this case the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma) is officially certified as a new party, then citizens have a special filing period of 15 days to make a new declaration as a Libertarian Party member. While most of the newly declared Libertarians switched from "Independent" or another recognized party, Brewbaker claims to have been essentially a "conscientious objector" of sorts. 
  Brewbaker's challenger paid a $250 fee to challenge his legitimacy. Brewbaker had to come up with another $250 to be given the right to defend his right to to a hearing.

Summons Served At 1am
​Brewbaker further contends that he was subjected to the terror of a 1am scene at his residence from law enforcement. He says a deputy from the county sheriff's office picked that hour of the overnight to come and serve Brewbaker with a summons on the election dispute. According to fellow Libertarian Party officials, the sight of a shadowy armed gunman at his front door in metropolitan Oklahoma City was completely unwarranted, dangerous, and disgraceful.

PictureD. 'Frank' Robinson
  Frank Robinson says he was not allowed to file for elective office. According to reports, he is disabled and lacks the physical stamina to go out and seek the petitions required by law (4% of registered voters), if a person opts for that alternative to the $200 filing fee for the right to seek elective office.
  Libertarian leaders further contend that Robinson's economic state (because of his physical disability) does not afford him the capacity of coming up with $200 out-of-pocket for the constitutional right to seek elective office. We are awaiting more details regarding how Robinson will assert his case and be successful in gaining ballot access.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Libertarian Party of Oklahoma Elects A State Chairman

Gov. Gary Johnson Wins Oklahoma Libertarian Straw Poll

  Several dozen Libertarian delegates gathered today at the Wes Watkins Center, on the campus of Oklahoma State University; to hold their biennial state party convention.
  This is a big year for the upstart party. they just achieved ballot access for the remainder of the  calendar year.
Several candidates will be on the ballots for legislative and statewide races.
  If they achieve a threshold of support for their presidential nominee, the party will remain on the ballot for an additional 2 years.
  The legislature plans to set that threshold at 2.5% (in keeping with the norms of other states).
 Tina Kelly of Oklahoma City received very strong support to head the Oklahoma Libertarian party for the next 2 years.
  Her team will be very busy presenting the party vision and core beliefs in the weeks and moths to come.
  Chairman Kelly explains that effective party leadership needs to take advantage of new forums of interaction and more efficient uses of social media to get organizing done and get campaigns mobilized. She says old fashioned meetings are often a waste of time, when organizing campaign efforts.

New State Chairman of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party, Tina Kelly.
  One party source said; "Tina Kelly has worked tirelessly to bolster the party registration and certification as a recognized party, in 2016."

  "So I'm walking out of the Wes Watkins Center at OSU campus, after a morning with the Oklahoma Libertarian party. And who should I run into but, West Watkins, himself!" - David Van Risseghem, journalist

The Oklahoma Libertarian Party‎ Straw Poll Report:

 The press release from the LPO says;
​  "We held a Presidential Straw Poll at the State Convention. Here are the results of that. We asked everyone to give their first pick and second pick, if they had one."

First Pick:
  • Gary Johnson - 18
  • John McAffee - 12
  • Austin Peterson - 9
  • NOTA - 8
  • Darryl Perry - 3
  • Justin Amash - 1
  • Marc Allan Feldman - 1

Second Pick: 
  • John McAffee - 17
  • Austin Peterson - 8
  • Gary Johnson - 5
  • NOTA - 3
  • Ron Paul - 2
  • Malisia Garcia - 1
  • Marc Allan Feldman - 1
  • Darryl Perry - 1

​  Priscilla Galstaun-Khader is a multi-ethnic native of India. She's been having a great day at the convention.

  Libertarian Presidential candidate, Rhett Smith, of San Antonio; speaks to the Oklahoma State Libertarian Party Convention. 

 Former Republican gubernatorial candidate, Dax Ewbank, pitches for John McAfee, in the Libertarian Party Convention straw poll. He condemned the Gary Johnson comments about burkas, and doesn't believe Austin Peterson is "speaking from the heart". 
  Others said that the higher name recognition of former New Mexico Governor, Gary Johnson, would help Oklahoma Libertarians in the state effort to  exceed the minimum threshold to remain a formally recognized party, by the state election board.

Even as the Oklahoma Republican Party moves their state conventions to venues where 2nd amendment rights are respected, this Libertarian Convention chose a sight where such arms are prohibited by statute.
​That's rather surprising to me, since Libertarians often identify themselves as "Constitutionalists".