Saturday, April 23, 2016

Libertarian Party of Oklahoma Elects A State Chairman

Gov. Gary Johnson Wins Oklahoma Libertarian Straw Poll

  Several dozen Libertarian delegates gathered today at the Wes Watkins Center, on the campus of Oklahoma State University; to hold their biennial state party convention.
  This is a big year for the upstart party. they just achieved ballot access for the remainder of the  calendar year.
Several candidates will be on the ballots for legislative and statewide races.
  If they achieve a threshold of support for their presidential nominee, the party will remain on the ballot for an additional 2 years.
  The legislature plans to set that threshold at 2.5% (in keeping with the norms of other states).
 Tina Kelly of Oklahoma City received very strong support to head the Oklahoma Libertarian party for the next 2 years.
  Her team will be very busy presenting the party vision and core beliefs in the weeks and moths to come.
  Chairman Kelly explains that effective party leadership needs to take advantage of new forums of interaction and more efficient uses of social media to get organizing done and get campaigns mobilized. She says old fashioned meetings are often a waste of time, when organizing campaign efforts.

New State Chairman of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party, Tina Kelly.
  One party source said; "Tina Kelly has worked tirelessly to bolster the party registration and certification as a recognized party, in 2016."

  "So I'm walking out of the Wes Watkins Center at OSU campus, after a morning with the Oklahoma Libertarian party. And who should I run into but, West Watkins, himself!" - David Van Risseghem, journalist

The Oklahoma Libertarian Party‎ Straw Poll Report:

 The press release from the LPO says;
​  "We held a Presidential Straw Poll at the State Convention. Here are the results of that. We asked everyone to give their first pick and second pick, if they had one."

First Pick:
  • Gary Johnson - 18
  • John McAffee - 12
  • Austin Peterson - 9
  • NOTA - 8
  • Darryl Perry - 3
  • Justin Amash - 1
  • Marc Allan Feldman - 1

Second Pick: 
  • John McAffee - 17
  • Austin Peterson - 8
  • Gary Johnson - 5
  • NOTA - 3
  • Ron Paul - 2
  • Malisia Garcia - 1
  • Marc Allan Feldman - 1
  • Darryl Perry - 1

​  Priscilla Galstaun-Khader is a multi-ethnic native of India. She's been having a great day at the convention.

  Libertarian Presidential candidate, Rhett Smith, of San Antonio; speaks to the Oklahoma State Libertarian Party Convention. 

 Former Republican gubernatorial candidate, Dax Ewbank, pitches for John McAfee, in the Libertarian Party Convention straw poll. He condemned the Gary Johnson comments about burkas, and doesn't believe Austin Peterson is "speaking from the heart". 
  Others said that the higher name recognition of former New Mexico Governor, Gary Johnson, would help Oklahoma Libertarians in the state effort to  exceed the minimum threshold to remain a formally recognized party, by the state election board.

Even as the Oklahoma Republican Party moves their state conventions to venues where 2nd amendment rights are respected, this Libertarian Convention chose a sight where such arms are prohibited by statute.
​That's rather surprising to me, since Libertarians often identify themselves as "Constitutionalists".

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