Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ignoring Petty Politics For A More Pressing Struggle

The Cause Of Freedom

Boris Yeltsin fought a leftist tyrannical government in Russia.
Nelson Mandela fought a rightist tyrannical government in South Africa.

   But the struggle is not isolated to just a few nations. Every society needs to be aware of the lust for power which resides in the dark shadows of every government hall and palace. 
  Most leaders justify their actions in the name of state security. Both political ideologies will persuade the public that it's the other party which you ought to fear.  But in reality, every politician has a blindness to his own contributions to a statist tyranny. 
   Presidents from Andrew Jackson, Abe Lincoln, both Roosevelts, and every administration since them, have incrementally stolen chunks of freedom from the treasure we call "Our Declaration of Independence.

The cause of freedom is far more important
than a left-right argument over ideology.
The common people need  to resist
the ever-growing state master,
and their quest for power
at the expense of
our freedom

David Van Risseghem