Friday, January 25, 2013

Conservatives Boycott Walmart Over Leftist Activism

Walmart attempts to appease Left
   The Obama 2012 presidential campaign organization is now morphing into Operation For Action(OFA).  This new 501-c4 nonprofit organization has many new corporate friends lining up to pay "protection money" to the Obama Regime's activist wing.
   In 1998, The world's wealthiest man, Bill Gates, learned a painful lesson in what happens to corporations who don't pony up money to liberal administrations. The Clinton white house took Microsoft to court in a landmark antitrust suit. Eventually Microsoft had to pay a fortune in fines, damages to dubious "victims", and massive legal bills.
   Today, corporations like Walmart, Citibank, & Lockheed are boasting to consumers of their charitable giving, but the reality is that corporations are increasingly paying massive "leave us alone" money to thugs like the current socialist administration.
Obama ally, Jim Massina heads up the O.F.A.
   According to the Washington Free Beacon, there will be massive campaigns funded by Walmart and other major corporations; pushing Obama's socialist initiatives. Massive new taxes are about to be debated in the current congress.
   Major new federal regulations will add massive new limitations, costing industry many new jobs and leading to a new round of layoffs and another recession.
   Conservative grassroots groups are stunned that Sam Walton's folksy neighborhood "five & dime" has morphed into a "Target wannabe".  The new generation of corporate leadership at Walmart seems to have disconnected itself from the heart & soul of founder, Sam Walton.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Taylor Bids For A Second Round

The buzz in Tulsa area politics, today; is the return of the Kathy Taylor machine.

George Kaiser & Kathy Taylor
   Taylor is said to be a former board member of George Kaiser's Bank of Oklahoma.  Once in office, she gave the BOk about $7 million of city money for what she personally justified as the city's moral obligation.
Great Plains Airlines folded in bankruptcy
  Some of her political allies & friends had pitched a scam to the city council for an airline and got the city to guarantee loans with property. The Lorton family (the folks who control the Tulsa World) began selling the Airline idea in their media influences. Anyone who questioned the wisdom of a Tulsa-based airline was often discredited. Ultimately the city bought the pitch and accepted a role as a backer of a huge loan. The problem is, the entire deal violated federal law and years later was voided by federal courts. The BOk was too stupid to realize this at the time and lent the money to their midtown buddies in 2001.
    In 2004, when the scam started going south, the BOK was left with a deadbeat airlines and a bad multi-million dollar loan.
   The BOK started looking for folks to shake down in lawsuits. Among the targets was the City of Tulsa.  Then-mayor, Bill LaFortune (a former district attorney) stood up to Kaiser's legal threats and defeated the ploy.
   Kaiser then waited until he could get a better mayor and wada ya no! One of his board members decides to "give back to Tulsa" (Kathy Taylor).
   There is much more to be said about the Taylor scourge. Michael Bates has a good preliminary primer for further reading...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Voter Discontent vs Obamas 'Heavies'

Voter Discontent is building, 

Lupe Fiasco

..and Obama's 'heavies' are using strong-arm measures to silence any public dissension. 

    On Inaugural weekend , There was a concert featuring several pop music artists, including rapper, Lupe Fiasco.
    Normally, very little would be said about this type of event. It was just something booked for the sake of the many devotees whom The Obama cheerleaders hoped to draw to Washington for a political celebration of victory.
    But this event didn't go according to script. Someone didn't genuflect properly. The video below was captured by someone in the crowd.

   Had this been a Conservative inaugural celebration, you'd have already heard and seen a lot from this outspoken musician's unexpected outburst.
   Lupe (pron.: LOO-pay), is a Muslim anti-establishment entrepreneur from Chicago. He is known for speaking critically of anyone in power, even those he agrees with.  He is a disciplined and well-educated man. He has courageously resisted drug and gang influences in his neighborhood and within his industry.

   Could this just be a publicity stunt? Perhaps; after all, would I even bother talking about him if it weren't for this glimpse of Obama's heavy tactics?  But watch and see if the Obama administration has any official comment on this. For that matter, watch and take note if any of our 'vaunted ' media establishment even bothers to bring up the issue.

Friday, January 18, 2013

How Colonial Arms Control Formed Our 2nd Amendment

   British Arms control advocates like Piers Morgan are part of a rich old tradition of Elite Englishmen who have abused the Scots and enslaved an empire of global colonies.

Guns don't work without powder
   As they began to fear the American colonists and looked for ways to suppress the threat of self-determination; It wasn't rifles and pistols that the British crown tried to limit.

The focal point of British suppression was gunpowder.

   The battles of Lexington and Concord which we studied as children, weren't just anomolies.
   On the next day, in Virginia, The crown's representative, Gov. Dunmore, secretly took the Virginia Militia's stocks of gunpowder from the colonial storehouse and had British soldiers place it on a Royal Navy ship.  It mattered little to the Tory Governor, who owned the munitions. He just asserted he right to take it and maintain custody of it.
   Patrick Henry led the Hanover County Militia to recover the supplies, but only after a tense diplomatic negotiation, did a settlement avert bloodshed. In the end, the Governor's Tory allies paid about £330 for the gun powder. 
Sparse supplies of ammunition

   Today, leftists are quietly working to limit access to ammunition for America's gun owners.  While we are busy arguing whether a rifle can legally have a pistol grip or how big a magazine we can attach, The most important components are disappearing off the retail shelves and federal regulators are determined to slow down the rate in which the retailers get their next shipments.
   Handguns, shotguns, &  rifles are all essential to a free nation. But they are of no impact if without powder and shot. If we allow our means of defense to be taken from us by lawyers and legislators, no militia of any size will be able to oppose those thugs who do have stockpiles of ammunition and machine guns.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

About Well-Regulated Militias

  Can anybody give me a clear definition of " WELL REGULATED MILITIA"?  It seems like the entire 2nd Amendment to the constitution is framed around the reasoning that our uninfringible right to firearms is predicated on the grounds that the only way to keep a any form of military power in-check, is to balance it with a potentially opposition of sufficient capability. The founders were convinced that the people of the 13 commonwealths should possess and hold that capability.
Thomas Jefferson - One of the world's greatest defenders of liberty.
Thomas Jefferson
  • No, the 2nd Amendment isn't just about hunting game.
  • No, it isn't just about protecting your home and family.
   It's about protecting your nation from thugs taking over and oppressing all your other liberties.
In fact, Thomas Jefferson went on to say;
   Piers Morgan and other lefties would be the first to heckle anyone who argues Jefferson's logic, today.
   In the past century, the U.S.A. has liberated many nations from thugs. Those thugs took power because they were the only ones with any meaningful firepower. The people were helpless and enslaved by tyranny. Are we going to just hope that some foreign power is waiting off-shore to liberate us when our need arises?
  There are 2 ditches that we need to avoid in our patriotic trek. Some nations get bogged down in perpetual civil war. They never get to live out the liberties they fight for because they become just as intolerant as the thugs they replaced.
But the other ditch is too much tolerance of people who have no respect for individual liberty.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Republican Party Lives Out It's Claim: The Party Of Equal Opportunity

Gov. Mary Fallin
  Oklahoma's new Republican era is  a great time of new opportunity for all. The past 10 years have seen a big shift from the "good  ol' boy" Democrat bigotry and segregation, to"
  • Oklahoma's first female Governor; Republican Mary Fallen
  • Oklahoma's first black Seaker of the House; Republican TW Shannon
  • Oklahoma's first female House Majority Leader, Republican Pam Peterson
Speaker TW Shannon
  There seems to be little coverage of these broken barriers in state news coverage. Could that be from journalistic laziness or is it liberal embarrassment; or both?

Majority Leader Pam Peterson
  I've been an Oklahoman pretty much all of my adult life, and early on I discovered a few pockets of blatant racism and prejudice, firsthand. The peculiar little fact is, almost all the incidences involved old lifelong Democrats being the practitioners.

  The Republican Party is the party of Abe Lincoln and Dr Martin L. King. We don't like set-asides and tokenism when it comes to selecting leadership. We just know how to spot capabilities and we're not tied to decades-old negotiated power-brokered backroom deals. Yes, that type of  activity still happens sometimes, but the days of Gene Stipe and his ways.... are over.

  There are a few, in the Republican Party, who want to go back to the days of set-asides and forced limitations, using imposed statistical representation. They are busy preparing a state party amendment that would limit how many party offices that women can fill.
  The new visionaries of the party know better than to use any method other than Dr. King's demand; that we all be judged "by the content of our character, not by the color of our skin".

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Oklahoma Republican Rules You Thought You Knew...

Updated - 9:20pm, 1/14/13 (see bottom of post)
   Oklahoma GOP Chairman, Matt Pinnell has lent his support to a long-needed initiative for improving the GOP Party Rules for the Sooner State. His committee selections are:

  • Lynn Windel
  • Richard Engle

The members are:

  • Sharon Burgin
  • Steve Byas
  • Steve Curry
  • Richard Engle
  • Steve Fair
  • Carolyn McLarty
  • Matt Pinnell
  • Pam Pollard
  • Lynn Windel
  • Michael McCutchin

  Several well known party members were hand-picked for this effort. Only one known Tulsa area representative was selected to join Pinnell for this ad-hoc committee. Many rural and OKC metro counties are well represented.

  The meetings are all held at the OKC state office and while they haven't been publicized in any meaningful way, they seem to be open to any state party member. There is even a mechanism for addressing the committee (at least they say they can).
  The committee has met monthly and started working thru 60+ ideas. Some of the ideas clearly contradict each other, and some are really minor issues. But some are very significant and may radically change how our state party operates. 
  The list of guiding principles that the committee hopes to be guided by are:
  1. Rules should reflect actual practice.
  2. Rules should be practical in application.
  3. Rules should avoid favoritism.
  4.  Rules should be enforceable and have consequences for violations thereof.
  5. Rules should avoid vagueness.
  6. Rules should be suited for the party as it is and in the desired majority status.
  7. Rules should create a positive framework for county and district organization for the greatest positive effect.
  8. Rules should respect the rights of minorities within the party.
  9. Rules should empower the average Republican.
  10. Rules must conform to National GOP rules as well as state and federal law.
  11. Rules should create a vision for the party’s future success.

   One of the most troubling proposals is an effort to make it harder to change bad rules in the future.  Currently, in order to even bring up a proposed change to the permanent State rules, a well-worded amendment must be successfully brought up for a vote of a county or district Republican convention. If a majority passes the amendment, it must be announced to all county chairmen, letting them know that the state convention will possibly vote on the amendment.
   In 1996, State Chairman Quinita Wiley just ignored an amendment of the 1st District. She received the certified letter 3 weeks before the convention, but said she didn't have time to notify the county chairmen, thereby defeating the amendment. As a result, the party continued to practice it's own affirmative-action quota system, for gender-specific party offices. It took 15 more years before the Oklahoma Republicans finally enacted part of the necessary reforms on party job quotas.
   In 2012, Matt Pinnell placed a Tulsa amendment proposal at the end of the convention agenda, then had the convention adjourn without recognizing the matter. Earlier in the day he added an unscheduled, unofficial  speaker who took up several precious minutes.
  Both times, the chairmen promised a future date for a full consideration of amendments, but nothing ever happened and the authors weren't even notified of and invited to speak for the initiatives.
  A new proposal will now require at least 4 separate counties all enacting the same call for a specific amendment with identical wording, in order for the State Central Committee to be required to cooperate with the rank & file initiative.
  I am outraged that this is even being proposed! What they are saying is that even if the three county conventions of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Cleveland  (which make up over half of all the Republicans in the state) all magically pass the exact same wording on the exact  same calendar year; it still wouldn't be enough to get even a hearing at the state convention.

    Another troubling initiative is an effort to give new powers to County Chairmen, to unilaterally grant delegate credentials to selected individuals who were not selected by their precinct committee at the precinct caucus.
    The potential for corruption is greatly enhanced by this idea, and the autonomy of the precinct is greatly diminished. Not only is this a violation of several current party rules, It effectively gives the County Chairman the power to throw the current precinct committee out of the party! 
   During the 2007 ice storms, the Tulsa County Chairman promised to give delegate status to anyone who sent her an email request. Precinct 110 was very troubled by this and chose to be represented by a Delegate/Alternate representation for the first time in modern history, just because they didn't want to make it any easier for the County Chairman to impose delegates on them that they didn't choose.

    Some want candidates for party  offices to have to declare their candidacy several days in advance. this can have some good reasons, but given the poor communications of most county and district organizations, it seems contrary to the ideals that are listed as guiding principles of the ad-hoc committee.

    I don't want to be all negative about this group, but they don't seem to be acting on the issues most needed. They do have calls for more openness, but they don't require that reports be posted on County, District, or State Websites. This ought to be considered the official publication process! 
    They do call for specific punishments for specific violations of party rules, but nothing has been specified yet.
    They do recommend doing away with the additional delegates to the state convention from Young Republicans Club; But they call for retaining the current additional delegates to the state convention from College Republicans Club.

     This committee's goals are lofty and admirable, but I have serious concerns that their actions may become an insult to those "guiding principles".
    The Next Scheduled meeting of this ad-hoc committee is 5pm, Feb. 5th, at the state GOP office. Call ahead to let them know you're planning to attend.
State Chairman, Matt Pinnell
    Chairman Matt Pinnell gave gave me a courtesy call to discuss the nature of some of the committee's work and purpose.
  •   He assured me that the language of the proposed amendment regarding becoming a delegate from a precinct will still require the precinct voting to include an absent member who previously contacted a precinct member and asked to have his name considered as a potential delegate.
       The intent was to allow a process of letting absent members stay in the party process at the will of the precinct's body.
    Only a precinct should be allowed to select it's own representation. He said some of the adopted language could be misleading, but he is trying to clear up the intent.
  •   Regarding the state amendment process, we still have some concerns. He fully understands that Tulsa is very under-represented in the standing state committee (only 1/77th of the delegation), but one day out of the year we and Oklahoma County have proportional voting power.
       He insists that allowing some rural county of 5 Republicans, meeting at a Pizza Hut and calling it a County Republican Convention, should not be allowed to take up 45 minutes of a state convention by themselves.
       I reminded him that the original proposal someone made was to require a percentage of the state's Republicans advancing an amendment to the state convention, not 4 counties of any size.
       Also, a district Convention would loose reform powers under the committee's adopted wording. A 10% threshold may be a much better bar to set for advancing reform ideas to the state convention.
    Matt said the original idea was that the ad-hoc committee was to circulate through the state and solicit reform ideas. He's not sure how well that is happening, but he was enthused that I had expressed so much  passion for reforming the organization.
    He personally invited me to come to the meeting on the 5th and said that anyone with a commitment to find better ideas is welcome to attend. On that matter, I'd recommend that if your idea is sent to them ahead of the meeting in an email, they will be better prepared to study your innovations and collaborate with you.
    On a side note; Matt said that state amendments that weren't properly considered at last May's state convention will automatically be added to this year's state convention agenda.
     The members of this committee are mostly from the OKC area and the I-35 South Corridor.
2 of he ad-hoc members currently serve no official county or state role.
Here's the map of their listed cities of residence:

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Boehner Coup... Stories Are Circulating.

Boehner survives... for now.
Some journalists are doing their best to get an inside look at last week's attempt to reorganize the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. Roll Call magazine's Jonathan Strong presents his best  effort to provide a "blow-by-blow" account of the initiative.
We may never get a full and balanced accounting of what happened over the past few weeks. I seriously doubt any single member of congress will even know of all the forces at work. But we are getting some indication of the character of our elected leaders.

Steve Largent (R-OK)

This experience brings back many memories of the attempted Republican coup of 1997. I stepped into the plot, myself; but had no idea what I was observing. I took my family on an east coast road trip in June of 1997. We arranged a meeting with Steve Largent and as I entered his Canon Building office, I noticed several well-dressed men getting seated in his back conference room.
Steve almost immediately stepped out of another side office room and greeted me near the front door. He then said he arranged for one of Tom Coburn's Summer interns to take us on a thorough guided tour of the entire capitol. Steve then said he had to get to a meeting, and began moving toward the back conference room. I wanted to talk with Steve a bit more about some Supreme Court decisions that were just reported that morning, but he said he hadn't had a chance to review them yet.
Two weeks later the coup was blown up and Dick Armey(R-TX) became a huge disappointment. Armey wanted to take over as Speaker, but when Tom Coburn(R-OK) refused to support him, Armey snitched to Newt and lied about his own role in the attempt.  Many of that 1997 group agreed with Coburn, that Bill Paxton(R-NY), the conference chairman, was the preferred pick.
At his election night watch party in November, 1998; I privately urged Largent to bring new leadership to the House. The very next morning Steve said he was either going to get Bob Livingston (R-LA) to run for Speaker, or run, himself.
The Lame Duck 98 time frame was about as bizarre as any of us could imagine. The House had just voted to impeach Clinton for perjury and other crimes. 
What we all didn't know is that Clinton seemed to be successfully blackmailing Newt. Larry Flint published evidence of Newt's current affair with another woman (Carissa). Newt then resigned congress, altogether.
Bob Livingston (R-LA)
Bob Livingston did run for Speaker (for about a week) and would have been successful, but He also was outed for having an extramarital affair. He also resigned congress.  Largent then announced his bid for speaker, and so did Dennis Hastert. Largent met with Hastert privately, then switched his campaign back to the #2 spot in the House Leadership.
  This led to an all-out battle between Armey and Largent. The Christian Coalition decided to actively spend significant resources to get Armey re-elected as Leader.
I personally called the Washington office of the Christian Coalition and had a very passionate debate with them over their tactics. They claim to never endorse candidates in primaries or general elections. But they claim full moral freedom to endorse and pay for specific candidates in the House & Senate Caucus elections.
I left the phone conversation by warning the CC that they no longer have an Oklahoma organization. I had no personal knowledge of whether this was in fact true; but since then the Christian Coalition has done almost nothing in Oklahoma - and Oklahoma is now the "reddest state" in the nation.

This most recent coup aftermath will play out much like the one 15 years ago. Everyone will have his own version; and they will all likely pass a theoretical lie-detector test.
Jim Bridenstine, Freshman (R-OK)
 But there will also be weasels revealed who will lecture those brave commandos. Currently, MarkWayne Mullin(R-OK) seems to be acting that way. He told Cox Radio's Jamie Dupree that he voted for Boehner "because only 2 candidates were nominated and any vote for anyone else, wouldn't be counted at all". He essentially called Bridenstine & others ignorant of the parliamentary process.

 My personal confidence in Bridenstine(facebook) is confirmed and bolstered from last week's events. I think I'll have to watch Mullins with careful scrutiny. In fairness, I don't know what Mullin's full comments were. Dupree may have taken one small sound bite out of context.
Which leads me to urge that all elected officials manage their own blogs. So that we voters can easily research the full sentiments of our leaders, without the media spin. Mullin does have an active campaign website in which he could comment further on issues like this. Bookmark it, if you wish to.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Republican Caucus Dates

The Dates of the Oklahoma Republican Party Caucuses and Conventions are now posted.

Tue Jan 8 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Tulsa Republican Executive Committee - 8316 E. 93rd Street, Tulsa, OK
Mon Jan 21 All day
Precinct Chairmen: Get your Caucus Packet - Your County Hdqtrs.
Fri Feb 1 All day
Precinct Chairmen: Announce your Caucus Meeting - Precinct Locations
Thu Feb 7 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Precinct Caucus Night - Precinct Locations
Fri Feb 15 All day
Precinct Reports Due - County Hdqtrs.
Sat Apr 20 All day
Oklahoma State Republican Convention - 737 S. Meridian Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

For more details, go to the Oklahoma GOP website

   These are just a few of the figures whose public stand for patriotic values has inspired me.
   Sally Kern lives her traditional values in the face of national attacks from the counter culture.
   Jim Inhofe doesn't let others do his thinking for him. He researches issues and stands where his convictions dictate, whether anyone stands with him, or not.
   JC Watts exposed the corruption and graft of the civil rights racket.
He stands with Dr. King and seeks to liberate all those who will dare to move off the Democrat plantation.
   Tom Coburn avoids the Washington power addiction and stays free of the trappings and corruption, in a heroic way.
   Steve Largent is willing to expose the corruption and deceit of any leader, regardless what party they are. His humility and honesty, along with his courage and dedication, are legendary years after he stepped out of elective office.
   Who else has earned a place in this photo?

Friday, January 4, 2013

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Bridenstine Lives Up To His Campaign Stance

Veteran Conservative Blogger, Michael Bates, has a well-worded review of the Bridenstine Vote in the speakership race.
Read More:

This brings fond memories of the great and principled representation that Coburn & Largent exercised in 1997, when Newt Gingrich tried to roll them.

Read More: Joe Scarborough: The Newt I Know

Justice For The Guerena Widow

    It's been over a year, and still no justice or accountability for the murder of this Marine, by an inept(or worse) SWAT team. See the Video 
    Former Marine Sgt. Jose Guerena was awaken to an assault on his compound, in 2011. But before he could even assess the threat, he was massacred... in his Arizona home.
    The invaders were armed with a search warrant.
    It's sad that I had to post a Russian TV news report about this.
    Why is it that we have a much better chance of getting news coverage if the story involves a pretty young woman?

Some say that  this former soldier is at fault for holding a rifle? I not only support his protective instinct, but He is a perfect example of why large magazines are justified.  If he was facing a gang of vagabond pillagers, He'd have to match their collective firepower.

  What exacerbates this injustice is that he was left to bleed to death. The autopsy proved that none of his wounds were life-threatening, but the collective blood loss caused his death after about 1 hour of being left unattended on the floor of his home.
   A medic is reported to be on scene, but no medical aide was administered.
Two police officers were sentenced to long prison terms by a federal prosecutor, when Rodney King was subdued with ugly force. They were convicted of not protecting the life of a suspect in custody. This is a much more obvious civil rights case.
   Read more: Autopsy Proves Cops Responsible For Death Of Innocent Marine.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome To Sooner Politics

Sooner Politics is a group of committed Oklahoma civic volunteers who seek to promote traditional values of faith, family, and freedom.
We are concerned about growing initiatives to undermine the principles which have been a foundation of our great way of life.
We encourage fellow citizens to get involved in neighborhood, community, and political organizations, to make a better world by remembering the values we were taught and sharing them with those around you.
More will be added soon.....