Thursday, December 31, 2015

Obama Set To Declare New Limits To Some 2nd Amendment Rights

President Obama plans a January Edict to curtail the sale of guns in the USA.

Local sporting goods stores may be shut down for failing
to acquire new federal licensing. Feds may also deliberately stall
their paperwork or slow-walk them out of business.
You may be able to keep and bear arms, But you may not be able to buy arms like you used to.  In many liberal cities, gun retailers have already been regulated out of existence.  This might be a time to challenge his federal jurisdiction on commerce. The constitution only grants federal oversight of interstate commerce. Retailers rarely sell outside of their state boundaries. reports:
  President Barack Obama’s bid to assert himself in his final year will begin with long-awaited executive actions on gun control, expected to be released next week, shortly after he returns to Washington.
  The White House is putting finishing touches on several measures in an effort to make progress on curbing gun violence, an issue the president and close aides have found frustratingly intractable, before the race to replace him enters prime time.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Oklahomans Chosen To Join Iowa Campaigns

The Ted Cruz Campaign is mobilizing a massive army of dedicated campaign workers from around the nation for a strategic strike force, in Iowa.
  The key political showdown state will hold its presidential caucus on February 1st, and Ted Cruz has a Camp set up for hundreds of energetic and proficient campaign workers to use as a home base.
  Campaign officials secured the empty college dorms of AIB Business College (which will soon be the University of Iowa's Des Moines Campus). The facility will hold hundreds of campaigners who spend multiple days on the stump for Ted Cruz.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Police Step Up Raids On Norman Retailer

Oklahoma's flag has an exotic pipe featured; but is it legal to sell?
  In these times of Oklahoma's economic freefall, state & municipal law enforcement are adding to the crisis.
  For the 2nd time in as many months  they raided a licensed retailer and seized most of his inventory and operating cash.
  Their stated justification is that someone might use his products to get high. The merchant sells pipes of various designs.

Where does it end?

  •  The matches and lighters at the town grocer were never raided.
  • The copper tubing at the hardware store was not confiscated. 
  •   The Demoral at the pharmacy  is still on sale.
  •   Craft glue at the hobby shop and gasoline at the station can still be purchased at record low prices...
  But pipes are raided repeatedly, based on their imagery, rather than functionality.
  It's like outlawing an AR-15 rifle, but not the Browning 30-06 (which is far more lethal).
  Then net result is that state budgets keep getting smaller as sale tax collections continue to constrict.
  But law enforcement is now turning even more to Asset Forfeiture to fund themselves for further warfare against Oklahomans.
  Nothing encourages online shopping as much as when a patron fears a police raid on his home, simply because he bought a hookah pipe as a Christmas gift at a local merchant. And nothing shrinks sales tax collections as much as online shopping does. 
Read the story at Red Dirt Report:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Our ISIS Problem Starts In Congress

"Circumventing the Constitution is not being faithful.  It’s being
unfaithful.  It’s breaking an oath.  It’s forsaking a duty." - Jarrin Jackson
The following is an except from a 3-part essay from Jarrin Jackson.

Why the Buck Starts in the House

  The short answer is that the ISIS problem tying our country in knots is because people do not understand war.  What they understand is a political concoction used to resolve conflict in the least disagreeable way.  In other words, war has become an exercise in political correctness.
  The Constitution gives Congress the authority to declare war (Art. 1, Sec. 8).  Yet Congress has not done that since 1942.  Instead, there has been the use of military force started, more or less, by the President, and tolerated, more or less, by the Congress.
The difference between war and the use of military force is more than wordplay.  War requires an enemy be identified.  Using military force does not.  War ends with victory or defeat.  Using military force does not.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Watching For 'White Smoke' From A Texas Ranch

  Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, made an early attempt to unite fellow Christian Leaders to get behind one presidential campaign. On Dec. 7th he arranged a secret meeting, but no consensus was to emerge on that day.

  Since the Dec. 7 meeting, endorsements have been announced by influential figures such as James Dobson, a radio host who founded Focus on the Family; Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage; and Bob Vander Plaats, head of the Iowa Family Leader organization.

December 28th

 Tom Hamburger of the Washington Post says the next gathering will take place a few days after Christmas at a remote ranch in central Texas, where Cruz, his wife and several key financial backers will visit with some of the country’s most prominent evangelical leaders for private conversations and a public rally.

  Some of the 100 or so leaders flying to the ranch owned by conservative billionaire Farris Wilks are still considering other candidates, including Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.), who also is maneuvering to be the Trump alternative. But in recent weeks, Cruz has outpaced his rivals in the race to line up religious conservative support.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Oklahoma Conservatives Betrayed By Delegation

  Angry conservative lawmakers are howling about the massive spending bill signed into law Friday – slamming the party's leadership for pushing through a "bad deal" that'll only anger voters "fed up with the Washington cartel."

  While President Barack Obama and congressional leaders – including newly minted House Speaker Paul Ryan – defended the bipartisan deal hiking spending across government and extending a host of special interest tax breaks, critics sounded a starkly different note.

"I think this omnibus was a betrayal of the men and women who elected us," Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz said Friday.
"I think this omnibus was a betrayal of the men and women who elected us. It was Republican leadership playing Santa Claus to the lobbyists … and the special interests, and it's why people are fed up with the Washington cartel."

"I think this omnibus was a betrayal of the men and women who elected us," - Ted Cruz
Alabama GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions echoed Cruz's portrayal of the deal as a "betrayal" of the trust conservative voters put in GOP leaders last year, adding that Congress should have at the very least reigned in Obama's refugee resettlement plan.

"There is a reason that GOP voters are in open rebellion," Sessions told The Washington Times.

Louisiana GOP Rep. John Fleming, in a radio interview prior to his "no" vote on the deal,
derided the legislation as "a laundry list of things that are not on it... and things that shouldn't be in it," calling it a "bad deal."

Read the full article in

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Sooner Politics Expands to Television & Radio

The SoonerPolitics channel, on Roku

Oklahoma Political News & Events on your television - on demand

  The printed word only gives us a portion of the whole story. Oklahoma's conservatives are producing telecasts, Radio shows, And coverage of major political events all over the Sooner State. These journalistic endeavors are best presented in multimedia devices. So we turned to Roku as an open-source set top device which turns any TV into a limitless 'cable network' of sorts.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fitzpatrick Uses Challenge To His Advantage In Sheriff Race

The Tulsa World published this pic of Jackson arguing
his case at the Tulsa Election Board. Fitzpatrick
(foreground) and his attorney waited to rebut the charges.
  Tulsa Sheriff candidate, John Fitzpatrick received a unanimous vote from the panel which heard the case brought by rival, Jason Jackson, this morning.  In a previous interview, Fitzpatrick even went so far as to challenge the capacity of Jason Jackson to uphold the state statutes prudently.

Bridenstine's Measure Brings Relief For Oklahoma's Oil Producers

  The Oklahoma economy may soon get some free-market relief from the current recession.

Congressional negotiators are sending the White House an emergency massive authorization bill which the president needs to sign, in order to avert a federal agency budget crisis.
 Senator Ted Cruz and Oklahoma's Jim Bridenstine have been pushing
hard for this development. They introduced this measure in a bill, last June.
  While many oklahoma conservatives are cringing at the process (tacking it on as a rider to an unrelated bill), they are jubilant about one aspect. USA's oil would be able to be sold on the world market.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Trump's Triad Embarrassment

When A Lack Of Washington Jargon Competency Becomes Apparent. 

  Donald Trump was discovered to be ignorant in Washington-speak, last night at the Republican Presidential Debate.
  Hugh Hewitt asked him of his commitment to the "Triad" of our nuclear defence. After Hugh followed up, Trump's 2nd reply was obviously showing his ignorance.Then Marco Rubio "explained for those at home", what the Triad is. He went on to mention the 3-part strategy of missile silos, bomber jets, and submarines.
  But should we be surprised? Donald is an outsider and proud of it. A big part of his support comes from the fact that he's not heavily invested in the world of the beltway.
  Will Rogers famously said that "all of us are ignorant, but just on different subjects".

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Big Mo! Cruz Is Way Out Front In Iowa.

    A prominent evangelical leader in Iowa has endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz's presidential campaign as the Texas Republican's campaign continues to gain momentum. 

  The Des Moines Register has released their latest poll numbers tabulated just prior to the crucial endorsement from the head of THE FAMILY LEADER, of Senator Ted Cruz.
  As it did in '08 and '12 with Huckabee and Santorum, this key evangelical leader's endorsement has led to a massive shift in the Iowa Republican polling.  Cruz leads Trump by 10 points, followed by Carson and Rubio in 4th.

A War That Will Destroy The GOP

  Rand Paul said on Friday that, if the Republican establishment tries to block an outsider candidate from winning the party’s nomination through a brokered convention, “there’ll be war within the party and they’ll destroy the party.”
  Boston radio host Jeff Kuhner asked Paul what he thought of a Washington Post story that reported key figures within the Republican party are preparing for a contested convention in which, the story said, “the GOP’s mainstream wing could coalesce around an alternative” to Donald Trump, who continues to lead primary polls.

  Paul, who is polling toward the bottom of the Republican presidential field, expressed strong opposition to the plan.
“If the establishment tries to block an outsider from winning the nomination, there’ll be war within the party and they’ll destroy the party,”
  “If the establishment tries to block an outsider from winning the nomination, there’ll be war within the party and they’ll destroy the party,” he said.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Ted Cruz Grabs Iowa's Top Endorsement

The Ted Cruz train rolls on in Iowa.

Slate Magazine reports-
  The GOP hopeful on Thursday picked up the highly coveted endorsement of Bob Vander Plaats, an Evangelical leader who heads an influential social conservative advocacy group in the state. "At the end of the day, we truly believe that Ted Cruz is the most consistent and principled conservative who has the ability to not only win Iowa but I believe to win the (Republican) nomination," Vander Plaats, the president of the Family Leader, told the Des Moines Register.

Osborn Drops Out Of Speaker's Race

  Rep. Leslie Osborn announced this week that she has decided to end her campaign to become the next Speaker Of The Oklahoma House Of Representatives. 

She said;
December 10, 2015
RE: Speakers Election 
Dear Friends and Colleagues:
  I wanted to reach out to you and the caucus today on the subject of the Speaker Election. The upcoming 2016 legislative session looks to be exceptionally busy with re-election filings, an overwhelming budget scenario, and the ongoing Speaker race. It is my belief that the longer the Speaker race continues the more divisive it will be to caucus unity as well as an unneeded distraction from the budget focus....

Sorting through the choices for Tulsa's next Sheriff

  So many names and details are floating around media circles. We decided to create a little "cheat-sheet" chart to help citizens sort out the many candidates being talked about.  We welcome reader feedback on this project. It needs to be a collaborative effort. 
 We utilized the research of Lori Fullbright and Corey Jones and look for other pertinent records and data.
  The filing period was earlier this week and no more candidates are allowed to file, per state statute.
 Candidates may now challenge the legitimacy of their opponents filing and fitness, under the law. So far Jason Jackson is seeking to thin the crowd by challenging 3 foes. Other concerns have also been discussed in various media postings.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fitzpatrick Denounces Charges By Jackson, In Sheriff Race

Background Article: Jackson Charges Some Rivals As Ineligible To Run

  Officer John Fitzpatrick, of the Tulsa PD Reserve, quickly responded to allegations regarding his police training and certification requirements for the office of Tulsa County Sheriff.
  In a phone interview, Fitzpatrick went on to call into question Jackson's fitness to lead, based upon his selective and partial reading of just some statutory language which has led to his misinformed and ill-advised filing of an official challenge to Fitzpatrick's candidacy.
 "Jackson wasted $250 to file this challenge and I now have to waste my valuable time and $250 of my own money to defend myself".

Trump Selects Controversial Tulsan To Run Oklahoma Campaign

  The Tulsa World reports that former governor Frank Keating's twin brother, Dan Keating, is the co-chair of the Trump For President Oklahoma campaign.
  Tulsan Dan Keating was announced Tuesday as a co-chairman for Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s efforts in Oklahoma. Keating is president of Summit Consolidated Group. He is the brother of former Gov. Frank Keating.
   In 2013 Dan Keating campaigned for Democrat multi-millionaire, Kathy Taylor; in a general election against Republican, Dewey Bartlett jr.
  Keating said he is supporting Trump because he believes the country is in big trouble.
“I don’t think Republicans have done a good job of trying to straighten it out,” Keating said.

Tulsa Sheriff Candidate Charges Some Rivals As Ineligible

Updated: Fitzpatrick Responds

  Jenks Police Officer, Jason Jackson, charges some of his fellow candidates with conspiracy to violate the election laws and doubts their doubts their certification to serve in office.
  It seems the state requires that a sheriff actually has law enforcement training and certification. Jackson contends that some candidates are not current or have the wrong certification.

   Here is his statement:

Jackson Contests Three Sheriff Candidates' Eligibility; Calls on Remaining Candidates to Release CLEET Records

Tulsa, OK,  Dec. 10, 2015– GOP candidate and Jenks Police Sergeant Jason Jackson filed paperwork today to contest the candidacy of three candidates who have filed for Tulsa County Sheriff - John Fitzpatrick, Arthur Jackson, and Henry Jones, and is calling on the remaining candidates to publicly release their CLEET(Council on Law Enforcement Education & Training) records to confirm they are qualified to run for Tulsa County Sheriff.
"The law is crystal clear about the qualifications to run for Tulsa County Sheriff," said Jackson.  "And three candidates are in violation of the law."

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Republicans Champion Minority Rights

January 1st is Emancipation Day
By Corey Perry: 

I am a Republican because of my conservative values both socially and fiscally, there’s no in-between for me!

  I would like to address ONE seeming misconception about the “party” I am a member of, the Republican Party. Over time and most recently with the announcement of my political endeavors, I have been presented with the question “how are you Republican and a black man, given the history of the party as it pertains to blacks in America?” Let me say this, I am a Republican because of my conservative values both socially and fiscally, there’s no in-between for me! The Republican party isn’t perfect, because it is a party made up of imperfect people, yet it is a party that strives to do good works that the PEOPLE believe is best for this country. I believe that other parties in this country believe and strive for the same, we just may be on different sides of an issue(s), it’s really that simple. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said in The Theologians Tale;... “Do thy duty; that is best; Leave unto The LORD the rest.

Theodore King: OKC Snuffing Out Reason

By Theodore King. Reprinted with permission
911: Nine one one, what’s your emergency?
OKC resident: There’s someone smoking a cigarette in Bluff Creek Park!
: We’ll get a squad car out there right away.

  This may sound silly, but if Oklahoma CIty Ward 4 Councilman Pete White has his way, this could happen - calling the cops to stop a smoker in a public park! On December 8, Councilman White will propose an new ordinance for Oklahoma City making it illegal to smoke tobacco on all city property, including parks! Councilman White makes an exception for city golf courses and sidewalks. The reason for the exemption on golf courses is golfers tend to be affluent and prefer cigars. And sidewalks will be exempt as it’s difficult to enforce for sidewalks.

First-hand Accounts Of The 'Refugees' Flooding Europe

By NATO Officer, Joe Newhouse, United States Navy Reserve -
  Reporters and refugees have an unspoken arrangement: children are to be brought forth when the cameras turn on. This benefits the refugees because their plight is advertised in greatest sympathy, and this benefits the media because it dramatizes their story and furthers their narrative. International media broadcasts these images with the implication that the compassionate, Christian response is to allow the refugees in. That children are experiencing hardship is an undeniable truth. As is often the case, however, we are being fed a partial truth. There is much more to the story.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Five State Reforms Of Asset Forfeiture

Principled Reforms on Civil Asset Forfeiture:

By David Van -  There has been much debate about the practice of cops and prosecutors taking property from individuals and corporations based on only a notion that the property may have been utilized for committing a crime, or exists as the fruits of the criminal activity.

Five Reforms

  1. We can't have each county and city running this cash cow using their own unique rules. A statewide set of rules needs to be created and the state needs to hold all law enforcement agencies accountable.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

OKGOP State Committee Debates Gun Free Zones

By Kenny Bob Tapp - 
  I am very proud of my brother, Daniel Watts and Logan Co. GOP Chair Ric Moore for standing up for the individual inalienable right to self defense at yesterday's Oklahoma Republican Party State Committee meeting. Wish I could have been there to support their stellar efforts!
  I Was very disappointed to hear that 1/4 of the Republican State Committee members at the end of the meeting opposed the 2nd Amendment. Republicans, especially Oklahoma Republicans should have unanimously supported such a vote.

A Cannabinoid Medical Breakthrough

  I've watched to many relatives die slowly and painfully from cancer.  Morphine ended up being the last medication they turned to in their intense pain.
  Imagine if the govt. had made Morphine illegal, arguing that it's just Opium? And imagine if the Opium had some derivatives that actually cured ailments and recovered health?
  Well, there are derivatives of Hemp which have great capabilities to restore health and bring relief from many serious ailments; yet lawmakers lack the courage or knowledge needed to get out of the way of our medical professionals who administer medications for the benefit of the suffering patients who seek relief and healing.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Presidential Hopefuls Begin Filing For Oklahoma Primary

Every state has a filing period.
Oklahoma's is in early December. 

Monday, Dec. 7th is the first day of the Oklahoma Election Board's 3-day filing period.

  By statute, the candidates seeking access to the Oklahoma presidential primary must file with the state election board during the 3 announced days, in early December.
  This may not be the national photo-op that it is in New Hampshire, but several media outlets will have correspondents staying in touch with the election board.
   In 2012, some upstart campaigns almost missed the opportunity to be on the ballot because they lacked the national campaign staff to keep up with the election laws of all 50 states. Senator Rick Santorum won the Republican primary in Oklahoma, but even his campaign failed to plan for the Oklahoma Super Tuesday filing window.  One mutual friend of Santorum and myself, took the 'last-minute' initiative to contact Santorum and offer to fill out the paperwork and provide the check on his behalf.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Washington Post: Gun Violence Declining, Except in Gun-Free Zones

  Breitbart News previously pointed to this decline and explained it correlated with a massive increase in privately owned firearms over the same period of time. For example, Congressional Research Service showed that the number of privately owned firearms increased from 192 million in 1994 to 310 million in 2009. And record background checks under Obama make it easy to see how tens of millions more privately owned guns have found their way into Americans’ hands since 2009.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Calls For Arizona Armed Citizens Posse

Draw your weapons. 

  That's what Sheriff Joe Arpaio is urging nearly a quarter-million Arizona gun owners to do to fight terrorism and mass shooters.
  On Tuesday, the so-called "Toughest Sheriff in America" said he cannot guarantee the public's safety and called on them to take matters into their own hands if necessary.
"I'm just talking about the areas where you have large crowds and someone pulls out the gun and starts shooting. Maybe somebody with a concealed weapon takes the guy down," Arpaio said.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Trump Is Stuck In A Reality TV Narrative

  Donald Trump is still insisting that CNN needs to pay him $5 Million to participate in the upcoming Republican Presidential Debate, on Dec. 15th (or make a $10M donation to charity). Breitbart News reports that the self-made promoter is increasing the rhetoric of his importance to the CNN TV event.
  Trump's art of hardball negotiating television deals for his reality tv appearances appears to be upstaging his own effort to advocate for national government reform.
  Could this backfire on Trump's image as a statesman for political reform? More than a few have observed that Trump appears to be defying certain 'laws' of politics. This could be just another  instance of political rules not applying to Trump. And yet, many political handlers dismiss this $5 million dollar trick as just a pre-debate trick to continue his hype-based campaign and underscore his celebrity narcissism.