Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Stuart Jolly Quits The Trump Campaign

  Despite the New York media narrative, the Trump campaign has every appearance of a train coming off the tracks. Lewandowski's hand-picked team seems to be systematically being replaced and subverted.
  The Trump Regional Director, Stephanie Milligan, was elevated from Oklahoma State Director, after the Super Tuesday events.
No word yet, on just how far the ripples of this top-level departure will be felt.
Politico had this juicy bit of news..
"One operative who has worked with the campaign and was briefed on the changes said “Stuart will not work with Rick Wiley. It just wasn’t going to happen.” The operative added that the change had sparked particular concern among the campaign’s field staff, many of whom were hired by Jolly and maintained close contact with him — a rarity on a campaign with a reputation for top-down communication."

PictureTrump & Jolly, in New Hampshire
  Former Oklahoma Director for Americans For Prosperity, Stuart Jolly, has suddenly quit the Trump Campaign in protest.  Stuart was elevated from regional to national field director, after the Super Tuesday contests. Now, he may be coming home.

  The Red State News site said:

Not that you’d know that from this Politico headline: “Trump orders new campaign hierarchy, spending plan.”  To be fair, that in itself is news, as is the new twenty million May/June budget being reported… but possibly it is just as newsworthy that Trump’s national field director Stuart Jolly quit today rather than be transferred over to work for Rick Wiley (best known for his disastrous turn as Scott Walker’s national campaign manager).  Jolly was a Corey Lewandowski (Trump’s embattled beleaguered campaign manager) loyalist, and Lewandowski is himself steadily being supplanted by new head Trump yes-guy Paul Manafort. Honestly, that this quitting will roil Trump’s existing state campaign staffs at a critical moment in the campaign should be a story of its own; we’ll see if anybody picks up on it.

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