Monday, March 30, 2015

Wesselhoft Being Asked To Abdicate House Committee Duties Over To A GOP Party Committee

Rep. Paul Wesselhoft, Chairman of House Elections and Ethics Committee
  So now that Chairman Weston's SB233 primary bill is in jeopardy, he claims that the House Elections and Ethics Committee must pass the bill in order give the State Committee an opportunity to voice their preference.
 Never mind that Weston had 2 years to convene the governing body for this issue, and instead he sought to sneak the bill through with smoke & mirrors.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

GOP Chair Candidate Forum Brings Unity Message To Tulsa

Tulsa 912 Project Hosts Forum

Former Senator, Randy Brogdon, and Republican Women President,
 Pam Pollard, honor the efforts of conservative groups in Oklahoma
  The Tulsa 912 Project hosted a Saturday morning pancake breakfast and forum for candidates running for the chairmanship of the OKGOP.  Former Vice Chairman, Pam Pollard attended along with her husband and family friends.  Former Senator, Randy Brogdon also attended this event. Chairman David Weston declined his invitation.   The candidates gave opening statements, then the moderator, Tulsa 912 President, Ronda Vuillemont-Smith; coordinated questions from the full room of attendees.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

UPDATED: Keep Oklahoma Relevant In 2016, Don't Change The Primary Date!

On the first hearing date, Sooner Politics
publisher, David Van Risseghem testified to
the committee and the measure was then
tabled by the sponsor.
  Election Secretary, Paul Ziriax looks on.

Sooner Politics opposes the ill-conceived notion to leave the Super Tuesday Regional Primary Event.

SB233, currently in the House Elections & Ethics Committee, would vacate Oklahoma's key role in choosing the next presidential nominees.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Reagan's Toast To The Irish

President Reagan's 1988 surprise visit to an Irish Pub
 On St. Patrick's Day, 1988; President Ronald Reagan made an unannounced stop at the end of his daily duties.. He went across the Potomac to visit a lively little Irish tavern called "Ireland's Own". the owner, Pat Troy, is a staunch Republican.

  When the secret service finished a quick sweep of the establishment, the motorcade arrived and "the Gipper" strolled in to have a beer with the local patrons.
  After Troy roused the crowd with Irish songs, Reagan took the stage. 
"When I was a little boy, my father proudly told me that the Irish built the jails in this country,"
 Reagan said. 
"Then they proceeded to fill them."

David Van Risseghem

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Monday, March 16, 2015

OU Earthquake Scandal: Are There Efforts To Silence The Researchers?

Geologist, Austin Holland - Oklahoma Geological Services' Earthquake Specialist

 There is a growing body of evidence pointing to a possible cover up of a link between new petroleum production techniques, and the massive upswing of earthquakes in the naturally placid Oklahoma plains. 

  Energywire has published a bombshell report linking the Oklahoma Geological service at the University of Oklahoma, to an alleged effort of powerful industry figures. And a moneytrail seems to consistent with the suggestion. The focus surrounds the research and publications of the OGS researcher, Austin Holland, and the meetings which OU president, David Boren, has called him to, along with Harold Hamm of Continental Resources.

Workers inspect damage to one of the spires
at St. Gregory's University in Shawnee.
   Boren has reportedly been paid over a quarter million dollars as a member of the board of Continental Resources. There appears to be a conflict of interest which could taint the integrity of OU research and the potential fallout could cause the university to lose research grants in several areas. Harold Hamm has directed tens of millions of dollars in gifts to the university.

  Meanwhile, widespread effects of the quakes have been felt all around Oklahoma, and damages are progressively evident. In response, the OGS has been looking into lakewater levels as somehow being the cause.

  Here's just a clip of the Energywire article...

The right thing

  In a media outing earlier this year, Holland acknowledged to reporters from the Tulsa World, The New York Times and The Washington Post that the industry has tried to influence his work.
"I can't really talk about it," 
 Holland told the reporters. 
"We're going to do the right thing."
"You don't understand --
Harold Hamm and others will not
allow me to say certain things."
  But Bob Jackman says Holland did talk about it last year and indicated that it was Hamm who was leaning on him.
  Jackman is a Tulsa petroleum geologist who has made himself a thorn in the side of Oklahoma's establishment on issues such as earthquakes. In an opinion journal article last year, Jackman described approaching Holland about earthquakes after a conference in September.
  Jackman said he pressed him about earthquakes until Holland blurted out, 
"You don't understand -- Harold Hamm and others will not allow me to say certain things."
  Holland told EnergyWire that Jackman had misquoted a private conversation, but declined to clarify it. Jackman said he wrote down Holland's words immediately, and stands by his recollection.
  OGS's position on the cause of the earthquakes has drawn derision, even from within the agency.
  In April 2013, another OGS scientist, petroleum geologist Richard Andrews, said in a note to a family member on his agency email account that OGS shouldn't be telling the public that the earthquakes are naturally occurring.
 "Myself and a few other geologists that know of the Hunton dewatering oil operations in the affected areas and subsequent re-injection into the Arbuckle [are] the culprit," wrote Andrews, who is now the interim director of OGS. "I am dismayed at our seismic people about this issue and believe they couldn't track a bunny through fresh snow!"
Read the full article,here.

  A Tulsa World expose' has also recently followed up on these new pieces of evidence. Some details of these reports question the link of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and especially Patrice Douglas. That article can been read, here.
David Van Risseghem

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Canadian County GOP Convention Recap

Part Four of a four part report on the 2015 Republican County Base

By Guest Contributor, Carrie Krapff, of Yukon
County breakdown: about 63k voters
Republican affiliation: 58%
2012 Republican presidential support: 77%
Canadian County Republican Party Convention

Carrie Krapff
Canadian County GOP Vice Chairman
  The Canadian county Republican party held their convention on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at the South Yukon Church of Christ. Coffee and donuts were served during registration and at 10:00 a.m. Chairman Robert Hubbard (temporary convention chair) welcomed the delegates and guests to the convention. Jerry Bowser offered a prayer which was followed by the pledge of allegiance. Chairman Hubbard shared highlights of his four years as Chairman and recognized county party activists with which he had worked during his tenure. Christi Jordan, wife of Representative John Paul Jordan, was serenaded with a rendition of “Happy Birthday” and presented a birthday cake.

  Julia Seay, credentials committee chair, presented the credentials report which indicated that there were 55 delegates present. The report was accepted and unanimously passed. Chairman Robert Hubbard served as the chair of the rules committee and the rules were passed in short order with only one minor revision regarding voting for officers by ballot rather than voice vote.
Yukon, OK; west of the Oklahoma City Metro
  Carrie Krapff was elected as permanent chair of the convention and the convention was called to order. Rodd Moesel served as parliamentarian and Danielle Patterson served as convention secretary.

The delegates elected:
  1. Julia Seay as Chair, 
  2. Carrie Krapff as Vice-Chair, 
  3. Christy Tate and Jason Timm as state committee members, 
  4. Danielle Patterson and Curtis Bold as third district committee members, 
  5. Don Beighle and Ryan Tate as fourth district committee members. 
  The first meeting of the new county executive committee will be held on Monday, March 16, 2015. The delegation was appreciative of all of the candidates who put themselves out there for an The delegation approved and put forth a resolution regarding Advanced Placement U.S. History course work and exams which included the following pertinent language:

Julia Seay
Canadian County GOP Chairman
 Mark Thomas, platform committee chair, presented the platform committee report which was adopted in it’s entirety. 

Highlights of the platform include:
  • Compliance with the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma.
  • The U.S. in a sovereign nation and any policies or treaties which conflict with the U.S.Constitution are null and void.
  • Nullification of unconstitutional laws or actions.
  • The right to life and the rights of parents to make choices for their children.
  • Free expression of religious beliefs including the marriage covenant free of government sanction.
  • Secure borders and the enforcement of immigration law.
  • The constitutional right to bear arms.
  • Support of the U.S. military in lawful missions and constitutionally declared war.
  • Economic policy which reflects free-market principles, sound currency, and fiscally responsible government at all levels including an audit of the Federal Reserve, simplification of the tax codes, and abolition of government favoritism with private sector enterprise.
  • Control of public education by local schools and parents, school choice, and the abolition of the U.S. Department of Education. 
Welcome to Yukon, OK
Federal issues included:
  • a balanced budget, and end to government subsidies to the private sector, 
  • abolition or defunding of the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Education, the TSA, and the EPA,
  • the enactment of term limits,
  • repeal of the Patriot Act, 
  • U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations, 
  • the removal of Congress as a privileged class, 
  • entitlement and welfare reform, 
  • the elimination of fraud and waste, 
  • the suspension of domestic drone surveillance and warrantless date collection, and 
  • the replacement of the Internal Revenue Code with a flat or fair 
State issues include;
  •  the suspension of required biometric ID by the OK Department of Motor Vehicles, 
  • resistance to education curriculum create by means of testing standards, and 
  • the suspension of the collection and sharing of student data.
  Several state legislators addressed the convention including Senator Kyle Loveless, Senator Stephanie Bice, Representative Dan Fisher, Representative Leslie Osborne, and Representative John Paul Jordan. Representative Mike Sanders was in attendance but had left before being called upon to speak if he wished. 

David Van Risseghem
  Randy Brogdon and Pam Pollard, candidates for the position of state chair, also spoke to the delegation and guests regarding their campaign platforms. John Roberts spoke on behalf of and stumped for current state Chairman Dave Weston. The convention adjourned shortly before 12:30 pm. Canadian county republicans always have a good time when they get together and this convention was no exception. People lingered and visited and talked about the issues of the day. Liberty is alive and well in the reddest county of the reddest state in the union and Canadian county republicans plan to “Keep it Conservative”.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Oklahoma County GOP Convention Recap

Part three of a four part report on the 2015 Republican County Base

By Guest Contributor, Porter H Davis, of Oklahoma City
County breakdown: about 384k voters
Republican affiliation: 44%
2012 Republican presidential support: 58%

’ve had a week to reflect on the 2015 OK County Convention held March 7 at Oklahoma County Community College (OCCC). Having barely lost my race for Vice Chair, I wanted to get past the sting of defeat and gather perspective. On the whole, I’m optimistic the county party can become the dynamic grassroots force it was 50 years ago when Al Snipes put the GOP on the Oklahoma political map.
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Porter H Davis
1. What we are doing is NOT working! The elephant in the living room (but not in the convention hall) is that too few people believe participation in the GOP is worth it.Over half the precincts (54%) had NO representation, and most of the others were under-represented. About 350 attended precinct meetings in January and were delegates. After adding about 80 more people, only 262 people were actually credentialed, for 257 precincts. Most people hate politics as usual, and don’t see that their participation can make a difference. Little that happened Saturday would change their minds.
2. The convention was poorly promoted. After the precinct meetings January 27, I saw nothing from the county party promoting the convention. Maybe half the listed delegates I called were unaware, or unsure, of the date and location. The Lincoln-Reagan dinner scheduled for two days before had such an abysmal sign up that it was postponed until May 7.
3. Many elected officials were AWOL, especially those who are not up for election in 2016. The same goes for ex-elected officials (I counted three ex-legislators, including myself) and ex-party officers.Something is wrong when that many seasoned veterans are uninvolved in this precarious time we live.
4. The predominant themes were unity, diversity, and outreach to new people, especially minorities and young adults. The irony was that we had much more representation in those demographics participating in previous years. There were around 700 people at the 2008 convention, with at least a third under the age of 30. Saturday, I’d guess the average age was around 65, with very few under 30. I saw 1 black, 4 Hispanics and 1 Asian.
5. As usual, there were two apparent factions. The first is proud of the fact that Oklahoma is the “reddest of the red states,” marked by the decisive, growing GOP dominance. “Our party this”, and “our party that” were dominant themes. The other was decidedly more activist/grassroots oriented. Their theme was more about building the grassroots and returning the GOP to its stated foundational principles: limited government, individual liberty, personal moral responsibility, and natural law. As these are brought together in a unified effort, the GOP will be able to change Oklahoma for the better.
6. There has been no massive ideological conversion by the legislature to the OK GOP’s foundational principles. The shift has been accomplished more by the combination of term limits and the revulsion of Oklahomans to Obama and other national Democrats. Opportunistic politicians now register Republican and mouth conservative rhetoric. Fifteen years ago many of them would have been Democrats. Republicans have sponsored all the outrageous bills that the liberty-loving grassroots have been fighting in recent years.
7. The State Chamber of Commerce has become a more aggressive, overt player.Indeed, the only slate to appear originated with a long-time Chamber lobbyist. From their backroom deal that created HB 1017 for Oklahoma’s last major tax increase in 1990, to their support for Common Core and industry subsidies and favors, to their recruitment and heavy funding of candidates, the Chamber has replaced the OEA as the major force in Oklahoma politics. As one example, their new Senator Yen introduced a bill to make all vaccines mandatory, a basic violation of individual liberty.
8. The best measure of the strength of these two factions probably lies in my own race for Vice Chair. My platform was aimed at building up the grassroots as a strong force to hold state and local elected officials accountable. I also promoted unity and outreach, as well as openness, transparency and integrity in the entire process. I got almost 49% of the vote.
9. Oklahoma County has some rising stars. I’ll mention only two, partly because I was preoccupied with my campaign during the speakers. Randy Grau, my State Rep, is polished in every way with a positive energy for reform of basic processes and values. And Estela Hernandez, running for State Vice Chair, energized the crowd with her passion sharing many of the basic themes of the convention. This smart, attractive entrepreneur and mother of three, could have a big impact on the party. I have yet to hear of an opponent.
10. This convention was the least overtly contentious and smoothest run since I began attending again in 2008. The credentialing process ran smoothly, due in part to the small number of delegates. There was no platform fight. Unfortunately, it was close to noon before we got to the main order of business. There has to be a better way.
11. I expect great things from the new County Chair, Daren Ward. He ran on a unity platform and has expressed great support for the solution to many of our problems — building the grassroots through precinct town meetings. He even wants to hold quarterly meetings of the County Committee, composed of the chairs and vice chairs of each precinct. This has not been done in recent history. He appears to have the integrity, determination and skills to make it happen. I will do my best to help him be successful in this effort.
12. Evelyn McCoy, new Vice Chair, brings a lot of experience and skills to the table. As a member of the Executive Committee, I’ve been impressed particularly with the amazing work her team is doing in the Hispanic community. Going far beyond politics, they are serving that part of our community helping people learn English as a second language, as well as helping them navigate the naturalization process. She has some great ideas for reform. I look forward to helping her establish active precinct organizations in the neighborhoods she serves so they can get the representation they need.
13. We have a great opportunity to make Oklahoma County an example for the rest of the state. The GOP has the foundational principles which, if correctly and consistently applied to public policy, can transform Oklahoma into a beacon of freedom and prosperity for the rest of the nation. Our county can help lead the way.
14. The key is to develop the grassroots into a strong political and social force. We can do that by establishing regular, meaningful town meetings in each precinct. I believe so much in their potential to help solve our problems that I launched an independent effort towards this end at the start of the year. Please check it out at Plans are already under way to start regular precinct town meetings in Precinct 111, which I chair. The plan is to meet monthly, with high quality content for information and training, with live-streaming and video archives. Our goal is to increase participation, GOP membership and adherence to our foundational principles.
15. I want to thank all who attended the convention. Many people served on the rules, credentials and platform committees, as well as registration, security and arrangements. Out-going Vice Chair Cheryl Williams did a great job managing the event. And thanks to those who have volunteered to serve, as well as those who did, but weren't elected to the offices.
David Van Risseghem
16. Other officers elected are: State Committeeman: Ronn Cupp
  • State Committeewoman: Sylvia Morales
  • District 4 Committeewoman: Valorie J. Filippo
  • District 4 Committeeman: Jerome Montgomery
  • District 5 Committeeman: Scott Chance
  • District 5 Committeeman: Paul Sublett

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rand Paul Grows The GOP With Message That Black America Supports

Breitbart News reports on a consistent trend of Rand Paul's college tours.

  Senator Paul has spent much of the last 5 years traveling to colleges across America, including historic black colleges.
  Here's a recap of the recent event at Maryland's Bowie State University:
BOWIE, Maryland — Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was a hit speaker on the campus of Bowie State University on Friday, earning several rounds of applause and a standing ovation for the conservative message he delivered to a predominantly liberal audience at the historically black university—part of an outreach effort to traditionally non-Republican communities the senator and potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate has been engaged in nationwide for the five-plus years he’s been in the U.S. Senate. Read more
David Van Risseghem

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Oklahoma Pays Her Legislators Handomely

Sooner State Ranks 16th In Legislative Compensation

  While Oklahoma's state workers and public school teachers relentlessly complain that the legislature doesn't provide comparable salaries, compared to other states, One chart lists Oklahoma at #16 in the nation. Nearly $40,000 per year plus a $153 per day (per diem) compensation for housing, travel, and meals while in session (4 months).
Texas, by contrast; pays their legislators just $7,200 annually, plus  $150 per diem. Arkansas pays less than $16,000 and $148 per diem
Rep. Jason Murphey, of Guthie, OK
   Rep. Jason Murphey has loudly protested the high pay and has publicly renounced the indulgence by donating more than 20% of his own salary to a medical charity in his district.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Marriage Freedom Bill Passes Oklahoma House

State moves to end licensing marriages, but institute Certificates.

   The new marriage CERTIFICATE does not require any clergy, or even witnesses. The partners simply file their marriage at the County Clerk's office and sign the affidavit. But for those who wish to add a judicial or clergy confirmation, can take the form to their ceremony and bring it back with the official's signature.
  The big news is that it's no longer a license . Because the state has no authority to grant permission for marriage, any more than other contractual partnerships.
  This also resumes the "common-law" rights that the Oklahoma legislature wrongfully banned 8 years ago.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Book Review: The Last American President

Searching For Our Ideal Leaders, Becomes A Search For Our Ideal Government

Reviewer's Note: I rarely consent to writing book reviews of novels. Mostly because novels take a great deal of personal commitment and if the first 2 chapters don't capture my interest, then neither the author, his publishers, my readers, nor I will be happy with the review or the effort spent to write or read the review, much less the novel.

  Author, Richard Engle, takes us from the the very beginning of a young man's pure and earnest desire to be a good leader; and gives us the hope that such an American still exists

  Alan Cassell is the young man who gets elected as a county commissioner in Crawford County, Kansas. Mostly, the content citizens are delighted at the youthfulness of this recent college grad from the local Pittsburg State University. The novel starts with his clumsy but lucky effort to capture the heart of a Wichita girl who recently dazzled the judges to win the title of Miss Kansas.
 The young couple truly become the ideal political dream that every political handler hopes will come along in their lifetime. Most handlers just settle for inventing this narrative, but one County GOP chairman actually found such a candidate, and got to shepherd him, every step of the way.

County GOP Convention Reports: Cleveland County

Part two of a four part report on the 2015 Republican County Base

By Guest Contributor, John Greening, of Moore
County breakdown: about 141k voters
Republican affiliation: 47%
2012 Republican presidential support: 63%

Cleveland County GOP

  We had much lower than usual turnout at my county convention this year, due to the weather.  The first half of the convention went smoothly for the most part.  We had an outstanding keynote address by Steve Fair, Stephens County State Committeeman, and other convention business went through without incident.

John Greening - Cleveland County GOP
  When it came time for the election of county officers, there was only one contested race.  The gentleman who had announced that he was running for Vice Chair sometime prior, had a challenger put forth from the floor.  This led to a bit of discussion regarding the rules, as the intention to run had not been presented to the proper people by the appointed deadline.  However, it was determined that their could be a race, due to the weather and possibly other factors.

Monday, March 9, 2015

County GOP Convention Reports: Bryan County

Bryan County, on the southern border of Olahoma

Part one of a four part report on the 2015 Republican County Base

By Guest Contributor, Holly Gerard, of Durant
County breakdown: about 22k voters
Republican affiliation: 23%
2012 Republican presidential support: 72%

The Bryan County GOP Convention

Holly Gerard - Bryan County GOP
With 19 delegate voted allotted for the state convention, Bryan County Republicans are looking forward to continuing to build our voice in both our local area and within the state GOP. Our county is in a great place right now a place that perhaps 'larger GOP' counties don't get to enjoy - locally we are reminded literally every day that we are all in the trenches together working to grow the Republican brand here in Little Dixie.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tulsa GOP Endorsement: Ronda Vuillemont-Smith for County Chair

  I just received a very informative message from a candidate for chairman of the Tulsa County GOP. It came from a very respected leader in conservative political circles: Ronda Vuillemont-Smith.
  Ronda starts out with a very informative point. One that is very inconvenient to some county party factions. Here is her opening letter, sent to me and to all other precinct leaders:
March 4, 2015

I congratulate you for your dedication to Republican Party leadership, in the Tulsa County Republican Party. Active precincts are essential to building a vital and effective county GOP effort. As members of the Tulsa GOP County Committee, your precinct chairman and vice chairman serve an essential role in determining the direction and policies of the county GOP. The Tulsa County GOP will be strengthened by the leadership your precinct lends to the County Committee.
  The Tulsa GOP COUNTY COMMITTEE (made up of every Precinct Chair & Vice Chair) is an all-but-disbanded part of the county organization.
  Why is that?  Perhaps because the County Committee is the supreme authority of the GOP in the county organization. The chairman of the county party submits to the County Committee. So if there is a chairman who wants to run the Tulsa GOP his own way, he simply resists convening a County Committee meeting. Instead, he only selects his advisory committee (known as the Executive Committee) and claims that the EC has ruling authority (as it was done just last week).
  The Oklahoma GOP Rules (sort of a constitutional document of the party) state:
6(b) County Committee Authority and Duties:
1. The County Committee(CC) of each county is the supreme Republican Party authority of the county, subject to these rules and the direction and control of County Conventions. It is charged with the duty of promoting the welfare and directing and controlling the affairs of the Republican Party in its county.
  But the chair & vice chairs' hand-picked members of the Executive Committee have very few constitutional duties. They are a group of advisers.
7(b) County Executive Committee Authority and Duties:
 The County Executive Committee(EC) shall at all times act in an advisory capacity to the County Chairman and Vice Chairman and shall confer with them and offer such plans and suggestions as will serve and advance the best interests of the welfare of the Party not inconsistent with these rules.
   A power-hungry chairman simply avoids any organization of a County Committee. Then he starts ruling by edict and invalidating entire precincts who don't support him. He encourages his strongest supporters to organize, but makes it very difficult for other precincts to even hold key precinct meetings. This has put the Tulsa GOP in a "Constitutional Crisis" which can best be resolved by a firm commitment from every party office candidate, to return to the foundational structure of the 3 active committees of the permanent County GOP organization. See a full set of the OKGOP Rules
  The first step in your leadership role is to send a strong delegation to the Tulsa County GOP Convention- on March 7th. You will be joined by over 100 other delegations who are tasked with selecting county leadership.
  I am a candidate for Tulsa County GOP Chairman and I ask for your support. I share your dedication to conservative principles, just as I have led several county and state initiatives through my leadership in the Tulsa 912 Project.
   The highest ruling body of the County GOP is the County Convention, itself.  If a precinct and it's members want to be included in key organizational and policy matters, the convention needs to include them. Invalidating a precinct is the highest form of banishment a county can devise. But it risks the invalidation of the entire county GOP leadership because if it is deemed inappropriate, it becomes the grounds to the removal of the entire county GOP leadership who disenfranchised the party members.
    After the convention is over, precincts need a solid commitment from County GOP leaders that the appropriate structure of the party will remain actively engaged and growing the party's organization and influence. If a Candidate for party office can't demonstrate a track record of reliability, honesty, effective leadership and order, find another candidate!

  Here is Ronda's introduction and experience which convinces Sooner Politics that she is the best choice for Tulsa GOP Chairman.
  I founded the Tulsa 912 Project to help reduce the federal government's involvement, influence, and power over our daily lives. Each of my previous civic roles, such as starting and managing my own business, have helped prepare me to become a strong and effective County Chairman. The issues and events of the past decade have brought us to a place where a resolute leader is needed now more than ever before.
  More importantly, we need a leader who builds on common values and concerns, to build effective coalitions.  I have experience building coalitions with various grassroots organizations from across the state- from issue based conferences to the grassroots led Defenders of Liberty Grassroots Activism Awards, I have shown my willingness to work with various groups within the Party while also using leadership and organizational skills to make things happen.
  Together we have an opportunity to create a foundation for the GOP that focuses on reaching minorities, families and the next generation. We can build the GOP from the bottom up to train activists and precinct leaders. Please join with me in advancing the Oklahoma values we know are essential to our party's healthy leadership. 
For Liberty,
Ronda Vuillemont-Smith
P.S.  I'm looking forward to seeing you Saturday, March 7, at the Jenks Performing Arts Center, 205 East B Street, Jenks, OK
   For this reason, The Editor of clearly supports Ronda Vuillemont Smith as the next Chairman of the Tulsa GOP. Here is the remainder of her introductory letter:
  Be sure your full delegation attends the Tulsa GOP Convention and stays involved in proper governance of the Tulsa GOP. We can't afford another 2 years of poor leadership and disregard for party rules.  We need party growth, and that terrifies those who are used to controlling things and answering to no one.
David Van Risseghem