Monday, April 11, 2016

Democrat Sheriff switches to the OKGOP

    Delaware County Sheriff, Harlan Moore, announced to the Delaware County GOP that he is reregistered and running for reelection as a Republican.  He had been a Democrat all his life.  Tonight he announced his campaign to his fellow GOP members at the county monthly GOP meeting.
  Pam Pollard and the state team should be very proud of the Delaware county GOP. they are active, inclusive, and growing very fast.
Delaware County Sheriff, Harlan Moore meets with
' Red To The Roots' leader, Richard Engle.
  Richard Engle has traversed the state extensively and the effort to turn local Oklahoma 'red', is starting to happen.
  The sheriff had a great time sharing his vision for the county and found the GOP grassroots to be very welcoming of him.
  For those who wish to encourage his reelection campaign ; his address is:
Harlan Moore
5641 CR 366
Eucha, OK 74342

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