Friday, December 26, 2014

How To Spot Two-Faced Politicians

 Murphey's Law
  Rep. Jason Murphey enjoys (okay, maybe 'enjoy' is the wrong word) a unique vantage point for ascertaining the true nature of some of his colleagues at the Oklahoma state capitol. This week he shares some insights for the sake of constituents who think a lawmaker' word is his true bond.
  His article is illustrative of the brazen hypocrisy and double-dealing ways of the halls of the legislative building.
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Murpheys Law: Two-faced Politicians
..."The large, faith-based group gave their attention to their speaker, an elected official, who to the casual observer appeared to be an individual of faith, motivated by the right reason and representing the important values for which this group spends much time and energy advocating.

But, those of us who are positioned to carefully observe the day-to-day activities of the political class knew the truth. This particular speaker is an extremely intelligent, shrewd politician who is one of Oklahoma's best at playing the taxpayer-funded political game...

As the chairperson of an important legislative committee, this person isn't content to just raise campaign contributions from one side of the issue, but is instead one of the most skilled politicians at perfecting the art form of shaking down lobbyists from both sides of a given point of view.
I suspect few if any of those who attended the faith-based event on that day had any idea of the facts described herein. They likely returned to their homes convinced of the politician's faith and support for issues of importance to them, completely unaware of the complicated taxpayer-funded game played by this person. But, in reality, they had just witnessed the work of one of Oklahoma's most clever politicians."

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  1. What is odd to me is that the colleagues of the two faced politician don't spill the beans to the local newspapers. Does every politician have something to hide? Afraid to speak up for fear the spotlight will be turned on their corrupt dealings? Or does every politician aspire to become just like the two faced politician? Even Mr. Murphy calls him "intelligent", "shrewd", "skilled", and "clever". I wonder how deeply Mr. Murphy's morals are based because the moral person would call the two faced politician a fraud, conman, and liar. Liars should be called out in simple terms for the despicable trash they are. Just saying what I feel.