Thursday, April 28, 2016

'Libertarian Bill' Passes Legislature


County Commissioner, Marven Goodman reports the news on his social media account:

 " SB896 just passed on a vote of 26-14. It is now going to the governor's desk for the final step.

  SB896 modifies the current requirement that new parties must win 10% of the vote for President or Governor to stay ballot qualified as a recognized political party.

​  This modification lowers that requirement to 2.5%.
  Governor Fallin is expected to sign the bill into law."
  Senator Kyle Loveless and Rep. Jason Murphey are the lead sponsors of the bill.
In talking with Rep. Murphey, he said;

"This legislation brings Oklahoma into the norm of other states, regarding threshold election returns."

  At last weekend's Oklahoma Libertarian State Convention, the delegates were continually referring to this legislative matter. 
  US Senate candidate, Dax Ewbank, said that this kind of reform is essential to the effort for more openness in political discourse. If the Libertarians continually have to jump over the high bar of 10% in their first election cycle, it will result in a very expensive process having to repeat itself perpetually.

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