Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cruz: 'If You Want Me To Win, Support This Slate.'

"If you want to help me, vote for this slate." - Ted Cruz
  Ted Cruz was in Casper Wyoming, today. He was making an effective and passionate case for a strategic move to secure friendly delegates to his cause of winning the party nomination.
  Former 2nd Lady, Liz Cheney, helped his cause in her introduction.

"If You want me to win the nomination, support this slate of delegates." - Ted Cruz

  Cruz wisely knows that even though many delegates are bound on the first ballot, they are not bound in their votes on the Convention Rules and those rules may be more important than the rest of the convention business.
  The convention rules will determine how the nominating process is handled, and how many candidates are allowed to be placed into nomination.
The delegates will also determine what the national platform looks like. Cruz would not want to have to run a general election campaign on a Trump platform. and John Kasich would not want to run on a Cruz platform.
  Also of importance in the Credentials Committee. Any dispute of who are the proper delegation members, will be resolved by this committee's report.

Inside Politics

  This is the inside politics art of getting a national machine working in concert, to a desired end. And right now there's only one candidate who has shown the ability to run an operation like this with any proficiency. Ted Cruz of Texas. In state after state, the Cruz team and the massive army of grassroots, evangelicals, Tea Party activists are taking over the GOP.

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