Saturday, April 9, 2016

Libertarian Candidates Look A Lot Like The Republicans

  Tonight, John Stossel broadcast featured part 2 of a Libertarian Party Presidential Debate. It really had a spooky similarity to the personalities on the republican stage; but a lot more polite.
  Stossel invited 3 candidates whom he determined to be the top of the stack. He apologized to a 4th strong candidate(Darryl Perry) whom he somehow missed in his production decisions.
  First there is a very young and remarkably intelligent Austin Peterson who has every bit of the sharpness and eloquence of Ted Cruz. He clearly makes the most convincing constitutional arguments.
  Then there's the self-made millionaire businessman, John McAfee. John didn't have the annoying ego and pompous condescension of Donald Trump but he had plenty of his own swagger and some fantastic life stories which led a lot of listeners to admire him and feel a personal connection to his passion for liberty.
  Lastly, there's the former Governor with some goofy stage presence, and a rambling way of explaining his policies; but he wants us all to know that he has executive governing experience. Sadly, he has a sour policy of forcing folks into associating with folks they find morally repulsive. Yep, you guessed it; the John Kasich clone, former governor, Gary Johnson.

  The three of them rarely got even close to contentious with each other. Othen they built upon each other's strong policy arguments and added emphasis to each other's points. there were no whiners on the stage, no one called someone ugly, impotent, phony, or worse yet; a statist!
  They all seem to be more appealing candidates than Ron Paul with his lovably yet goofy persona of a college civics professor.
  The Blaze also wrote a great primer for the Libertarian Debate. Read it here.
The first part of the debate can be viewed, here.

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