Sunday, November 29, 2015

Consolidating County School Districts Saves Millions Yearly

An updated article from January 2015. 

A Tale Of Two Counties: Carter & Tulsa

It is often somewhat hard to conceptualize the effect of restructuring Oklahoma's 531 public school districts. to that end, Sooner Politics' researchers  sampled two very stark contrasts in educational administration.
Owasso is a growing city in the far outreaches of Tulsa County. Their 11 schools are a part of one district with 9600 students and a very good superintendent who makes a very good salary. His teachers perform well in the classroom and state testing demonstrates  it through standardized testing.

  Carter County, on the other hand; has 9 school districts ranging from the 3000+ in Ardmore Public Schools, to districts as small as 200 students total. The 9300 students are spread throughout the county. Nine superintendents share the load and earn a combined $730K per year. The students score a very average result in standardized tests.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Tulsa Markets A Tax Increase With Sailboats, Lighthouses, and Resorts

Get ready for Tulsa's Next marketing blitz for bigger government and crony capitalism. Vision2025 needs more money

  Within weeks, Tulsa's city council and the mayor will be making a visionary pitch for an expanded and oppressive tax to benefit the chosen few. And this time they will bring the sailboats back.
  In the early 1980s, The notion of a massive special tax was promoted in the Tulsa newspapers using make-believe ideas that the Arkansas River would become a massive urban lake adjacent to the downtown and Brookside neighborhoods. And the sailboats were suggested as a virtual reality, if Tulsa dug deep and gave over 1% more of all their disposable income.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

17 Oklahoma earthquakes of 2.6 magnitude or greater recorded since Thursday's 4.7

View a live interactive quake map, here:
 The Tulsa World compiled a chart of the quakes within the past 48 hours. You can follow their updated coverage here.    Oklahoma's Corporation Commission is now stepping up their powers of shutting down or restricting injection well activity. (a process of forcing waste water back into dormant wells so as to push oil to adjacent production wells)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Editorial: Quarantined Students In Columbine

Traumatized children fleeing Columbine High School, are quickly scanned for weapons, by SWAT teams
  Given the opposition from congress, regarding Kurdish and Christian refugees; how smart is it to allow students evacuate a school campus while terrorists are actively massacring them?  I mean, we might accidentally let loose a terrorist?
  Congress just voted to bar any persecuted Syrian Christians and Kurdish allies from entering the USA because we might let a terrorist loose, accidentally!  And that makes as much sense as chaining the school doors shut and locking the students and faculty inside until all the violence ends.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Strong Earthquake Rocks Oklahoma In the Overnight

M4.7 - 8 miles SW of Cherokee, Oklahoma

In the early morning hours of Nov. 18th, Oklahomans were shaken by a 4.7 magnitude quake centered near the Great Salt Plains Lake, in North Central Oklahoma.
The USGS released the following info:

Earthquakes in the Stable Continental Region

 Induced Seismicity

As is the case elsewhere in the world, there is evidence that some central and eastern North America earthquakes have been triggered or caused by human activities that have altered the stress conditions in earth's crust sufficiently to induce faulting. Activities that have induced felt earthquakes in some geologic environments have included impoundment of water behind dams, injection of fluid into the earth's crust, extraction of fluid or gas, and removal of rock in mining or quarrying operations.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Happy Statehood Day

At 10:16am, Oklahoma became the 46th state in the republic.
  On this date in 1907, Oklahoma joined the other 45 states in the Republic. Before that, it was a land of limited autonomy and several American Indian Nations.
Happy Statehood day! But you are much older than 108 years, Oklahoma. You've been a land of people yearning to be free and stay free.

  From the Osage, Choctaw, Creek, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Apache, Cheyenne, & Seminole... to the slaves emancipated, Sooners, entrepreneurs, roughnecks, homeschoolers, faith groups, and others who yearn for liberty. Oklahoma is a special place.

  The State capitol displays the painting wherein President Theodore Roosevelt signs the final documents of Oklahoma's statehood.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Was A Video Responsible?

  Have the French found out which amatuer youtube video caused the massive spontanious events in Paris?

  When Al Qaida affiliates in Benghazi mounted a tactical assault on the unprotected US consulate in Benghazi, Secretary Clinton was one of the lead propagandists for the Obama administration who kept insisting to the victims' families that it was all the fault of a Coptic Christian's youtube video clip.
  In fact, the state department then spent massive amounts on media campaigns in Pakistan to apologize to Muslims for the Christian preachers in the USA.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Rep. Bobby Cleveland 'Stares Down' OSSAA's Prayer Ban

OSSAA reverses policy that banned prayer at school events

  The association that governs extracurricular activities for Oklahoma secondary schools on Wednesday reversed its prior decision to ban students from using public address systems for prayer during playoff athletic events.

  According to the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA) policy obtained by KFAQ on Wednesday, The school or other organization providing the facility for an OSSAA playoff or championship event may permit a moment of silence prior to the start of all activities...
Read the latest news and KFAQ's full report, here:
  Last summer, Rep. Bobby Cleveland of Lexington made a loud protest against the OSSAA's extraordinary effort to silence any concerted religious behavior. Sooner Politics covered his efforts, here: Rep Bobby Cleveland Calls For Reform of OSSAA.
  Cleveland said that OSSAA’s decision is a continuation of a policy that infringes on people’s right to prayer.

Friday, November 6, 2015


Fox23, KOKI reported at 7:30, 11/6/2015:

Tulsa Sheriff's Office Property Room
  The evidence room at the Tulsa jail was reportedly full so the overflow area was out in a hall where inmates had access. The deputies arrested one inmate for stealing K2 (a synthetic drug).

According to the Tulsa World narrative:
On June 17, Sgt. Christopher Pierce of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, who was in charge of inmate work detail, transported Preibe and another inmate, Ryan Riehl, 36, from the Tulsa Jail to the Sheriff’s Office. Preibe was unsupervised in the basement during the work assignment, an affidavit states 
About 2 p.m., Pierce instructed Preibe and Riehl to load a truck with files and file cabinets. Pierce noticed Preibe walking quickly to the shop break area, where he followed him, according to an affidavit. 
From a mirror on the door leading to the break room, Pierce watched Preibe get down on the floor and put something under a locker.