Friday, April 29, 2016

Trump Claims "It's NOT Rigged At All!"

  For a month, now; Donald Trump has been throwing out accusations of a rigged system in the Republican Party. But only in the state contests where he loses.

  Reince Priebus has been singled out for criticism, along with several state party leaders. But Priebus has not yet threatened to sue Trump over such reckless charges.
PictureSheena Monnin
  But a couple years ago, Trump was quick to defame and disparage a young woman who, along with another pageant contestant, saw the secret list of top finalists before the reality TV show got narrowed down to that point in the contest. Miss Florida and Miss Pennsylvania(Sheena Monnin) came forward with the claim, and Monnin publicly relinquished her state contest title.
Trump called her a "loser"..

"A very disgruntled person.  She said terrible things. It's Totally Ridiculous!" Just look at her! She doesn't belong in the top 16." - Donald Trump

  Trump launched his Manhattan legal team and filed a $5 million suit. The young woman lost and is financially ruined as a result. The woman now has been legally silenced and Trump's reality TV pageant is expanding to drag queens.

Trump Wants Transgenders In His Miss USA Pageant.

    Another sign of cultural decay that Trump's New York values has imposed is his decision to let men compete as though they were women. This, along with his insistence that little girls share public restrooms with men, is just another reason why middle America is having some remorse about Trump being the leading candidate in the Republican primary.
  Years earlier, Trump removed Miss California USA from her position when the devout Christian woman expressed her opposition to same sex marriage.
  Carrie Prejean was expected to win Miss USA but gay activist judge, Perez Hilton is suspected of sabotaging her, in the final balloting. He said; "If she had won, he would have come on stage and ripped that crown off her head!".

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