Saturday, April 30, 2016

Corporate Restroom Co-gender Policies

Picture Essentially, the local biker club is being granted access to hangout in the ladies room,
Target Stores became the first big, high-profile retailer to announce a national policy, making all their restrooms co-gender. The new policy allows any individual to enter the restroom "he feels is most appropriate".
The policy is being framed in pop culture as a concession to the confused and "trans-gendered" among us. It is not a pro-homosexual concession. Lesbian women are not interested in men peeing on their toilet seats. Gay men don't have as much interest drawing them to women's restrooms.
  The new Target policy is being explained to store management as a nonconfrontational disposition. No one is being 'carded' or asked to show gender evidence. Their word is accepted without challenge. In fact, personnel is going out of their way in most reports, to be extra positive and reassuring to guests who cross over.  Parents and grandparents are being rebuffed and sometimes shamed for complaining.

  Essentially, the local biker club is being granted access to hangout in the ladies room, and National corporate leadership really hasn't worked out the response which will inevitably come from this.  At a time when feminist leaders are decrying the 'rape  culture' of the college campus, they are invoking policies which further endanger women. It leads one to question if these leaders are more intent on undermining morality than being morality's champion.

​  We were never safe. Years ago, as a father, when my daughter was littler,and she needed to use a public restroom while we were at the mall, the football stadium, or an interstate rest area; I would stand outside the women's restroom instruct my daughter to describe loudly what she observed as she went into the lavatory. She would step back  out within 15 seconds and tell me if she had concerns and what they were. Then, if we felt it safe, she would reenter and I would step away a bit and lean against the outside wall, checking my phone or other such matters (so I wouldn't pose a concern to others), but I would be alert enough to come to my daughter's aid.

Dads may now have to accompany their daughters, in public restrooms, in order to supervise their safety.
PictureThe tew Target logo, from their website. It the name of crossdressers and other confused men, they are prepared to sacrifice the safety of our daughters.
  My wife had the same policy and practice when she was with our sons. It was a bit safer having 2 sons accompany each other, but for a dad (and now as a grandfather), I would surmise that my presence outside the women's room may have made some strangers feel a bit insecure at my 'hanging around'. But my daughter's safety always trumped that.
  But now parents cannot alert authorities when an adult enters the opposite restroom. They will be branded a bigot. Now we may all have to take our children into the restroom or at least be prepared to.

We were better off when fellas who wanted to be treated like women, actually dressed in a convincing manner, so as to pass themselves off as women. I had better things to do than track down crossdressers and police their restroom use. But now, the Marv Alberts of the world are encouraged to make their issues - everyone else's! When a sexual oddity 'comes out' we see celebrities worship them. President Obama even interrupts his schedule to call a press conference and celebrate gay basketball players and football players. It's ironic that he never called a press conference to celebrate Tim Tebow's pledge to sexual celibacy until marriage?

PictureBarack Obama & Rev. Rick Warren, in 2008

  It's gone beyond tolerance. The culture war is now being waged on the home turf of the traditional Christian, Muslim, & Jew.  20 years ago, the deviants just wanted to be left alone. Now they are on a mission to rub their vulgarity in our faces and order us, under penalty of law, to celebrate their deviancy with them.

In 2008, while running for president, Barack Obama claimed to be a regular churchgoer and confessed a 'born-again' relationship with Jesus Christ and his personal savior.  Obama publicly opposed same-sex marriage. He offered a concession of civil unions, but insisted that marriage is 'between a man & a woman'.

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