Thursday, April 7, 2016

Are Former Carson Aides Destroying Trump From Within?

The Carson Infection in the Trump Campaign
  Some of Ben Carson's top aides successfully convinced him to formally endorse Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination. It's been an awkward move on Ben's part, but he believed that it would result in him getting a high-level appointment in a Trump Administration. He might want to check his sources.
  Some appointments did take place very quickly. Those included some high level jobs for some top Carson handlers like Barry Bennett (former campaign manager for Carson until his infamous Christmas resignation). Even more significant is the hiring of Ed Brookover. Ed was the senior strategist for Carson when I had a private meeting with him, last May.
  The Trump campaign is reeling from several recent setbacks and a pathetic (or nonexistent) ground game in recent primaries. Yesterday,Roger Stone explicitly criticized his close friend's dumb decisions to fire statewide campaign staffs after the state contests. They allowed other party leaders to decide who would carry the badges as the "Trump Delegate" for their state. In many states, those delegates will openly undermine Trump's interests at the national convention, especially when the Credentials, Rules, and Platform committees.
  Perhaps it's only coincidence, but the former Carson staffers are once again associated with chaos, discord, and a pathetic squandering of a national campaign.

Here's how Red illustrates the inept work of Carson operatives.

  Bennett, who also previously worked for Carson, said he’s thrilled by the slate of 25 nominated delegates revealed Saturday. The delegates who ultimately attend the national convention will be selected on Sunday by nearly 2,000 “voting attendees” at the state convention.

  Though attendees are free to vote for any of the 105 individuals who applied to be delegates, the 25 nominees are heavily favored to win.

  Bennett indicated that will favor Trump in a yet-hypothetical contested convention.

  “We’re so excited with the slate that came out. It’s a big win for us in North Dakota,” he said. “Ed Brookover and his team have just done an amazing job, and we’re celebrating.”

The Werrell-Delaney Campaign team wrote the book on
"How To Bag A RINO".
I was at the SRLC last May, when a Carson PAC's senior leader came to me with a very odd request. Gray Delaney was in charge of the very successful Carson boosting operation, at the SRLC event. But Gray was deeply disturbed by the developments in the newly launched Carson campaign. Gray was a mastermind of the Dave Bratt campaign which took down an out-of-touch Eric Cantor, the year before. And Gray was very troubled that Carson's inner circle would "destroy him". Gray asked me to approach Carson with some tough questions about his recent positions in the news.
  I was stunned that a top Carson PAC leader would recruit me to challenge his candidate's views. I asked him why he wouldn't "go ask him, yourself"?
  Gray reminded me that as a PAC leader, he could not directly discuss the campaign with the candidate. I then told Gray that I had some of my own concerns about Carson's pathetic 2nd Amendment views and his support for federal wage controls.
 Gray then said; "You see that guy in the gray jacket? That's Ed Brookover. He's not a conservative and Ben does whatever Ed tells him. Ed will ruin the Carson campaign!"

Political organizer, Gray Delaney
 Last week, North Dakota selected 25 delegates to the RNC. 18 of them openly support Cruz. And at most, only one of the 25 is a committed Trump supporter. This is a common theme in many states. Oklahoma's 3rd Congressional District selected 6 people to serve as delegates and alternates to the RNC. All 6 of them openly prefer Ted Cruz, but will vote for the candidate they are bound to. There will be many votes at the convention which will set up the rules about how party business is conducted in the nominating process. And Ted Cruz will likely control that preliminary business.

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