Sunday, April 24, 2016

Libertarians May Still Go To Court For More Ballot Access

  The Libertarian voters in Oklahoma will have a reason to go to the primary election polls, this June. they have 2 candidates vying for the party nomination in the US Senate race. Dax Ewbank and Robert Murphy are both seeking the nod of their fellow Libertarians.
​  But beyond that, there are several candidates seeking a general election win in 2 congressional seats, and several legislative races.

Two Candidates Face Disputes

PicturePaul Brewbaker

   Paul Brewbaker is having to defend a challenge to his candidacy this week. Republican, Roger Ford of Oklahoma City is a declared candidate and he filed a charge that Brewbaker has not met the requirement of being a registered voter for at least 6 months prior to filing. Brewbaker contends that he has always been a Libertarian and refused to register UNTIL he could register as a Libertarian. The law further states that once a new party (in this case the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma) is officially certified as a new party, then citizens have a special filing period of 15 days to make a new declaration as a Libertarian Party member. While most of the newly declared Libertarians switched from "Independent" or another recognized party, Brewbaker claims to have been essentially a "conscientious objector" of sorts. 
  Brewbaker's challenger paid a $250 fee to challenge his legitimacy. Brewbaker had to come up with another $250 to be given the right to defend his right to to a hearing.

Summons Served At 1am
​Brewbaker further contends that he was subjected to the terror of a 1am scene at his residence from law enforcement. He says a deputy from the county sheriff's office picked that hour of the overnight to come and serve Brewbaker with a summons on the election dispute. According to fellow Libertarian Party officials, the sight of a shadowy armed gunman at his front door in metropolitan Oklahoma City was completely unwarranted, dangerous, and disgraceful.

PictureD. 'Frank' Robinson
  Frank Robinson says he was not allowed to file for elective office. According to reports, he is disabled and lacks the physical stamina to go out and seek the petitions required by law (4% of registered voters), if a person opts for that alternative to the $200 filing fee for the right to seek elective office.
  Libertarian leaders further contend that Robinson's economic state (because of his physical disability) does not afford him the capacity of coming up with $200 out-of-pocket for the constitutional right to seek elective office. We are awaiting more details regarding how Robinson will assert his case and be successful in gaining ballot access.

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