Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tulsa Deputy Found Guilty In Death of Harris

Deputy Robert Bates shot Eric Harris while other officers held him down on the pavement. A jury recommends 4 years prison for the deputy.
  Deputy Robert Bates was found guilty of manslaughter and subject to a recommended 4-year prison sentence. He was immediately taken into custody and led away. His attorney, the famed Clark Brewster, had tried to say that ongoing health problems killed Eric Harris, but the jury did not find that reasoning plausible. The massive blast of a .357 pistol fired by Deputy Bates had filled up Harris' lungs with blood and he expired within a couple minutes of the gun blast.
  Harris' position on the Tulsa Sheriff's office staff had also led to the overthrow of the entire 28-year administration of Sheriff Stanley Glanz.
The Tulsa Frontier has been following this case and has the most in-depth coverage: ​​

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