Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Men Who Would Be Sheriff

The 7 Republican Sheriff candidates - KOTV event photo
  Tulsa County citizens had their first opportunity to sort out the many options vying to be elected as the next Tulsa County Sheriff. Tulsa County Republican Mens' Club organized the event with the help of Brookside Baptist Church, SoonerPolitics, Tulsa World, and Tulsa Frontier.
KOTV provided news coverage. Randy Krehbiel of the
Tulsa World and David Van Risseghem of Sooner Politics joined
Ziva Branstetter of Tulsa Frontier, as media panelists.
  I drew the first spot and asked the first question of the night. I decided that a good opener would be to ask the candidates what parts of the sheriff's office gets too many resources and what aspects need more resources. Their responses were good, but few actually got to specifics or numbers.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tulsa Is Looking For A New Sheriff

Interviews Being Held This Friday Night

Public Is Invited To Help Vet The Candidates

  Tulsa went too long with the disgraced former sheriff. Eventually, a grand jury drove him from office and indicted him on misdemeanor complaints.
  Now we begin the careful process of selecting a new lawman to lead this county, and keep it safe and free. The citizens only get to select one peace officer so we best get it right this time.
  This Friday night the Tulsa County Republican Mens' Club is hosting a special public meeting and inviting the Republican candidates to come interview with the voters and get their trust and support. Three local journalists (including myself) will come with a prepared list of open questions for all the candidates to weigh in on. But the emcee would also like your input. Write your question on an index card and present it at the event. But make sure the question is applicable to all the candidates and not specific to just one or a few of them.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Conservative Debate Idea: Limbaugh, Levin, & Hannity Would Host

  With CNBC reeling from a horribly-managed debate, and perhaps the most biasly rude panelists; Sen. Ted Cruz floated a great idea to Sean Hannity shortly after the event;
  "Why not have a debate where questions come from people who will actually vote in the Republican primaries?", said Cruz.
Limbaugh, Levin, & Hannity
  Hannity jumped at the idea and offered to  recruit Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin.
  Well, we looked up the remaining schedule and found that the NBC networks are being granted another debate by the RNC. On February 26th the key event will be held in Houston, TX and this is less than a week before the massive "Super Tuesday" balloting.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

No Thanks, Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan Insults the Freedom Caucus

  With a principled and experienced man like Daniel Webster, why would the Freedom Caucus put up with the insulting and condescending behavior of Rep. Paul Ryan?

  Last night, Paul Ryan even added some rude inferences to the Freedom caucus, accusing them of behaving like hispanic children who physically beat the Speaker like a pinĂ£ta in their childish fits.

  We don't even have any indications that Ryan can run the House of Representatives any better than Boehner; or that he will reform the House in the fundamental ways that Webster outlined.

For a more complete essay on the Webster reforms, see the article posted earlier this fall.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rep. Perryman Advocates For Anti-Catholicism Plank of Oklahoma's Constitution

In the very liberal publication, The Oklahoma Observer; Rep. David Perryman(Democrat-Chickasha) presses for Oklahoma to retain the bigoted language in our constitution known as "The Blaine Amendment".
In some of the darker days of Oklahoma's history, there were many anti Roman Catholic sentiments. These were nothing more than ignorant fears residing in the predominantly Democrat political environment.
This Summer, Oklahomans suffered some of the vestiges of that era, because we ignored our past errors and hid them, rather than confront the bigotry we had tolerated and promoted.
As we wrote in July, the Blaine Amendment language failed to be adopted to the US constitution. It was a blatant attempt to project the anti Catholic bias of many Americans.

Monday, October 12, 2015

OKGOP: Show Us The Money

The OKGOP has run up about a $45K debt in the past 3 months.

The OKGOP State Committee meeting finally resumed
the practice of providing a real balance sheet.
   After getting out to a great start in financial recovery from the Weston debt, Chairman Randy Brogdon hit a 'snag' this summer in fundraising. Internal strife only added to the financial woes. Governor Fallin and many other state leaders have only offered armchair criticism, and the primary funding for party operations fell upon Tea Party activists to provide.
  One wealthy Tulsa businessman told me he was dropping his Elephant Club membership because "the damn tea party took over!". I mentioned that the Tea Party has always been very active in the party; but he insisted that something akin to a terrorist coup is now running the OKGOP.  Now, this businessman has not been to any party conventions. Most of the wealthy party operatives seem to disdain mixing with the commoners. And that is sad. It is the result of some divisive operatives deliberately executing a whisper campaign of fear. Someone is trying to divide and dismantle the OKGOP

Friday, October 9, 2015

Editorial: OKGOP Cannot Risk Novice Leadership

Hernandez lacks experience, wisdom, and discretion

  The plain-dealing honesty that Oklahoma's Republicans offer to our voters is one of the most important virtues that led to the massive shift from Democrat control. But many forces are eroding that distinction. Opportunists have engaged many efforts to co-opt that principle for personal gain.
  It is time for the Republicans to be circumspect and thorough in the decisions about leadership. Many new faces have emerged and they need to be adopted into the 'tent'. But they also need to be fully vetted for leadership.

Two years ago, Estela Hernandez finally became a delegate to her first OKGOP State Convention. She had just been elected to her first leadership post as the 5th District Committeewoman from Oklahoma County. In May of 2013, she also wrote an opinion piece for The Okie news blog. In that article she strongly advocated for the Heritage Foundation to embrace the reforms of Senate Bill 744 (coauthored by Marco Rubio and Charles Schumer). That bill allows all illegal aliens in the U.S. to stay legally, if they pay some money and stay out of trouble. Conservative groups broadly reject that bill as a purchased amnesty.


Only proper deterrents curb bad behavior
 I recall cutting into the front of the lunch line when I was in elementary school. I got caught by a hall monitor. I was NOT able to pay off the monitor and keep my ill-gotten place in the front of the line. No, I was set aside and not allowed to get my food until all others were done getting theirs. Now that is what deterrents look like.

Paying off govt. officials is not a deterrent.

  Hernandez insists that she does not support amnesty, but she has a different definition than most of us.  And that is not what Oklahomans call 'plain-dealing'.


  Beyond this issue, Hernandez also failed to fully explain her behavior in the June controversy with the OKGOP Chairman, Randy Brogdon. KFAQ Radio's news director and morning talk hosts roundly condemned her behavior after listening to a recorded confrontation which she falsely characterized as a verbal accosting from the chairman. The recording revealed a completely different event wherein she was the hostile party. Listen to that radio clip, here:

Oklahoma's GOP has 2 other fine candidates. endorses Robert Hubbard's candidacy endorses Robert Hubbard's candidacy.

  Robert Hubbard provides Oklahoma with a wise, tempered, and inclusive opportunity fill the open chairmanship post.  He has served 2 terms as a county chairman. They were very successful terms with significant growth. He now serves as the 3rd District Chairman. He is a coalition builder. He has experience in running campaigns, running for offices, and building winning coalitions.
  Pam Pollard has also provided many years of leadership. Party members have repeatedly put their trust in her. She has a good grasp of the job, an excellent understanding of the rules, And she garnered 47% of the delegate votes at the 2015 OKGOP Convention.
  No one likes grandstanding, but it usually works. Pollard has been known to employ the tactic. Yet she would be far preferable to the novice.
David Van Risseghem

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"It is time for the Republicans to be circumspect and thorough in the decisions about leadership"

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals Decries Judicial Abuse Of Power

  Political activist, Al Gerhart, not only won an acquittal in yesterday's ruling. To hear one judge's opinion, This was not even close to enough of righting a wrong done in Oklahoma courts.
Sadly, only 3 of the 5 judges understood the fundamental issue of our constitutional rights in this case. Defendant Al Gerhart posted his own summation of the case;
"The 3 to 2 decision was bitterly fought but three Appellate Court Justices did the right thing, against what will be huge political blow back against their careers.   We were shocked, we fully expected that it would take a Federal Court to ensure that justice and constitutional rights were upheld."

Al Gerhart Wins First Amendment Case

Tea Party Activist, Al Gerhart; and former Senator, Cliff Branan.

Conviction Overturned On 1st Amendment Grounds

  After a jury initially found Sooner Tea Party activist, Al Gerhart, guilty of blackmail for his communications with Senator Cliff Branan; the judges of the Oklahoma Court of Appeals said his first amendment rights were violated by the conviction.
 KFOR News reports:
  In May 2014, Sooner Tea Party leader Al Gerhart was found guilty of blackmailing a state senator and violating the Computer Crimes Act.
The controversial email which led to felony charges against Gerhart.

  Prosecutors claimed Gerhart sent an email to Oklahoma Sen. Cliff Branan, allegedly promising to make the senator a “laughing stock” unless the Senate Energy and Environment Committee passed a bill that would block a United Nations plan.
  Branan served as chairman of the committee and held sole power to keep any legislation in his committee from even getting an initial 'up or down' vote in order to be considered by the entire legislative body.
  Branan no longer serves in the legislature and his bid to be elected to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission fell short in June of 2014.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Oklahoma's Newest Monument: Theophobia

A Monument To The Removal Of Faith From Civil Governance

  This empty slab and chipped foundation is all that's left of the monument commemorating the history of law in civilization. This is now a monument to America's theophobia and attempt to erase any idea that faith has been a basis for civil governance.
  Even though  historic religions find their basis in the Mosaic tablets, the Oklahoma courts have rejected the notion that the state should recognize any historic inference to this world event and code of civil law.

 Red Dirt Report captured this image of the empty slab on the Oklahoma capitol grounds.

Monument On Hiatus: Why the secrecy?

Monument removed from state property in dark of night.    News9 aircraft captured this image at the capitol grounds.
The work crews showed up at the Oklahoma capitol in the dark of night.
Last night a private monument company sent a work crew to the state capitol. Security teams were in place and a barrier fence was all in place for a quick extraction. The privately donated monument to civil law was being torn down. This followed a very public and controversial legal fight that has been in national news over several years.
  KWTV news was there to capture the event.
Construction crews started removing the heavily disputed Ten Commandments monument Monday night off the state Capitol grounds. 
The 6-foot-tall, granite sculpture was ordered to be removed by Oct. 12. A heavy duty crane was used to lift the 4,800-pound monument around 10:30 p.m.  

Saturday, October 3, 2015

City Of Tulsa Lets A Private Vendor Handle 911 Calls

The Tulsa Police have found another way to search your home and papers.

  The stated motive for Tulsa's police department may be noble and ideal, but I will not be cooperating with Rave Mobile's attempt to get between me and my municipal emergency services.
 Sadly, I cannot stop  my city council from this unsafe and unsecure method. I hope they take a moment to rethink this idea and hold off until the more perfect system is put in place. Perhaps I'm expecting too much.  KFAQ posted a news story about the Tulsa Police Dept. choosing to let Rave Mobile of  Delaware (headquartered in Massachusetts), handle information gathering for the Tulsa 911 service.

The story says;
  "Chief Chuck Jordan and the Tulsa Police Department are excited to announce the introduction of Smart911® to the City of Tulsa.
  Police say Smart911 is a free service used by public safety agencies across the country to enhance communication and response for their community. It can be used by 9-1-1 agencies to quickly send first responders to the location of an emergency with more information, by emergency management to better plan for and respond to disasters, and by municipalities to send emergency notifications to their citizens.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Everett Piper: The Response To Roseburg College Violence

The address from Dr. Everett Piper, to President Obama, regarding his 12 minute rant after the Oregon college shootings.

Transcribed from Dr Piper's Friday radio address on KFAQ, on Oct. 2, 2015

  Once again the president says nothing about Christians being executed.... Absolutely nothing! A 12-minute rant and not one word about Christians.
 Christians are being beheaded in the middle east and he lectures us about the crusades. Christians are being killed in the churches, like Charleston, and he lectures us about the NRA. Christians are being killed in colleges, like Umpqua, in Roseburg, Oregon, and mum's the word.  WHY?
What would he have said if the victims were Muslims?
 What would he have said if they were targeted for being transgender or gay?  Would he have condemned it?  Would he have called for hate-crimes legislation?   Would he have confronted the ideology that led to the crime?  Would he have lectured us about our phobias and bigotry?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Republican Who Wasn't Afraid of a Govt. Shutdown

Ronald Reagan spent a lot of time working one-on-one with Speaker O'neill
 There were 8 government 'shutdowns' during the Reagan Administration. I recall the national media blaming every one of them on Ronald Reagan. Did it destroy his presidency? Not in the least!
  Every time the government even has a budgetary slowdown the media will always blame the conservative. Sadly, too many Republicans in the beltway believe the spin.
  For the past 5 years the tables have been turned and Republicans have held at least 1 house of congress. But the dinosaurs of the GOP in Washington have believed the lie that everything is their fault.

 To study the shutdowns of the 80s & 90s, read the Washington Post article, here:
By Dylan Matthews September 25, 2013 
  Since the modern congressional budgeting process took effect in 1976, there have been a total of seventeen separate government shutdowns (or "spending gaps" in Hill jargon). Given that we appear to be headed for another one imminently, let's look back at those experiences, the political circumstances around them and what happened as a consequence. Most of the specifics were drawn from The Washington Post print archives, which you can access for a modest sum here.
  It's also important to note that not all shutdowns are created equal. Before some 1980 and 1981 opinions issued by then-Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti, a failure to fund some part of the government didn't necessarily mean that that part of government would stop functioning. Civiletti's opinions interpreted the Antideficiency Act, a law passed in 1884, as meaning that a failure to pass new spending bills required government functioning to shut down in whole or in part. So the "shutdowns" listed below that happened between 1976 and 1979 did not always entail an actual stop to government functioning; they were often simply funding gaps that didn't have any real-world effect.