Saturday, April 30, 2016

Trump-top and other campaign fashion fads.

From the Lamar lumberjack, to the Santorum Sweater, and now the Trump-top; Campaign fashions have been one of the more nostalgic aspects of political groupies.

But never have signature fashion choices been so 'over the-top' like the Reality TV star Donald Trump. 

​In his younger days, Trump played on his playboy persona and jetset lifestyle. Now, he just looks like a ridiculous old man who actually believes he's fooling us into believing he still has the youthful hair of the 80s.

Lamar Lumberjack

  Senator Lamar Alexander gave in to his handlers, decades ago. His persona had been "geekish" ever since he first ran for office. So they gave him a "Paul Bunyan" infusion for the presidential run.
PicturePaul Bunyan
 According to historical accounts, he made a name for himself in his 1978 bid for Tennessee governor, by walking from Mountain City in the far northeast of the state to Memphis in the far southwest, a distance of 1,022 miles, wearing a red and black flannel shirt that would become something of a trademark for him. He had been a school principal and congressional aide, but the Mountain City event would not have connected with rural tennessee, if Alexander didn't pay attention to his appearance.


Santorum Sweater

  Rick Santorum didn't really try to become synonymous with the sweater vest. It was just a convenient way to live out of a suitcase in the early months of stumping every county in Iowa. But by the time Super Tuesday came around, Santorum had his own line of sweater vests (made in the USA) and you could only buy them through the Rick Santorum website.

How to emulate the Trump-Top (if you want to)

​  The Trump combover is perhaps the silliest hairdo to hit the campaign trail since handlebar mustaches were en vogue. Some shake their heads in disgust at the circus-like nature of the Republican primary. But Trump has created a brand and following which befuddle the most experienced political handlers. He is the PT Barnum of this century.
Combovers have always been mocked in the irreverent humor of late night comedy. But somehow Trump has gotten a pass? I have a feeling that is about to change. Some enterprising wig distributor is going to make a chunk of money before this election cycle is over.

Watch the tutorial >

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