Friday, April 15, 2016

Limbaugh Exposes Sabotage Of Cruz Event

  Rush Limbaugh opened his friday show with a bombshell expose' of a collaborative effort to sabotage the Cruz speech event at the New York GOP Gala.
The sound feed, which worked perfectly all night, suddenly switched off the Cruz microphone as he was in the first portion of his speech. But all the other microphones were switched on to full gain to magnify every "house" sound, including the noisey catering staff who decided to start serving the dinner meal as Cruz was introducing his remarks.
To the people in the room, all seemed perfectly normal and thus the prank continued.
Fox News was the sole media outlet carrying the event live. They let the prank play out without any explanation or even acknowledgement of a sound glitch. Then they cut out of the event before Cruz finished, effectively shorting him of an equal opportunity.
  then they went immediately to the set of the Sean Hannity show, where Sean was expressing sympathy for his studio guest, Cory Lewandowski of the Trump Campaign.
 Then Fox continued to pitch the narrative of Cruz being too boring for the crowd and the attendees tuned him out simply out of disinterest. John Roberts is pitching that spin even as I write this post.

 Bizpacreview carried the first criticisms of the prank, here.

  Since Fox was the lone media outlet carrying the event live, this scenario is ripe for shenanigans like what we saw.
  But now that Rush Limbaugh is calling this out, we may actually see some creative stories of how this 'mistake' and perpetuated blunder was allowed to happen.
But we still have no excuse from Fox for what happened. they seem content to have us believe we were hearing the crowd snub the Senator. In fact, if you listen to the independent Youtube clip, you'll see that Cruz was receiving enthusiastic applause throughout his speech.
Fox spins a narrative of boredom, even 18 hours later.

Footage of Cruz, from an independent videographer, attending the gala. carried this story, on Friday afternoon.

" A funny thing happened at last night's Republican gala in New York ...
Somebody turned the podium mic OFF at the beginning of Ted Cruz's speech and turned other microphones ON in the room which captured all the room noise. No one could hear Ted Cruz. Rush just elaborated on it in detail which should have everyone from Sean Hannity to the executives at Fox News cringing by now.

"  I even caught a few minutes of it last night and waited for a few minutes for Fox News to fix it ... they never did. Naturally, the narrative today on Fox News has been that Ted Cruz was dis-respected at his speech last night ... because the food service began, just coincidentally, with the beginning of Ted Cruz's speech.

He was dis-respected alright ... by Fox News ... just like when they pre-empted his town hall, twice, for Trump coverage."

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