Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sheriff Candidate Threatened By County Party Chairman

Chairman Mike Ford openly trashed a cop running for office. 
  On Wednesday, Tulsa County Sheriff candidate, Officer Luke Sherman of the Tulsa Police Dept., was threatened directly and trashed in the media for announcing his intention to run in the upcoming race for county sheriff.
  Luke Sherman was joined by 4 former rivals at the podium. All of them pledged their support for the Sherman candidacy.
 Tulsa GOP county chairman, Michael Ford, called the Sherman campaign declaration "rash" and "juvenile". Michael Ford wants all Republicans to support Vic Regalado, who was just elected to finish the last months of the term the Stanley Glanz had been serving, prior to his resignation in disgrace. This morning, Officer Sherman was live in the studio of 1170KFAQ with morning drive host, Pat Campbell. Sherman told KFAQ listeners that he and others received a threatening email from Chairman Ford.
  In a few days, Sheriff-elect Vic Regalado will also declare as a candidate for a new term as Tulsa County Sheriff. Will Ford regard Regalado as "rash and juvenile"?
  The special election just completed was without a runoff election despite the failure of any of the nearly dozen Republicans who sought the office, to win a majority of the vote.
Sherman and 4 former rivals announce to the Tulsa press. 
  Yesterday, four of those candidates stated that they would have thrown their support to Sherman in the event that there was a normal runoff election. their combined vote tallies vastly surpasses that of Sheriff-elect Vic Regalado.
  Does Chairman Ford seem to favor candidates from one particular consulting firm? Some say his behavior seems to indicate so.
Tulsa GOP county chairman, Michael Ford, called the Sherman campaign declaration "rash and juvenile"
    Coincidently, Vic Regalado's fundraising irregularities surfaced just days prior to the special election primary date. Regalado still has not answered many direct questions from his Republican opponents. Many Republicans fear that the massive dark money used to get Regalado elected is an indicator that Tulsa County will continue to have a sheriff's office clouded in controversy. Also in dispute is the practice of buying rank advancements at the Tulsa Police Department. Regalado paid money to expedite his rank advancement.
photo credit: Facebook, Newson6.

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  1. Where did you get your information? How about making the full letter public so we can all see the exact wording on this and not just an excerpt. It is sad that politics have come to this.

  2. Deanna, The sources linked in the article clearly provide the content and who initiated them. Please follow the hyperlinks, especially to the podcast at KFAQ's Pat Campbell show. Luke Sherman made his position known. The KFAQ news department provided the sound clips and stated the context. Eddie Huff confirmed the TulsaGOP practice of removing Republicans (including himself) from leadership positions.