Saturday, April 9, 2016

OKGOP 2nd District Convention Sweep For Cruz

Holly Girard, of Durant, OK 

First Delegate:

Cruz PAC leader, Holly Gerard won the first slot in the 2nd District's delegation to the RNC.
Rogers County Chairman David Green reports.
the meeting got underway this morning at 11am, in McAlester, OK. Oklahoma's 2nd district encompasses the eastern side of Oklahoma, except for the Tulsa metro district.

Pastor Robert Carter, of Grove, OK

Second Delegate:

Grove, OK Baptist minister, Robert Carter, won the 2nd delegate slot. Robert is a dedicated Republican leader and well trusted by GOP members throughout the state.
  According to David Green;
"Even though he is a Cruz supporter, he requested Rubio’s slot.
Benjamin LePak(back row), with his family and Ted Cruz.

Third Delegate:

Rogers County Assistant District Attorney Benjamin Lepak is the 3rd delegate. Ben and his whole family are friends of Ted Cruz and his mother was a district delegate, 4 years ago.


Christopher Chesny

Andy Ewing
1st Alternate is Christopher Chesny, of Claremore.
2nd Alternate is Andy Ewing, of Muskogee. He is a retired car dealer.
3rd Alternate is  Lonnie Lu Anderson, of Crowder. She is the District's Chairman.

Elector: Theresa Turner was selected, with David Green as her backup.

Lonnie Lu Anderson

more to come...

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