Tuesday, April 26, 2016

OKGOP Nearly Clinches Majority in 2017 Senate

  The Oklahoma Republicans are very close to clinching the majority in the Senate, just days after filing has closed. The senate holds elections on half of their seats, plus any special elections. So 25 of the 48 seats are up for grabs this year. Of the 23 seats not due for election, 18 are in republican hands and 5 are in Democrat hands.

  Of the 25 current races, the Republicans have secured 4, and the Democrats have secured 1. there are currently no Libertarians or Independents in office.

  The Democrats would have to win all 19 races they are filed in, to secure a 1-seat majority.

  There are 4 Independents challenging for senate seats this year. They could come into an important role if they are successful and the Democrats fall just short of an electoral miracle. The same is true for the Libertarians. There are 2 Libertarians challenging this year.

  The senate leader has been Brian Bingman. His seat is open and there will, therefor; be new leadership.

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