Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tulsa Judges Offer Grace

  To the Tulsa area readers; Tulsa's municipal courts are offering misdemeanor offenders with warrants, a limited time grace period.
  Even if you believe you paid that citation, it might be helpful to make sure all the records at the court clerk's office are in agreement with your understanding of the facts.
  Too many citizens have been improperly booked into the jail based upon bad recordkeeping of payments made by individuals.
  Here's the official posted notice, via email:

From: Communication Dept., City of Tulsa
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 9:15 AM
To: Communication Dept., City of Tulsa
Subject: News Release: Tulsa Municipal Courts to Offer Warrant Amnesty Period

Tulsa Municipal Courts to Offer Warrant Amnesty Period

The City of Tulsa is holding a municipal warrant amnesty period for individuals with municipal misdemeanor warrants on May 5 & 7 and May 12 & 14.

During the amnesty period, individuals with City of Tulsa municipal misdemeanor warrants can attend one of the four docket sessions during the amnesty period to avoid paying court costs and late fees. The only thing that will not be waived is warrant fees.

Individuals with municipal warrants may attend one of the court dockets from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the following locations and dates:

May 5 – Lacy Park, 2134 N. Madison Pl.
May 7 – Reed Park, 4233 S. Yukon Ave.
May 12 – Hicks Park, 3443 S. Mingo Rd.
May 14 – Whiteside Park, 4009 S. Pittsburg Ave.

“We are bringing a full service court with judges and cashiers at locations within the community and will have expedited court dockets to handle the increased volume of cases quickly,” Kelly Brader, Director of City of Tulsa Municipal Courts said.

Individuals who have failed to appear on a “book to court” citation or arrest case and have warrants for failure to pay after an earlier court adjudication, must appear before a judge to settle their cases.

Those who appear will not be arrested for their outstanding warrants. Immigration status of those appearing to pay fines or for a court appearance will not be checked.

After the court sessions are held and the amnesty period is over on May 14, Municipal Courts will hold an aggressive warrant sweep throughout the city.

For more information or questions about outstanding municipal warrants, call (918) 596-7761. Individuals can also call the Customer Care Center at (918) 596-2100 to find out if you have an outstanding warrant.
David Van Risseghem

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Learning When To Shut Up

  I had a dose of reality, today.
  I had to face some folks whom I had unfairly harmed by repeating an unfounded rumor on social media. I deserved every bit of it. I apologized directly and I hope to regain their trust. I will have to earn it.
  Oklahoma Republicans have just come through a challenging time of selecting party leadership. In my reporting about the events, I went too far.
  I am sorry to have harmed the reputations of some hard-working Republicans and I learned that there is a big responsibility which comes with publishing.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Man-made Quakes On Rise

Drudge Report Lead:

Man-made earthquakes increasing in central 
and eastern U.S., study finds

  For the first time, the U.S. Geological Survey has unveiled a map of earthquakes thought to be triggered by human activity in the eastern and central United States.

"Oklahoma is by far the worst-hit state recently, according to the USGS"
  Oklahoma is by far the worst-hit state recently, according to the USGS study released Thursday. The state last year had more earthquakes magnitude 3 or higher than California, part of a huge increase recorded in recent years.

  Seismic activity in Texas near the Dallas-Fort Worth area has also increased substantially recently. Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico and Ohio have all experienced more frequent quakes in the last year.

Rep Jason Murphey of Guthrie has long been concern that his district has been suffering and might possibly be in danger of a man-made catastrophy if the potential dangers are not fully studied. Read his reports here: Murphey's Law
Read more about the USGS study at: LA Times
David Van Risseghem

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Brogdon Town Hall Report

In just 10 days, Randy Brogdon has moved the OKGOP into a new era. 

  He held his first speaking engagement tonight, since taking on the duties of the chairmanship. Randy Brogdon was the guest of the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly. Here are the talking points of his 45 minute discussion:

Saturday, April 18, 2015

OKGOP Plans Big Friday Night At SRLC, May 22nd

Oklahoma's Big Gala with national campaign stars

  Today, the RNC's Matt Pinnell told me that the OKGOP is directly sponsoring the Friday night gala at the Big SRLC event, in May. Ted Cruz is helping with this evening event at the SRLC.  Most of the other activities are completely run by the RNC's contracted event team. It is not clear if any other presidential campaigns or their staff will appear.

will include a plated dinner and keynote address featuring Senator Ted Cruz. Dress for the gala is cocktail attire. This includes suits and ties for men, and dresses or evening suits for women. This event is a fundraiser for the OKGOP. Tickets: $100 or $175 per couple Seating is limited.

  But Pinnell emphasized that leaders and campaigns from around the nation will be a part of the 3-day conference. We can't say who all may be at the event, But is will be bigger than any OKGOP event has previously drawn.

 It will present a very significant fiscal opportunity for the OKGOP to have a financial boost as well a giving our citizens an unparalleled opportunity to dine with perhaps the RNC's biggest leaders and stars.

Banquet tickets are just $175 for 2, right now Single tickets are $100

  Additionally, early discount ticketing was extended to April 20th, for the $50 conference passes.
  Clergy, students, and military can get special $35 passes.
David Van Risseghem

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Friday, April 17, 2015

OKGOP Funding Drive Making Headway

Even with the reality of debt, the leadership remained confident in the statewide Republicans

Week #1 Comes To A Close.

  Informal comments from several sources have led me to believe that the emergency funding efforts this week are making good progress. No real numbers will come from this source, but I think I can say that any creditors holding outstanding invoices will or have been satisfied. That's a long way from where the OKGOP wants to be or was told we were last week; but it's a vast and rich outpouring of party support. It may be the broadest demonstration of spontaneous initiatives from several unconnected facets of the party. We expect Chairman Randy Brogdon and Vice Chairman Estela Hernandez to provide a detailed weekly report while we are in this phase of rebuilding our financial house.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cleaning Up The OKGOP

OKGOP Office, at 4031 N Lincoln Blvd.

 It was a new week, when Randy Brogdon arrived at the OKGOP headquarters on monday morning.

 Brogdon's previous weekend had been the climax of a 4 month campaign to become the new spokesman and servant of the Oklahoma Republican Party.  Fellow challenger, Pam Pollard had been gracious and kind throughout the campaign and this past weekend was no different.

  Weston's early defeat in the first round of balloting was followed by a withdrawn demeanor not unlike how most candidates process through a high profile firing.
Chairman Randy Bragdon & Vice Chairman Estela Hernandez

  But today is Monday and it's back to business in a big way. Matt Pinnell, Weston's predecessor and now a staffer at the RNC, came by to be of assistance. Matt ended up spending the entire day at Brogdon's side.  

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Flashback 2012: Revisiting The Worst OKGOP Convention

A reprint of David Tackett's review of the 2012 OKGOP Convention Controversy 

Jake Peters, of Wagoner County, leads a parking lot "rump"
 You know, conventional wisdom says I need to keep my mouth shut. I'm a candidate for State House and I don't need to upset anyone inside the party lest they won't help me.

  But I just can't be quiet. And let me summarize it by saying this... Ron Paul people, you were right in principle, but wrong in execution.

  First, let me try and say before the RPers completely ignore the rest of my diatribe... Remember, I was the one who stood with you at the 1st Congressional convention, not because I'm a RP supporter, but because I believe in the rule of law.

So let me start off with the 1st complaint... Credentials... 

  I was one of the volunteers who helped check in people. So I can answer exactly what the problem was.... new software, delegates who pre-registered incorrectly (we had several who registered as guests or typed their name differently than what was provided by their County Chair), and volunteers who entered in data wrong during the check-in (entering people as guests instead of delegates).

  It was, frankly, insulting to hear people from the RP clan suggest fraud was committed by the credential volunteers. (I.e. badges weren't secured, etc.) I know each and every single one of the volunteers who helped with the process and not one has EVER done anything unethical.

The 2012 OKGOP Convention, in Norman, OK
  Could the badges been designed where they couldn't be easily forged? Sure. But let me belabor this major point. ALL of the populous counties (Tulsa, Oklahoma, Cleveland) and the other 20 or so counties that had off numbers, verified their delegates registered against the master delegate list. And the two counties where the fraud could have been perpetuated the easiest because of their sheer size, Tulsa and Oklahoma, had each delegate verify, in person in the main hall, their status.

  And don't forget the sheer size of this convention. This is by far a record-breaker in attendance. So were there problems? heck, yes? Was there fraud? No. Was their a conspiracy by the "establishment" to stack the delegates? No. In fact, I will argue that the delegates in question was about an even split between the 2 factions.


  Now this is a point that frankly is the main issue. Did the chair wrongly decide that the standing vote was OK for the slate vote? Absolutely yes. But the RPers had a recourse, and that was to appeal the decision of the chair. They did and they lost by a vote of the delegates. At that point, the body in essence had rewritten the rule. In roberts rules, you have no recourse from this issue. You have a recourse in the RNC rules, and the chair advised of that process.

 "One way to earn the respect of the rest of the delegation, and frankly to increase your influence, is to keep being a part of the party apparatus throughout the year, every year."
  And let me step back for a moment here. Just because you can call a point of order, doesn't mean you have to keep doing it. It's called dilatory motions, when the only issue is to call motions just to impede the process. And I would wager $1000 that if the RPers didn't try to stall the process with all of the points of order, we would have had time for a secret ballot... or even more important, if there had not been the hundred point of orders before the egregious error NOT to have the slate voted on I'm sure the delegates would have been on your side.

  And aside from the dilatory motions, one thing I have learned in my short tenure in convention politics - It don't matter how right you are... if you keep pressing a point, the majority of people will shut you down. If you think I'm just spouting off without any experience, then you weren't at the 2011 state convention.

  Now let's hit another issue... It was clear from the first test vote that the voting came down 60/40 (about a 500 delegate difference) each and every vote... be it voice vote (hey, let me give the RP people credit for having some MASSIVE lungs!), standing vote, or secret ballot.
David Tackett
It wasn't close, the RP faction was in the minority. And so whether it was standing vote or ballot, the state committee's slate would have been approved. But, I know why all these motions and point of orders were happening... because I was told by several of the RP delegates that this was their plan... to drag out the process until everyone else left then they could redo the vote and get their slate in.

  I'm sorry, but I get red faced in anger when I keep thinking about that above statement. That is NOT the way to win the hearts and minds of those conservatives who aren't yet with you yet. And the only way Ron Paul, Rand Paul, or any libertarian leaning Republican is going to win the nomination in the future is by getting more conservatives to join with you. You may have had 40% of the delegates, but you only had 9.6% of the popular vote in Oklahoma. And in Oklahoma it's the popular vote that matters so that is what you all need to be focusing on.

  Oh and on that point, you will lose me and thousands of Oklahoman Republicans who sympathize with your movement if pledged RP delegates try to vote for someone else besides the candidate they were assigned to on the 1st ballot. It's not about what's legal (jurisdiction, etc.) it's about what's the right thing to do.

The last point - Adjournment and the Rump convention

  It stated on the agenda, we had to be out by 5pm. Clear as day. No, the walls didn't go up because Matt told the facilities people to, the Embassy Suites people did it on their own. How do I know? They did it to us in the credentials room, they literally unplugged our computers in order to prep one side for another rental. (That explains for about 30 minutes of the delay in the credentials report, btw!)

  I know there was other business to attend to, but if we have to leave, we have to leave. The party rules clearly gives the option for the state committee to convene and consider any issues that the convention couldn't address.

  So then the RP crowd did what they did at the 1st CD, they held an rump convention, not an extension of the current convention. That convention adjourned. You can't appeal the decision of the chair to adjourn. When the gavel falls for adjournment, it's done.

  And I was at a place in the hall to see both sides, (you could still see both sides from the stage as well at that point) and yes, it was the same 60/40 split. But the Ron Paul people screamed and hollered and made a mockery by holding a parking lot rump convention.

  Yes, I said it... A mockery. Even if, and I say a MAJOR if... I accept that the parking lot convention was an extension of the first convention, you didn't have a quorum... not even close... Remember those precious rules that you said were being violated by the convention chair? Nothing you did mattered unless you had a quorum of the delegates present at the signed credentials report. Even with the first reported number, that would mean you had to have over 600 in your "parking lot" convention. I think the number you claimed was under 400.
  So what does it look like from the outside? If the establishment breaks the rules, it's a travesty, but if the RP faction breaks the rules, it's OK.

  Please hear me what I am trying to say. Thuggery can only get you so far. But the RP people MUST change the way they approach these conventions if you TRULY want people to change their minds and support your cause.

  I will continue to come to the defense of anyone who is being wronged during a GOP event that I am at. But in order to succeed in the future, the tactics of the RPers must be revamped.

  I say this last point. This is what the Christian Coalition did in the 90's throughout the country. And by doing this, the RPers (And yes, I know ALOT of RP supporters are already actively working in the party) will not be seen as an outside faction, but an important wing of GOP working to advance their cause in the party.

David Tackett is a conservative activist from Broken Arrow

David Van Risseghem

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Will Rogers Tribute to Political Parties

After a big political organizing season, let's take a moment of levity and enjoy the grassroots humor of fellow Oklahoman, Will Rogers.

 He was a Democrat, back when the Democrat conventions didn't look like freak shows and panhandling was still looked down upon.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Brogdon Wins OKGOP Chairmanship

Pam Pollard congratulates Randy Brogdon on his election as OKGOP Chairman

  In an especially competitive 3-way race, Senator Randy Brogdon emerged the victor, to lead the Oklahoma Republicans for the next 2 years.

   Immediately after Gary Jones was officially acknowledged to be convention chairman, his commenced with the first round balloting of the 3-way OKGOP Chairman race. 

   Former Senator, Randy Brogdon emerged a clear frontrunner, garnering 47+% of the first round balloting. Former OKGOP Vice Chair, Pam Pollard outpaced current OKGOP Chair, David Weston, and the stage was set for a final vote.
  While it was expected that Weston's base of support would favor Pam Pollard, Randy Brogdon did get 25% of Weston''s base, and won the office by just over a 6% margin.

Honoring Rep. David Dank

Oklahoma State Representative,  David Dank, passed away quietly in his home,  Friday.  He is preceded by his wife,  Odelia.
Read more, here:

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Editorial: For Randy Brogdon

Sooner endorses Randy Brogdon for OKGOP State Chairman.
  The past 2 years of David Weston's mis-management of the OKGOP have left us more secrecy than inclusion. His administration has instituted changes which make it much harder for candidates to access the organizational structure in each district and all 77 counties.

  While Weston's salary has increased handsomely and his staff has become larger than previous administrations, Weston has somehow not found a way to give any campaign funding to a single party nominee for elective office.

Senator Dahm: Why I support Randy Brogdon

   This Saturday in Oklahoma City, Republicans from around the state will gather to talk about important issues, discuss strategies to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016, and to elect a new Chairman for the Oklahoma Republican Party.
   I have known Randy Brogdon for many years. Randy has been someone that, through the years, was always willing to sit down and talk with me, even before I was elected to state office. Randy really set the example of what it means to be a citizen legislator. He was never afraid to do the right thing, even when it may have been unpopular. Even today I see the impact of the legislation he enacted. His attempts to get the government back to its proper role and limit its size in order to protect the people’s rights are still evident.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Presidential Primary Section Added to Online Newspaper

Sooner Politics News Adds Decision 2016 Oklahoma News

  With a handful of conservative presidential candidates now declared, Sooner Politics is devoting a new page of our online newspaper toward informing the voters of the Sooner campaign organizations and the national message of each declared major candidate.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rand Paul Wins Muskogee Politico's GOP Primary Madness Polls

Rand Paul Wins Muskogee Politico's GOP Primary Madness Polls

  The 2016 Presidential Primary contests are underway! Oklahoma Conservatives have just completed the GOP Primary Madness bracket, sponsored and administered by The Muskogee Politico.
  32 top GOP names were set into a 4-region bracketology and every few days the winners advanced.
  The final round pitted Texas Senator, Ted Cruz against Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul. The finally wasn't even close. Rand Paul wins by a 92% to 8% margin.

Friday, April 3, 2015

COS: Which Way To A Better Constitution?

Did we start out with a bad constitution?

Or did it just get worse with each amendment we added?
Or did the social pressures and bad jurists corrupt it?
  Whatever the cause, our system is failing (or are we failing our system?). Of late we've been mulling over additional solutions. For 30+ years we have been calling for a Balanced Budget Federal Amendment. Recently there has been a formidable push for the state legislatures to bypass the federal congress and draft their own proposal, to be circulated for the necessary ratification.


  The Convention of States idea has fans and foes. There are worries of a runaway process creating a terrible proposal. There are speculations that nothing could meet the approval of the required 3/4 of states needed to ratify an amendment.
  There are also those who think the rift between states could blow up into a dissolution of our current republic. Some constitutional scholars wonder if the process originally designed for 13 states, can remain workable for 50?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Some Oklahoma Democrat Party Officials Don't Want Their Base To Vote

A Democrat County Chairman said he would rather that Oklahoma Democrats not vote for a presidential nominee on March 1st.

Oklahoma's House Elections & Ethics Committee prepares to hear SB233
  I recently took on a bad bill which had been sailing through the state capitol. SB 233 would move Oklahoma's turn to select a presidential nominee. Oklahoma has risen to the 5th authorized date on the GOP calendar for state presidential primaries, in the upcoming 2016 race. SB233 would move Oklahoma back 5 weeks, so that the GOP nominee would, in all likelihood, be selected before Oklahoma weighed in.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Super Tuesday Saved!

 Oklahoma Lawmakers Reject Weston's Effort To Delay Oklahoma Primary Several Weeks. 

On the first hearing date, Sooner Politics
publisher, David Van Risseghem testified to
the committee and the measure was then
tabled by the sponsor.
  Election Secretary, Paul Ziriax looks on.
  Senator Brogdon, back at the capitol, to make the case
against the Weston Bill. Brogdon blamed Weston for
excluding hundreds of state GOP leaders from input.
 An impressive group of Republican Leaders in Oklahoma came to the Capitol to save Oklahoma's Super Tuesday Presidential Primary. Only OKGOP Chairman, David Weston and his vice chair, Sara Jo Odom, were willing to speak in defense of the idea to vacate Oklahoma's early primary leadership role.