Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Zack Taylor Sworn In - Votes With Platform Caucus

  Last week a young Republican party leader narrowly won a special election race against a Democrat who got a lot of help from outside the district. Activists with the Teacher Caucus flooded the voters with phone calls, seeking to discredit Taylor for his support of charter schools.

  Zack Taylor did not face a recount, so his election was certified on Monday.

  Tuesday he was sworn in and took his place in the House chamber.

  His first substantive vote was on a massive packages of consumption taxes. Politicians used to call these "sin taxes".  Liquor, tobacco, and fuel probably could be used for detrimental purposes (preachers are still trying to find scripture where these substances are declared outright 'sin').

  House District 28, in central Oklahoma, had a vacancy when Tom Newell resigned days after being re-elected, to take a lobbyist job with a Florida-based group.

  Sooner Politics spoke with Taylor on the morning after his electoral success. We have every reason to believe he is solidly committed to party values and stays closely connected to the Republican grassroots in Seminole County.


from Sooner - Editorial

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