Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Budget 'We Must Vote For, To Know What's In It'

  After 11pm, last night; The appointed select members of JCAB were given copies of the massive new proposed state budget. Within a few minutes they were required to vote.

  This document is the product of a 3-member group. The Governor, and the two Budget Chairs of the House & Senate.

  Their disregard for openness and impatience with scrutiny are going to be legendary, in Oklahoma history.

  Today, the House leadership will likely face push-back for trying to force a vote within hours.

  Perhaps the only thing more thuggish will be the Republican leadership's complete disregard for the constitution, by forcing floor votes on bills which raise revenue, within the last 5 days, and without a 75% passage.

  There have been over a dozen such actions in committees and chambers within the past two weeks.

​  Judiciary intervention will certainly be forthcoming, and may effectively shut down the entire state agency system withing the next several weeks.

from Sooner - Editorial

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