Friday, May 5, 2017

Fallin: A Political Apostate

  Mary Fallin just tweeted that the Oklahoma Legislature adjourned for the week, yesterday afternoon. Her attempt at shaming them is so transparent that it barely deserves any response.
  She quips that the legislature only has 11 days left to fix the state's annual budget. that's so blatantly false that one wonders how she can go this far in state service without reading the constitution. Simple math skills and a desk calendar shows us that there are 16 days left to complete the task of making a state budget.
  Her fundamental flaw is that she has long ago committed to raising taxes. and not just a little. She expects the state legislature to pass new taxes by a massive super-majority vote. The deadline to do that is 11 days (okay, 10 weekdays after today).
  She has recklessly vetoed several accountability bills this week. One bill by George Faught would have prevented her from radically raising fees on hundreds of licenses and permits. It would restore the responsibility for that oversight back to the legislature. Expect an override vote on that.

  Fallin further raged that she will veto any budget that does NOT include massive new taxes on the people of Oklahoma. She has not called for a halt to that massive cathedral remodeling job at 24th & Lincoln. She did not scrap the Oklahoma Pops Museum funding that she spent millions on. 

  She does not call for a divestiture of state lodging enterprises or state run power company holdings.
  She even spent money to build a legislative fitness center in the basement of the Capitol. Then she had her staff try to kick the State Auditor out of the capitol, claiming they have no room for his 'unimportant' work.

  Gov. Mary Fallin is out of touch. She has failed. the state is drifting rudderless toward a tumultuous, rocky shipwreck.
  We have 15 days left to create a balanced budget. But Fallin only wants to massively raise taxes on us.

Begging For Impeachment
  None of us would have the gall to blame our employer when we can't properly budget our household expenses. But somehow this governor is blaming us for not enabling her spending habits. She operates a state on a fluctuating tax base, due to a volatile energy market.
​  Prudent management would dictate that we keep a healthy state reserve funding to ride out these market droughts. But Fallin secretly raided the state's "Rainy Day Fund" without legislative approval. And for that, she deserves impeachment.

from Sooner - Editorial

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