Friday, May 19, 2017

Time To Wean State Universities Off the State Taxpayer's Burden

  Public university funding is way, way out of proportion. And it's harming the private universities who have to compete at market-set tuition rates.
  I'd bet it's safe to say that if a lawmaker authored a resolution to place a state question on the ballot, to remove taxpayer dollars going to higher ed., then he'd be the biggest hero of the taxpayer.
  Another constitutional change needed to for the universities to be subjected to audits from the State Auditor's office; in the event that the voters choose to continue subsidizing state universities.
I don't believe I owe it to any fellow Oklahoman, to provide a college education. It's a socialist venture.

​Last November, SQ 779 would have passed, if the money had strictly gone to classroom teacher pay.
  Currently, the legislature gives about $1 BILLION dollars a year over to the state's 20 university systems. That accounts for about 1/3 of the universities' official spending. Top notch private universities in Oklahoma charge full time students about $40k per year. The big state universities could still operate at current education levels of operation by bringing student tuition to market-driven prices of $30k.

  But by cutting that $1 Billion of unjustifiable social spending, Our state could easily operate at current taxing levels.
the taxpayers could significantly increase classroom teacher pay and restore other key constitutional functions.
  Our state has more universities per capita than many other states. We no longer need to prime this pump.  Especially when we have to funnel all our funding though an agency (State Board of Regents) which pays it's chairman $400k per year, before helping any students.

  What rationale is it, that compels us to give $10k of our state tax dollars, to every college student, every year? We're gunna have to smoke a lot of tobacco, just to put a kid through more schooling.

from Sooner - Editorial

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