Saturday, May 20, 2017

Twitter Diplomacy At The Capitol

  If you aren't following social media, you're not getting all the nuance and posturing going on between Democrats & Republicans in state government.
  SoonerPolitics created a special facebook page to make it easier to see all the negotiating which is spilling over onto social media. We're following over 100 accounts of key individuals at the state capitol, and we're loading them in real time, to a Facebook page called; "Capitol Chatter".
  There has been a very dramatic and draining process going on at the capitol, this year. There are also more press conferences, media blasts, and even an occasional public apology.
  Some key players are using the medium to sell the various solutions. Some are focusing on the weaknesses of the other options.
​  Those interested in the budget drama would do well to 'Like' & 'Follow' the Capitol Chatter Facebook page. If there's a feed we're missing, send us a message on that page and we'll do our best to improve on our coverage.

from Sooner - Editorial

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