Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Politics Of How To Smoke

 The emblem on Oklahoma's revered state flag includes the prominent centerpiece of a smoking pipe. If this device is so fundamental to who we are, as a state, then why is there so much drama, lately, about the bedrock tradition involving a pipe?
  Every culture has it's own traditions about what to smoke and how to smoke it. But never has there been so much consternation and obsession about telling folks:
  • where to smoke,
  • how much to smoke
  • what device to use
  • how much tax to pay for that smoke
  Norman, Oklahoma has had an idiotic series of police raids and felony lawsuits because one 'mom & pops' shop decided to sell exotic and artistic pipes. Prosecutors are still abusing this family's shop.
​   Parks and recreation areas ban small smoking devices, but welcome campfires and BBQ smokers
   The most contentious of all legislative proposals have been fought over whether or not to tax a customer another $15 for each cartoon of cigarettes. 
  Why are we acting so hostile to our own people for participating in an activity that we prominently identify with on our own state flag?

from Sooner - Editorial

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