Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bridenstine: "Freedom Caucus Was Right" On Healthcare

House Passes Bill To Dismantle ObamaCare.  

  Congressman Jim Bridenstine called into Tulsa morning talk radio, today, to share some thoughts on the congressional issues being discussed in Washington, this week.
  Bridenstine admitted that he was wrong last month, when he declared that the leadership's healthcare reform bill was "the best we can get at this time".
  He commended his friends and colleagues in the House Freedom Caucus (a group he helped establish a few years ago).  the rest of the Oklahoma congressmen joined him in supporting the Freedom Caucus Healthcare bill.
  The Freedom Caucus largely rejected Speaker Paul Ryan's bill, resulting in the Trump administration's abandonment of the needed reform.
  But the Freedom Caucus refused to let go of the issue, and because their own initiative to drag Trump back to the table. that led to the Ryan Leadership team being shamed into participation.
  The final component was the collection of liberal Republicans from mostly coastal and urban districts who are scared to vote for anything that resembles insecurity about access to health services.
  Trump provided the 'muscle' to get the Republicans over the finish line, yesterday. He called together enough 'hold-out' Republican congressmen to get an outright majority without any Democrat assistance.
Congressman Jim Bridenstine, of Tulsa

  When Paul Ryan closed the debate on the bill, he named and thanked all his committee chairmen, named some additional associates, and President Donald Trump. He refused to acknowledge and thank the Freedom Caucus or the members therein.
  • HR2192 is a repeal of the exemption that the previous House fraudulently created. Almost every member of this congress approved this repeal vote (lest they admit to their own corruption). 
  • HR1628 is the bill to repeal much of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ObamaCare). It was expected to be essentially a party-line vote.
  Bridenstine had just a few minutes to share with Pat Campbell and his radio audience. this is an extremely busy day and full of historic importance.  The conversation started out with discussions about the debt. ceiling vote, the spending bill which authorizes money for the next several months, and other fiscal matters.
  The vote, was close. But the measure faces daunting odds in the Senate, where Republicans hold a narrower majority. Republican Senator Bob Corker said there was no way the healthcare bill would receive a quick up-or-down vote in the Senate.
"My guess is we're going to spend at least a month looking at the issue, making sure that it passes the test of time," Senator Corker(R) said in an interview on MSNBC.
  Bridenstine did take a few minutes to discuss the difference between 'providing health insurance policies' and providing real health care. He carefully points out that there are two large groups who want and need two different courses of action. 
  He advocates for a system where the chronic sufferers are offered another track, rather than have them forced into the same pool as the broader public. He sees the ObamaCare method as effectively putting all of us into a massive high-risk group, and then forcing all of us to be covered for things we have no need and/or desire to seek insurance for.

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