Thursday, May 4, 2017

Legislators Establish A 'Conservative Caucus'

Lawmakers Announce Republican Platform Caucus

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Reps. Sean Roberts and Chuck Strohm, along with other lawmakers today announced the formation of a new caucus whose core principles are focused on upholding the values outlined in the Oklahoma Republican Party (OKGOP) Platform.

“Every election day, people cast their vote for someone because they believe the person campaigning stands for a set of values consistent with their beliefs, and they expect that person to keep their campaign promises once elected” said Strohm, R-Jenks.

The thing voters across our state and nation struggle with is simply: why does a person campaign on one set of ideals yet when they vote, their votes reflect a separate set of ideals,” said state Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw.

To address this concern raised by so many voters, this caucus was formed with the following objectives:
  • Honor God as we serve the people of Oklahoma;
  • Represent the principles we were elected on, the Republican Platform;
  • Educate members about how a bill relates to the platform;
  • Provide a UNIFIED Republican voice;
  • Hold each other accountable to the values supported by the majority of Oklahomans;
  • Support policies reflected in the Republican Platform and oppose policies that are contrary to the platform.
“Some say the platform is too long, but really its’ depth is a reflection of decades of hard work by those at the grassroots level,” said Rep. Roberts, R-Hominy. “Truly, the values and policies in our platform represent what it means to be a Republican. Our goal is to represent the values on which we were elected.”

“When members discuss how policy or budgetary decisions relate to the platform, new members will have the opportunity to learn from more seasoned legislators,” said state Rep. George Faught, R-Muskogee. “It also helps us hold each other accountable, making us better representatives of the people we serve.”

“As someone who has tremendous respect for the U.S. Constitution, it is an honor to serve with others who hold our founding documents in such high regard,” said state Rep. Jeff Coody R-Grandfield.

“We will continue meeting from now until the end of session to address policy and budgetary issues that arise.”
Communications & Public Affairs
May 4, 2017
  • Contact: State Rep. Sean Roberts, Phone: (405) 557-7322
  • Contact: State Rep. Chuck Strohm, Phone: (405) 557-7331

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