Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Fall Of CNN

Twenty years ago, CNN was the most powerful and prestigious news organization in the world. Their coverage of Desert Storm (Gulf War I) proved far superior to the conventional broadcast news agencies.

  Yesterday, analyst & contributor, Kathy Griffin (a comedian by day job),  took down the last vestiges of CNN's former self respect and dignity.

  In a very carefully planned self-promotion, Griffin decided to compete with the late night Trump bashers (Colbert, Daily, Fallon, Meyers, etc). She and her promoters crafted a photo shoot of an ISIS-inspired beheading of President Donald Trump.  She knew she was playing dangerously. She even quipped that she may have to flee to Mexico to avoid incarceration for the act. But she pressed forward with it.

  Evidently, there was no focus group testing of the ploy. Whether its career desperation, sheer vile hatred, or personal recklessness; Griffin released the photo of herself holding an effigy of a beheaded and bloody Donald Trump.

  Griffin's expression is a blank stare of seriousness and resolute determination. She threw red meat at a pack  of rabid dogs who already have been worked into a frenzy by CNN's year-long propaganda machine.

  It was at this time last year that CNN and other liberal news agencies switched from promoting Trump through wall-to-wall primary coverage; to nonstop trashing of the eventual Republican nominee.

  When Trump completed a stunning upset (at least to the coastal liberal convention), CNN went into desperation-mode. They began narratives of innuendo and political sabotage. CNN had actively collaborated with Clinton in the presidential debates - providing tip sheets to the Clinton campaign. 

  It was just 6 years ago that CNN beat out Fox News Channel in a scholarly research by UCLA's media research. Tim Groseclose (a Tulsa native) led that research. Tim is now a professor at George Mason University. 

  In 2017, even Fox was seen as more critical of Trump than affirming; scoring a 52 in that recent index. CNN, however, threw away all sense of propriety and objectivity, scored a 93.

  The Slant Quotient (SQ) is an index number assigned by the UCLA team. While CNN was clearly on the liberal side of the center, they were only about 6 points off.  But Fox News was about 10 points on the conservative side of center.

from Sooner - Editorial

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