Friday, May 19, 2017

SoonerPoll: 87% Believe There's More Room For Efficiency In State Spending

an excerpt from Bill Shappard -  The message from state agencies and legislators over the last few months has been, for the most part, that the state has cut too much from government budgets and there is no more wasteful spending now.  But, that isn’t what Oklahomans think.

  According to the SoonerPoll Quarterly Poll, an overwhelming 87 percent of likely voting Oklahomans believe more efficiency can still be found in state government spending.  About six in ten likely voters strongly agreed.

  Only 7.5% disagree about there being room for more efficiency. We don't know if those same 7.5% work for state agencies?

  About 5% didn't have a comment or just didn't know.

  This report should be hearkened to by our lawmakers during this state-down at the capitol. If voters are being ignored, they may resort to a political shift at the ballot box; or initiate a petition drive to supersede the legislative and executive branch altogether.

  Read the full report by SoonerPoll at their website.

from Sooner - Editorial

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