Sunday, May 7, 2017

Gov. Fallin Faces Worst Poll Numbers Ever

  SoonerPoll recently released  the results of a polling they conducted last week. It reveals the harsh sense of abandonment that Oklahomans feel about their governor. Bill Shappard presented the question this way:
​  [QUESTION] I am going to read to you a list of individuals. For each one, please tell me whether you have a FAVORABLE or UNFAVORABLE opinion. [PROBE: VERY/SOMEWHAT]  MARY FALLIN
1. Very favorable6.3
2. Somewhat favorable24.8
3. Don’t know/No opinion/Refused [DNR]7.6
4. Somewhat unfavorable21.2
5. Very unfavorable40.1
  Shappard reports that NBA superstar, Kevin Durant, is far more popular in the Sooner State, even though he abandoned the OKC Thunder and joined arch rival Golden State, last year.

​  Read the full polling results at
Last year, Gov. Fallin disgraced her office by taking to begging House Democrats to join her in a massive tax hike. The House Dems. refused to comply.

from Sooner - Editorial

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