Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rep. Faught's Conservative Manifesto

  Muskogee Republican, George Faught, serves in the Oklahoma House. He has become a conservative leader and uniter of many of his colleagues. Today he posted this summation of his past 4 months in the House.
​  This session, we have seen a role reversal here at the State Capitol. Republicans from the Governor on down have proposed new and higher taxes, ultimately passed on to the citizens of this State, while the Democrats are opposing these increased taxes merely for political posturing. There are some of us who have been against these new revenue measures from the beginning of session. We have not been obstructionists, but delivered our fiscal policies to our leadership to avoid these new taxes.
  We have won some battles by keeping even worse ideas from coming forward, and we have lost other battles. The goal is to continue to grow those who are committed to sound policies that we as Republicans should adhere and to remain an effective voice. I am reminded of what the late Labor Commissioner Mark Costello always reminded me;

"A fee is nothing more than a tax by another name".

  Today is the next-to-last day of this year's legislative session. This week, I've been wearing a red tie to symbolize my continued opposition to raising taxes on Oklahoma workers and businesses, my objection to unconstitutionally raising taxes in the final week of session, my intent to uphold the wishes of Oklahoma voters, who just six months ago overwhelmingly rejected higher taxes, and to express my support of the Republican platform principles of limited government and lower taxes.

​ We can and must do better. - 
Rep. George Faught

from Sooner - Editorial

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