Wednesday, May 24, 2017

House Leadership Still 'Twists Arms' With Proficiency

A seriously flawed revenue bill just passed the House with barely a majority. Several Republicans opposed it, as did all the Democrats. But the last 3 supporters seem to have been cajoled by some unusual techniques we aren't allowed to view in the chamber's webcasts.
  When only the rollcall screen is visible, and all microphones are silenced, the presiding officer seemed to stay silent and leave the voting open.
  That's when Representatives Michael Rogers, Mark Lepak, and Ronda Baker switched, one-by-one; to 'yes' votes. All three of them were 'no' votes for at least 5 minutes prior to that 'epiphany'.

But that wasn't the biggest switch on this bill. Even though Majority Floor Leader, Jon Echols, said he "didn't know why" there's an emergency attached to this issue (supposedly simplifying the excise fees associated with buying a car),
 He none-the-less called for a vote on the 'emergency'.  Clearly the emergency is a revenue shortage for the July 1st budget year. So this emergency would rush the effective date to July 1st. 
  On the 'emergency' another 19 Republicans agreed that a bill they originally opposed... needs to be enacted right away!
Three Republicans had a 'change of heart' at the last minute?
The final vote tally, after 3 members were evidently 'rolled' into supporters.
The stalled vote, before 3 republicans made a last-minute switch.
The 17 Republicans who voted for an emergency application of a bill they opposed.

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