Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rubio Calls for Convention Of States

By Niels Lesniewski, for Rollcall -
  Just before New Year’s, GOP presidential hopeful Marco Rubio added an element to his stump speech sure to appeal to conservative voters: his support for a constitutional convention aimed at limiting the powers of the federal government.
“This is a systematic effort to redefine America,”  - Marco Rubio

  Now his endorsement, along with support from other prominent Republicans, is breathing new life into a long-shot bid to re-open the U.S. Constitution — for the first time in 229 years — to amendments from a gathering of state delegates.

  The so-called Convention of States relies on Article V of the Constitution, which requires two-thirds of the states to approve resolutions seeking a convention. Advocates say they are pushing for legislation in 34 states this year, including such presidential battleground states as Iowa and South Carolina.

  “Our effort here.. has picked up monumental speed as a result of being thrust in the national discussion,” said Bob Menges, the state director for the Convention of States project. “We were struggling last year. This year, we have a legislature that is very excited about this.”
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