Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Oklahoma's newest Democrat Senator Votes To Force Vaccinations

Vaccine Bill Fails

  The senate bill (sb1478) which forces even privately educated students to be vaccinated; was defeated narrowly in senate committee, yesterday. A large and diverse group of parents have mobilized against such threats to parents' rights.
Committee vote on bill to force vaccinations.
photo credit: captured by Liza Longoria Greve

"The best thing about the defeat of Senator Yen's bill was seeing hundreds at Capitol (on short notice) of newly politically engaged families! Also THANK YOU to the thousands of Oklahomans on FB who have joined us!!" Liza Longoria Greve
  The upset winner of last month's special election for senate, Senator JJ Dossett of Owasso, voted to force these toxins into the bodies of children seeking an education in any school within the state.  Dossett was packaged to voters as a very conservative pro-life advocate for civil liberties.

  Owasso was a very Democrat senate district until former mayor, Randy Brogdon ran for office and successfully communicated his vision of family values, liberty, and government reform. His successor, Rev. Rick Brinkley, resigned the office in disgrace after he was charged with swindling over $1 million dollars from the Tulsa Better Business Bureau. Brinkley was trusted with leading the agency for more than 10 years.

  Senate Republicans have not gone on record with any form of repudiation or discipline against Brinkley, leading to Owasso voters being disenchanted with Republican Party hypocrisy. Yet parents were threatened and moved to mobilization to protect family liberty (such as this vaccine bill illustrates) as a result of the failures of Republican politicians to live up to their promises. Republican leadership seems tone deaf to the anger of Oklahomans over the failures and mounting corruption within the Republican-led state government.

  The legislature has a good number of responsible and responsive Republicans. But the petty games and turf wars are inescapable to the observations of any informed capitol-watcher. There have been some significant reforms and efforts to walk back overreaches of centralized power. But the strong temptations which power induces, are forever a challenge to the moral fiber of any elective leader.
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