Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Middleground: Substantive Radio Enlightenment

NPR For The Rational Conservative.

  It's Tuesday morning, in February. Trent England of OCPA is on a small radio station in the rural outskirts of the OKC metro area. He's talking about the hypocrisy of government-run gambling ventures. The irony he explains is that the gambling venture was sold to our past Democrat-controlled legislature as a funding source for better education. But Trent's own children tell jokes about the foolishness of gambling as a solution for personal poverty.

  Trent brings in massive research tools, but keeps  the statistical numbers simple. See, radio is a bad medium for conveying massive statistics and listeners get lost because our brains are more adept to reading large numbers than hearing them. But England scores with a slam-dunk rationale against the government monopoly on lotteries; explaining what would happen if a private sector enterprise would attempt to compete in the lottery business.

The Thoughtful Patriot

  The show transitions later in the morning and Trent's special guest is a leader of the Oklahoma affiliate of the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU). With great diplomatic skill, Trent approaches the arch liberal representative as an ally on some key state issues.
  Eventually the two men are laughing in the radio studio. There is a trust; a mutual respect. That respect extends to Mr England's radio audience. Trent approaches important issues from a thought-provoking simplicity. He makes it easy for the listeners of all ages to understand the matter without any inherent condescension, the segments with the ACLU representative where approached with diplomatic skill. It's reasonable to believe they both walked away satisfied that a strategic bridge had been constructed so as to strengthen reform efforts, for all of Oklahoma.
  OCPA has put considerable effort into television and radio. And Oklahoma citizens are better off for it.

Thoughtful Oklahomans can listen to Middle Ground Radio in 3 ways.
  •  Central Oklahoma can tune in live to "The Eagle Radio", 1640-AM, from 7-9am, and stick around for Trent's "Thoughtful Patriot" show from 9-10am.
  •  The station is also streamed on Tune In Radio app and online.
  • The Eagle also streams direct from their website at:  http://kzlsam.com/
  While state government funding has sponsored the OETA television network, nothing commensurate is done to even include MiddleGround media efforts into the mix. But in reality, I'd guess Trent England would just as soon call for the state government to defund the OETA pork-barrel spending. Last weekend I watched the OETA run a 'news segment' on global warming - as fact. But there was no rebuttal segment aired by the OETA. Our citizens pay taxes to partially fund the OETA, and then we conservatives generously give to the OCPA, in an effort to counteract the harm done by the OETA (and all the liberal publicly funded media).

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