Thursday, February 4, 2016

Former Rep. Porter Davis Declares OKGOP Vice Chair Candidacy

  Another Republican has stepped up to offer his leadership for the vacated office of OKGOP Vice Chairman.  Porter Davis has been an active GOP leader since the early 1980s. He emphasizes local and precinct party activism, constitutional reforms, and policies which reflect the liberties espoused in our nation's founding documents.

Higher Education:

  • 1965-67 Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania
  • 1967-69 University of Oklahoma, BBA in finance and accounting. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, ROTC.
  • 1969-71 University of Michigan, MBA, Organizational Behavior
  • 1971-73 University of Illinois, Graduate Work and Teaching Assistant, Sociology and Social Theory


  • 1973-86 Food distribution – marketing, information technology, operations, sales, personnel, retail store
  • 1990-95 Radio Broadcasting – Owner-Operator, sales and marketing, management.
  • 2000-16 Flower wholesaler and DYI website

Republican Politics:

  • 1982-84 State Representative for Oklahoma House District 85
  • 1988 Delegate, RNC. Platform committee. Worked closely with Phyllis Schlafly on planks.
  • 2008 Delegate, RNC. Active in presidential campaign.
  • 2012 Alternate Delegate, RNC. Active in presidential campaign.
  • 2013-present Oklahoma County Executive Committee
  • 2013-present Chair, Precinct 550-111


  • 1986-87 State Director, The Freedom Council; Helping Christians get active in politics.
  • 1987-89 Education reform efforts with National Assn of Christian Educators.
  • 1989-90 Founder, Southwest Policy Institute, state-level think tank.
  • 1990-91 Spearheaded formation of statewide coalition for referendum petition and election that almost defeated House Bill 1017 with 47% of the vote. Group later passed SQ 640 stopping any major tax increases.
  • 2011-present Developing what has become the OK Grassroots Project.
  • 2016 President, Oaks Homeowners Association

  Porter is an author of civics-related books designed to aid the local efforts for reform. He has made his most recent book available to the public via E-book download at

  This brings the total to 2 candidates expressing interest in serving the OKGOP in the Vice Chairmanship role. Richard Engle is expected to formally announce his candidacy later this month.

  Oklahoma Grassroots carried Mr. Davis' full candidacy announcement:
"February 3, 2016
  Dear OK GOP State Committee Member:
  Today I’m officially announcing my candidacy to serve you as Vice Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party.
  My mission is to bring the state party together, grow our membership, and empower our volunteers to transform Oklahoma government to reflect the principles that motivate you and me to be Republicans. Please take a few minutes to read and reflect on how this plan will help you decide that I am the right person for this important job.
  It’s no secret that the GOP is in trouble, nationally and in Oklahoma. The majority of Republicans seem to be “mad as hell, and not wanting to take it anymore.” A recent poll shows that 62% of Republicans are upset with their own party. No wonder a majority support populist or “outsider” candidates. Over 40% of voters now identify as Independents, showing their disgust with both parties.
  In Oklahoma, Democrats recently won two “safe” GOP legislative seats, with significant Republican crossover votes. And even though we have super majorities in the legislature and hold all statewide offices, it’s been politics-as-usual at the Capitol. Under Republican rule, state government has seamlessly grown in cost and scope on the path set by Democrats. On top of that, the last eight years have been marked by significant party infighting. Clearly, what we’re doing is not working.
We Republicans can do better."
  The full thesis of Mr. Davis' candidacy is well worth reading and we encourage everyone to study it. Find it here.
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