Thursday, February 25, 2016

Eastern Media vs Constitutional Liberty

We used to think that conservative media was the solution

  Just about every eastern national media figure seems to express a mindset of surrender to totalitarian rules and rule. We've slipped so far from the days when great journalists like Edward R Murrow declared that;
"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.".

Liberty requires courage

 This is a time when many real or fake fears and cravings for that elusive 'security' has driven them to abandon all constitutional foundation. And politicians like Peter King have hammered them into submission through tactics such as questioning their patriotism for even referring to the concept of defending constitutional liberty.

The battle over redesigning the operating system of every I-phone, for the sake of easy snooping; is now a pivotal point. the courage and commitment of Apple Corporation is refreshing. And their decision to retain the legendary former Solicitor General, gives liberty advocates a real fighting chance to turn back the onslaught of not only the administration, but the very federal courts who invoke an oath to defend the constitution.

  Watching this interview with Ted Olson, is very instructive. Ted's wife was killed on the jet which crashed into the Pentagon, on 9/11. But he strongly objects to the federal demands upon Apple. One might think Fox Business Network's Neil Cavuto would grasp the concept; but alas, he seems too far gone to be soon delivered from such captive delusions.
  Then we travel to the studios of CBS and former NSA chief, Michael Hayden, who's having a midlife epiphany of constitutional safeguards of liberty. He goes even further into the philosophical principles of liberty as a safeguard of our society. He shows that if we give up privacy any more, we'll actually be less secure collectively.
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