Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Establishment Politicians Tell Establishment Media That They Won Third!

Both CNN and Fox News Obsess About Rubio. 

  And print media is just as giddy about the 3rd place showing of Rubio.
Here's how the Washington Post framed it:
"  The headlines will show that Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucuses, but the more significant message out of Iowa was that Marco Rubio was neck-and-neck with Donald Trump for second place and within a few points of the lead: It showed that mainstream Republicans are, at long last, pushing themselves back into the 2016 presidential race.
 To see how, step into the caucus at the Waukee Middle School gymnasium, where 803 Republicans gathered for a showdown between the outsiders and the establishment...."
  What we have is an entire cartel controlling the GOP machine, and scared to death of the concept of democracy. Even state & local politicians are scurrying to stack up their only real stock in trade; the endorsements of self-obsessed elected officials.
  It's a remarkably opaque effort to spin a big rejection into something they can delude themselves with; and try to delude the public with.

"It's a remarkably opaque effort to spin a big rejection into something they can delude themselves with"
Why Rubio?

  Marco Rubio was an outsider just 6 years ago. He defeated the establishment candidate in Florida's primary race. Mind you that the establish candidate turned out to be a Democrat in disguise. The chameleon, Charlie Cristwent on to endorse Obama and join the Democrat party openly.
  Rubio was co-opted quite soon, by the Washington cartel of the GOP. He obediently signed on with the Alien Amnesty effort and has been running for president ever since.

Cruz demonstrated that his campaign team can change the electorate in order to win. But the establishment fears that option as being more of a rejection than Obama's presidency.

  The establishment fears a Cruz presidency more than losing to the Democrats.

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