Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Carson Resorts To Blaming Others For Poor Showing

  Carson sounds uncharacteristic, with this complaint about precinct rumors. Ben has been a model of character and taking personal responsibility, during his 9 months on the stump.
  The Dallas Morning News reports that Carson is now attacking Cruz for sabotaging the doctor's effort.

Going to New Hampshire this weekend?

There was some confusion about the Carson campaign as votes were being counted. Carson announced he would not be traveling to New Hampshire, the next state to vote Feb. 9, but instead return to Florida for clean clothes.
  The campaign later clarified the travel plans did not mean Carson was suspending his campaign.
  Unlike other campaigns who are already on the ground in New Hampshire, Ben Carson admits he's taking time off and going via charter jet to Florida for rest and laundry day.
  Then he's going to Washington for the Thursday prayer event which propelled him to political stardom.
  Since he's admitting to skipping half of the 8-day New Hampshire campaign sprint, it looks to all political veterans like he's no longer trying to win New Hampshire's state primary.
  In 2012, Rick Perry did the same thing after a lousy showing in Iowa. And he also dropped out of the race within days.
  Now, every campaign hears all sorts of rumors on caucus day, but Cruz has a top-rate communications system, so they got this info out to precinct captains, who were often heard sharing the news to others. That's good politics and ethical reporting, unless further assumptions stretched the narrative beyond real facts.

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