Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Would Parents Be Cautious About Young Men As Girl Scout Leaders?

If your daughter was seeking a new Girl Scout troop in a new 
community, would you  trust her to cross-dressing young man?
  The Boy Scouts of America just announced an end to their national ban on openly homosexual men as troop leaders. Some local troops will retain their more traditional policy. Just a few years ago the BSA said they would certainly retain their prohibition of outed gay men, but decided to let troops have the option regarding boys and homosexuality.
  The pop culture is once again celebrating this "enlightened" development. They see no innate cause for concern regarding the co-ed atmosphere and steeped desires of teens; not to mention that of unrelated adults.
There are sane and prudent reasons to make some rules to protect your own kids.
  There is nothing dishonorable about the celibate adult (male or female) who devotes his life to being a positive influence in his community. If he never expresses any predisposition regarding his personal romantic options, then respect his privacy and mind your other business. But an outwardly homosexual lifestyle is at least as concerning as the cross-dressing man who wants to take your daughters camping for the weekend. 
David Van Risseghem
  Kids are fragile in areas of sexuality and yet very vulnerable, as well. There are sane and prudent reasons to make some rules to protect your own kids. And that responsibility extends beyond the parents. It is shared by the church board, the school board, and the staff of the juvenile detention facility.
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