Monday, February 1, 2016

Cruz Leads Republican Delegate Race

A New Record Set For Attendance

  Iowa has 30 delegates to the Republican National Convention, and all 30 were divvied up at the end of the caucus night tabulations.
  There was no threshold requirement, so a delegate was awarded for each 3.3% of the vote.
Cruz     27.7%
Trump 24.4%
Rubio  23.1%
Carson 9.3%
Paul      4.5%
  The reality is that there is nearly a 3-way tie, but every slim advantage adds up.
Cruz gets 8 delegates, Trump gets 7, and Rubio gets 6 (unless some recount changes the tight numbers).
  But Carson and Paul also get 2 & 1 delegate awards for placing 4th & 5th. Seven of the major candidates received no delegates.
  Huckabee has suspended his campaign, tonight. So did O'Malley (a Democrat).
Politico reports the delegate awards are extended. 27 of the 30 Iowa delegates are now awarded.
Rubio, Carson, and Bush each added a delegate.

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