Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tulsa Sheriff Candidate Charges Some Rivals As Ineligible

Updated: Fitzpatrick Responds

  Jenks Police Officer, Jason Jackson, charges some of his fellow candidates with conspiracy to violate the election laws and doubts their doubts their certification to serve in office.
  It seems the state requires that a sheriff actually has law enforcement training and certification. Jackson contends that some candidates are not current or have the wrong certification.

   Here is his statement:

Jackson Contests Three Sheriff Candidates' Eligibility; Calls on Remaining Candidates to Release CLEET Records

Tulsa, OK,  Dec. 10, 2015– GOP candidate and Jenks Police Sergeant Jason Jackson filed paperwork today to contest the candidacy of three candidates who have filed for Tulsa County Sheriff - John Fitzpatrick, Arthur Jackson, and Henry Jones, and is calling on the remaining candidates to publicly release their CLEET(Council on Law Enforcement Education & Training) records to confirm they are qualified to run for Tulsa County Sheriff.
"The law is crystal clear about the qualifications to run for Tulsa County Sheriff," said Jackson.  "And three candidates are in violation of the law."
Jackson first explained how Arthur Jackson, who filed as an Independent, is registered as a Democrat and didn't switch party affiliation the required 6 months before the election date. 
Jackson then explained why he is contesting Fitzpatrick's and Jones' candidacy for Sheriff.  "The law states that in counties with a population greater than 500,000, 'the person seeking election shall also be a current certified peace officer in good standing,'" said Jackson.  Click here for the Oklahoma statute detailing the Sheriff qualifications.
"When I checked with CLEET this week, I was informed that Arthur Jackson and Henry Jones are not certified at all with CLEET and John Fitzpatrick is only a certified reserve officer," said Jackson. 
Jackson then spoke how the Oklahoma statutes make a clear distinction between a certified peace officer and a certified reserve officer. "The Legislature was very intentional when they used the term 'current certified peace officer in good standing,'" said Jackson. 
"It's important that the people of Tulsa County know that every candidate running for Sheriff is in full compliance with the law," said Jackson.  "Unfortunately, CLEET does not publicly disclose if an officer is in good standing, only whether or not they are certified and whether they are a peace officer or reserve officer."
"That's why I am publicly releasing my CLEET records including the affidavit of good standing," said Jackson.  "And I am calling on every other candidate to obtain and release their CLEET records and affidavits of good standing within the next 24 hours.  And if they are not in good standing with CLEET, I ask that they respect the law on the books by withdrawing from the Tulsa County Sheriff's race."
"It is vital to the people of Tulsa County to know that their Sheriff candidates are in full compliance with the law," said Jackson.  "Especially since the main part of the job they're seeking is to enforce the laws of Oklahoma."
  On the face of it, the charge seems indicative of the problems Tulsa county has shown, in elected officials living by the same laws they impose upon the rest of us. Just last year we had a candidate for District Attorney who should have stepped out of the race when his service in the state legislature rendered him ineligible for election until his legislative term ended.
  And when a candidate in law enforcement is breaking laws to get elected, we have a corrupt county. Keep in mind that the only reason we have this election is because our exiting sheriff is under indictments and is facing criminal penalties.
Jackson's own CLEET records
Jackson's research notes

  There is a completely separate issue of the constitutionality of some of these laws. How can a private club (CLEET) be authorized with a monopoly to control government agencies?   It would be helpful to have a court review of these statutes and any other ordinances.
We will be following this....
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