Thursday, December 10, 2015

Trump Selects Controversial Tulsan To Run Oklahoma Campaign

  The Tulsa World reports that former governor Frank Keating's twin brother, Dan Keating, is the co-chair of the Trump For President Oklahoma campaign.
  Tulsan Dan Keating was announced Tuesday as a co-chairman for Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s efforts in Oklahoma. Keating is president of Summit Consolidated Group. He is the brother of former Gov. Frank Keating.
   In 2013 Dan Keating campaigned for Democrat multi-millionaire, Kathy Taylor; in a general election against Republican, Dewey Bartlett jr.
  Keating said he is supporting Trump because he believes the country is in big trouble.
“I don’t think Republicans have done a good job of trying to straighten it out,” Keating said.

 Former Tulsa GOP Chairman, Michael McCutchin, said the only election that the Tulsa GOP contributed to in his 2 year chairmanship, was the 2013 Tulsa mayoral general election. But the Democrat opponent in that race was the liberal associate of George Kaiser; Kathy Taylor.
  While both 'grassroots' and 'big business' sectors of the Republican party showed solidarity and support to returning a Republican to the office of mayor; Dan Keating joined the campaign of the liberal Democrat multi-millionaire candidate.

 In my judgment, Dan Keating is disqualified from any Republican Party leadership position because he endorsed Democrat, against a Republican, in a general election. 

OKGOP Rule 19-g, states:

Causes for removal [from any party leadership] shall include but not be limited to the following: 
  1. Misappropriation of funds under the rules of the Republican Party; 
  2. Failure to follow the rules of the Oklahoma Republican Party; 
  3. Conviction of a felony; and 
  4. Publicly supporting or endorsing an opponent of candidates of the Republican Party

  While dedicated Republicans were backing our party's candidate, Dan Keating was endorsing and campaigning for the liberal Democrat multimillionaire, Kathy Taylor.  Taylor worked for George Kaiser of Solyndra fame. She was also an appointee of Gov. Brad Henry.
   How fitting that the Trump Campaign selected Keating to run the Oklahoma Trump endeavor.  No respect for party loyalty!  Dan Keating and Donald Trump have one thing in common; Flimsy credentials as dedicated Republicans.

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