Friday, December 11, 2015

Osborn Drops Out Of Speaker's Race

  Rep. Leslie Osborn announced this week that she has decided to end her campaign to become the next Speaker Of The Oklahoma House Of Representatives. 

She said;
December 10, 2015
RE: Speakers Election 
Dear Friends and Colleagues:
  I wanted to reach out to you and the caucus today on the subject of the Speaker Election. The upcoming 2016 legislative session looks to be exceptionally busy with re-election filings, an overwhelming budget scenario, and the ongoing Speaker race. It is my belief that the longer the Speaker race continues the more divisive it will be to caucus unity as well as an unneeded distraction from the budget focus....

Osborn's letter to colleagues
  She went on to talk about other candidate options.
This drops the number of mentioned candidates down to 4 or so.
  • John Bennett; 3rd term, from rural eastern Oklahoma
  • Scott Martin; 5th term, from southern OKC Metro
  • Charles McCall; 2nd term, from rural southern Oklahoma
  • Earl Sears; 5th term, from Bartlesville

  The decision on the next Speaker will not be decided until after the next session. Speaker Hickman is completing his final term in the House, this next year.
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